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Land's End to John o'Groats Cycle Trips

Update 06/05/12

Below was the most extensive list of links to web sites about Land's End to John o'Groats cycling trips that was on the net (as far as I knew!).

I stopped updating it around 2007 owing to life taking over and also changing ISP, causing me to be unable to access the whole site and email - Sorry if you have been emailing and getting no reply!

If some links no longer work, see how you can access them still in the Web Archive - Details below.

There are some web pages on this website that I created for people who emailed me accounts of their trips. Links 62 & 63 are examples.

The trips are listed in date order, with the most recent at the top, but there is a big variety in the styles of trips undertaken, and types of sites written.

Some of the oldest sites are amongst the best and so I strongly recommend looking all the way to the bottom of the list for the information you may be after.

Some of the link descriptions highlight where there is particularly interesting or useful stuff.

If you read plenty of sites you will find advice and gems of information amongst them that will enable you to decide on the best way of undertaking the trip that will suit you.

If any links don't work, especially the older ones, then the sites may have been scrapped by their owners. They can often still be seen by entering their http address at the following link:

The link was kindly sent to me by Ben Barker - 'It's a web archive going back to 1996, and with it I was quickly able to view almost all of the down links.'

----- East of The Pennines Route - My own LE to J o'G trip. Most people stick to the West of the UK, but
      this route through the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks and Northumberland, was only
      968 miles. The site has sections about how we planned the trip, including hints, tips and web links,
      which I hope might be useful for anyone thinking of doing the trip by any route.

----- East of The Pennines Links Page - A sub-page of links to sites from the main list that describe various
        eastern routes.

----- Adverts for things LEJoG related (includes companies running organised trips, Route Guide Books, some accommodation, and a bespoke bike builder)






Are your cycling 'road' skills good enough?

If your answer is yes, have you checked?

Expert or novice, I suggest you find out about the growing number of instructors trained to the brand new
National Standard Cycle Training which is about to be launched in Spring 2007 as 'Bikeability'.

It will replace 'Cycling Proficiency' and it is aimed at all ages, adults as well as children.

It is a structured system going to an advanced level 3.

It is worth doing, even if you are a 'pro', as it will concentrate your mind on skills you may have forgotten about, that add to your safety. If you are in a group of varied skills, why not all do a lesson and then coach each other?

When you book a lesson the instructor should ask you about your needs and then design the lesson accordingly. They can structure lessons for people who just want to make a set journey to school, work, or the shops, adults who are getting back on bike after a 20 year break and have concerns about busy roads, regular cyclists, through to End to Enders. Have one lesson and see how you go as to taking more.

It is worth it - Treat yourself!

When you have done it you can recommend it to everyone you know and thus continue the current growth of cycling.

You might even take up instructing yourself!

The National Cycle Training Page of the CTC links to the national list of qualified instructors

Cyclecraft - The book from the Government's Stationary Office that is the 'core' book of the National Cycling Standards. Learn from it. (A new edition is being launched very soon this spring, 2007).

Buy it online at The Stationary Office or Amazon





The List


Just click on the links in blue to go to each site.

310. -

309. -

308. -

307. -

306. -

305. GMAS Staff E2E 2008 - Greater Manchester Ambulance Service are camping along the way, raising money for the Air Ambulance

304. 66 & Single 2007 - Rod is on a great trip, half done and half left for next year, staying with the YHA on route

303. Bike Adventure 2007 - John Holland's blog of his trip with Bike Adventures as he raised money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign

302. Lejog Blog 2007 - Lee Adams and Ian Denham record their trip with graphs showing all the hills on their route

301. Lejog 2007 - Chris Sprules 18 Days for BHF

300. Phil's LEJOG 2007 - 'Most notably, I am not a cyclist - I'd never ridden more than 35 miles in a day until a week before my ride'

299. Because Its There! - Just with spare tube, bivvy bag, and what cash he could muster

298. NickandLesterBigBikeRide - Two forty-somethings from Gloucestershire attempt the big bike ride to improve the lives of children in China's orphanages

297. - Gordon & Mark raise money for Wishaw General Neonatal Unit

296. - Ange & Richard raise money for Wishes 4 Kids

295. Team PECCS 2007 - 9 Day team JoGLE raising money for The Royal Marsden Hospital

294. LEJoG Blog - Tandem ride April 2007

293. Musical Tour - Solo 14 day trip in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

292. Are We There Yet 2007 - 905 miles in 8 days and 4 hours by a fast road route in aid of St Francis Children's Hospice

291. Biking For Beer - A bike ride from Land's End to John O'Groats and then back again, taking in the most northerly, southerly, easterly and westerly parts of the British mainland. Over 2850 miles

290. 3500k E2E - "Aussie couple start in Paris, cycle via Cherbourg to Cornwall to start an E2E that takes in Lincoln & York

289. York JoGLErs - Matt, Steve & Keith raise money for the Starlight Foundation

288. With a Twist - Phil's solo April 2007 E2E with the Three Peaks on route

287. LesJoGLE - Les & friends do the trip 20 years after a previous trip

286. Small Babies, Big Hearts - Gordon & Mark raise money for the neonatal unit that cared for Gordon's daughter

285. Pinstripe Peddlers - 3 raise a lot of money for NAS and the Alzheimer's Society in June 2007

284. Sunburnt & Snowed On - Ian Fardoe's Optima Dragon recumbent ride, solo & camping

283. The Langworthy's JoGLE - Dad & twin sons do JoGLE in aid of Exeter neonatal unit

282. Just Rolling - Great Photos and account of 2005 trip by 3 men & a lady

281. Long, Slow and Wiggly - Birdy folder trip from South to North on the UK's longest straight line

280. Wishyouwerenthere - Not a lot written, but if you have broadband and click on the map and then the links
        to 'All' or individual days....and then click on 'hybrid'... you can see a line unfold that marks out the route bit
        bit, all with mapping overlaying satellite pictures. It seems the three lads intrepid travellers just did what
        the GPS said, and got lost a few times. Some pictures. The map thing is impressive, but it would be good
        to hear the rest of the story of their JoGLE!

279. Cycle4Charity - Female/Male 4 cyclist team cycling for The Meningitis Research Foundation

278. LEJoG - Five 16 year olds E2E for Cancer Research

277. Top To Tail 07 - JoGLE 3 bikes, 1000 miles, no satnav

276. Team 28 Squadron - Dino & Richard raising money for the RAFA

275. Moulton E2E 2006 - Simon Berry's 2006 trip on a 30 geared Pashley Moulton TSR30.
       Possibly the most detailed account ever.
       If you are going to use GPS, read his account to see the problems there can be.
       He has established why the first days from LE are the hardest -
       "The total ascent on Day 2 was 6,460 ft. In comparison, Day 6, which included Shap, was 'only' 4,281ft. I climbed 35,500 feet in
         total (Mount Everest is 29,035 feet above sea level)
       This year Simon is aiming to do the first LEJoG entirely on the Sustrans National Cycle Network and is
       planning his whole route by GPS. This is available at
       If you would like to accompany Simon on any of the stages he has 8 places per stage.

274. Salmon Cycle - Three female Salmon siblings migrate from LE to JoG in September 2006, with the
        support of Matilda. Read the blog from the beginning.

273. S.P.O.K.E - Spalding Peddlers on Killer Expedition - 5 rider supported trip

272. Richard's JoGLE - Solo 'downhill' B&B July 2007

271. Lardy to Lean II - MacPanda is slimming and raising money with the trip

270. Solo End to End - For Kings Mill Special School

269. 1000 Mile Bike Ride - Gareth, also on the Bike Adventures Organised Tour
        (see also Colin's Organised Tour with CTC Holidays)

268. LE2JoG2007 - Louise Jackson for SW Childrens' Hospice - on the Bike Adventures organised trip
        (see Adverts for organised trips )

267. The End 2 End Adventure 2008 - Cycle Training Instructor and friends raising money to train young
        cyclists via the Antony Lord Foundation, and also for the RNLI, and Patch Adams' Gesundheit Institute

266. Three Guys On Bikes - Cycle camping trip by Kev Welsh, Ian Muncaster and Kev Jones, raising money
        for the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK

265. 3 Scroats to John o'Groats - Mike, Jim and Robs trip to John O'Groats from Lands End in June 2006

264. Walking The Length Of Britain .....before or after you have cycled it - an ebook
       ( If you are aged around 17 and fancy walking next year see - Great Walk 2008)

263. Dig Deep For Africa - 10 day 1000 mile JoGLE for Burundi

262. LE To JoG On A Dutch Bike - A solo 14 day trip on very practical and comfortable bicycle

261. Gavin's Lejog Offroad 2006 - 3rd Successful LEJoG Offroad, in 23 days

260. Bikes 4 Ghana - Solo Scenic 1088 miles 13 days by hostel & B&B

259. Richard's Solo Camping - 14 days on CTC Route

258. Jason's Solo Beer & Bannanas Tour 2006 - B&B trip with good account

257. Very Nice People - George & Ben start at Land's End in boxer shorts and rely on spontaneous generosity
        for everything else to complete the trip!!

256. Bike in a box from Tasmania - More of a Solo camping tour of Britain, including 3 Peaks & LEJoG!
        Just get on your bike and do it! - Done on a Moulton - Opens as .pdf file

255. JoGLE - A site in German - Solo 1,946 km (1,209 miles) over 18 days in June 2006

254. Anglo-Swiss Charity Bike Ride - Two man JoGLE in 2003

253. Russell Snowden - LEJG 13 day B&B trip - great blog

252. Girl Solo - Kiwi Kim's 20 day ride

251. Russell's Pictures - He has yet to write anything!

250. Richard's Solo Trip - via Arran in aid of the British Heart Foundation, National Autistic Society and Cancer
        Research UK

249. LEJoG for Laurel Brown - LE2JOG For Laurel Brown, April 2006

248. Keir's LEJoG Aug 2006 - 30 yr old Keir's solo trip for Cancer Research

247. Pedal For Paros - Niki and Katrina are two of the British survivors of the Samina Express Ferry Disaster
        With friends Lianne & Sue they are raising money for the rescue team.

246. Kipperonabike - A very quick kipper, who entered Scotland on the 4th day of the LEJoG!

245. - Two oldies and alarmingly fit young man raising money for Water Aid by a very scenic
        LEJoG route in 16 days

244. Bob's J.O.G.L.E 2006 - Marking his half-century by riding North to South for the British Heart Foundation

243. US Cyclist Does UK - William Thompson has done 2 trips in 2005 & 2006, as well as visiting other parts
        of the world at his Global Travel page

242. AwsomeLEJoG - Five Blog the LEJoG for charity

241. ClemJoGLE06 - Paul Clements cycled South solo

240. Non Stop Relay - Four employees of South Birmingham Primary Care Trust start on 26th June 2006

239. Jerry Anderson's East of Pennines Route, May 2006 - The route went through Meriden, England's central
        point - Detailed account with route improvements over my own trip

238. - Steve is off, solo, in July 2006

237. lejog06 - James & Henry, 7 days, unsupported

236. 14 Days in June 2006

235. JoGLEJO - Jo the teddy bear JoGLEs via childrens' nurserys

234. Silver Wedding Ride - Margaret & Dave celebrate by doing the trip on their anniversary - They have
        on-bike sat nav too

233. The Flying Detectives - CID from Lewisham raise money for Cystic Fibrosis in July 2006

232. e2e4e - A team from the Royal Borough Kingston raise money for the Asian Earthquake Appeal
        - Excellent section about training

231. JoGLE Off Road - John Brindle & Sergio Delnevo cycle North to South Off Road

230. LEJoG4Matt - 50 somethings, Graham and Stephs' June 2006 trip

229. Cycle NE2SW - A four man JoGLE in May 2006

228. - Jake's Solo Hostel Trip - Well written site

227. The Bike Ride - Anthony & Steves' ride in May 2006

225. There & Back Again - Run Down, cycle back..... in 15 days!!!

224. Martin The Cyclist - Solo Camping trip blog, June 2006

223. Paul & Andrews' Cycle Ride - An autumn ride in Oct 2005

222. David & Terrys' Odyssey - for Dr Hadwen Trust against animal testing, July 2006

221. May 1999 - 4 man trip in 1999

220. Jogleandbeyond - Senor Bones JOGLE webblog, 10 days in April 2006

219. The Great Trike Trek! - E2E by recumbent trike in 7 days

218. Chernobyly Childrens' Lifeline - two cyclists cycle the route in opposite directions at the same time, June 2006

217. Specialride - for special needs - Julian, Jon, Lawrence and Stephen ride for Ravenswood Village in Berkshire

216. - 13 & 14 years olds do the E2E by relay

215. Passion For Cycling - Photos of an E2E in 1999 and links to other cycle rides

214. Gary & Roberto's End to End - May 2006

213. Sheila's Wheelers - Ride from North to South in tribute to mum

212. Great Trike Trek - Aiming for a record by production recumbent trike

211. LEJoG May 2006 for Saxon Wood School - A 13 day Route to the East of The Pennines - Lots of determination to finish through bad weather - Full maps

210. Steve Lee & Ian 2006 - 14 days in July

209. The End to End Girls 2006 - Pat & Janie cycle North to South in April 2006

208. LEJOG 2006 - Steve Butler raising money for St Clare Hospice

207. Thomas Parkin - Solo B&B trip, going to Orkney & Shetland as well

206. Lejog in April, Kilimanjaro in Sept - Raising money for AMREF

205. Dale's Trip - 1st to 9th June 2006 - Raising money Cancer Research UK

204. Riding for Gareth - They started 23rd March 2006 - Blog updating every day

203. Cyclaid - Andrew Auld sets out in May 2006 raising money for AIDS

202. End2End Summer 2005 - 1000 miles, two cyclists and one very unreliable bike

201. Whiteboard Riders - Jon Rouse is riding John O'Groats to Lands End in Aug 2006 to raise money to pay for IT equipment at Racemeadow Primary School in Atherstone, Warwickshire.

200. - Lightweight; in just 6 days he did it. Very smart site with good kit & packing list

199. The Longroad Ahead - Paul's ride in May 2006 for The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

198. The Pedal Pushers - Hannah & Andy are raising money for Raleigh International & The Huntingtons Disease Association

197. Keith's Solo End to End for Doncaster's Civic Charity in June 2005

196. VHL Lejog 2006 - 14 days in aid of Von Hippel Lindau Cancer by Father and Son, aged 14, whose Wife and 10 year old sister have been diagnosed with this incurable condition - Support the family in the fight against VHL.

195. A LEJoG Blog - Mark Campbell's 12 day trip, Sept - Oct 2005

194. Brian Whelan's North - South trip for May 2006

193. The Race Against Time - A 5 day charity challenge that you can sign up for

192. Dr Feelgood's Guitarist 2003 - Steve Walwyn's ride raising money for the Down's Syndrome Association

191. End to End To Celebrate 60 - by Esther & Michael Abrahams - B&B

190. My End to End - by Steve Keens solo

189. 1Bike 2Blokes 3Balls - A Tandem LeJog ride for Cancer Research by David Fenton & Colin Howard following the west route in April 2006

187. LEJOGing for Whittington Babies 2005 - by father & son, Barry & David Turner

186. Gary & Lee 2006 - For Great Ormond Street Hospital

185. Mark's Autumn 12 Days - Sept - Oct 2005

184. Jonathan Lewis Solo - LEJOG Summer 2005 : The ‘Ring’ Road

183. Jellybaby Journey - Greg's 12 day solo ride, with Caroline in the support car

182. Ian Wallace's End to End - On his bike, on his own

181. All the way in a Trice ......or on a Trice? Steve Ingham's Trice Recumbent Trip

180. Tandem LEJoG - Colin Trubshaw and Neil's trip - Having done the trip Colin wrote it up like a book in a .pdf file which you need to download to view
(Colin & Neil did the Bike Britain Route - "I would highly recommend the Bike Britain Route. It's almost entirely minor roads, except for a few major A roads in Widnes, but if you check the map, there's really no alternative. There were a few days when we saw probably less than 50 cars! Because of this, the scenery is also very nice and rural. The thing that I liked best, was that you have the height profile laid out before you so that you can anticipate what sort of a day you're in for. If I did it again, I would take the same route." - Colin - - produce the Bike Britain Book - The CTC and others do routes on minor roads and it would be interesting to hear how this compares)

179. Breathe For You Tour - Jerry Clinch's second LeJoG for The Wisdom Hospice, Rochester, Kent and PitPat, Bristol

178. Brompton Trip - Brian Dembrey's 1029 mile JoGLE by Brompton folding bike that proves what a great bike it is and solves the travel problems each end - Just fold whether you've done a 3 mile or 1029 mile trip!

177. Jasons Quick Trip - 4 days and 850 miles on a bike for Whizz-Kidz June 2005

176. JOGLE June 2005 - Rob & Joe’s bicycle ride of 935 miles South from John O’Groats to Land’s End - Now Available as a CD ROM - See site

175. The Douglas Bader Foundation - After a team talk from Lady Bader, 6 lower limb amputees, 2 handcyclists, 1 upper limb amputee and 5 able bodied riders complete their 20 day trip, the 2nd day 'billed as 48 miles of scenic opportunities...'

174. Father & Son - 14 day B&B Route

173. Britain SEWN Up Cycle 2004 - LE to Lowestoft to Ardnamurchan to Jo'G - 1400 miles taking in the most Easterly and Westerly points of the British Isles - A great trip! Using much of Ron Strutt's Routes

172. Dave & Jo's E2E 2005 - A trip in April/May

171. Charlie Beckett's End to End - A solo ride in eleven days

170. Minimalist LEJoG - Two cyclists, racing bikes, half a change of clothes each in a backpack and finding B&B on the way

169. Mark & Richard Cycle Britain - Thorough planning, great site & after the ride they flew home by EasyJet

168. Bimble About 2005 - Two test their prostates over a gruelling two week course

167. JoGLE 2005 - Martin's Solo North to South

166. Team Malawi - 8 days, 6 Cyclists, JoG to LE

165. Just Hire a Bike and Do It - JoG to Cardiff (with Cardiff to Lands End planned for next year)

164. End2End 2006 - A ride being planned on a website

163. E2E+3P - Dave & Peter do Snowdon, Scaffel Pike & Ben Nevis on route

162. John o'Groats - Lands End - Le tour de Jean Arnould, en francais

161. Cycling Britain - Cycling Gatwick to LE to JoG, train to Margate then cycle to Gatwick - Solo tour 1500 miles 20 days

160. 2men1bike - 9 day tandem ride on two tandems, the first one broke en route! 2men2tandems?

159. A LEJoG Blog - Ben & Sam are riding now (7/9/05)

158. Rob Woods End to End - 14 day solo trip in June 2004

157. - 11 day trip in May 2005 raising money for Trekforce Expeditions

156. Andy & John's End to End in 5 Years - 4 stages over 5 years

155. RandomTandem - 1000 Miles, 2 Idiots, 1 Bike (Their words!) - 1000 miles in 9 days May 2005

154. Ellonwheels 2005 - Ellen Loois does the ride in 12 days starting on 5th June for Huntington's Chorea.

153. asklejog2005 - Andy, Steve & Kev do a 9 day van supported 900 miles for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

152. - Guus & Nel Schipper from Holland did the End to End in 2003 and it is one of 4 trips on their website

151. - Steve & Mark did the ride from 14th May 2005 raising money for the ward where Steve had chemotherapy

150. Richard's 9 Day Ride - A Solo fundraiser

149. Daughter & Dad - 1003 miles - One rider is 14 years old and the other is "aren't policemen looking young" age.

148. Liz & Stu's End to End - 15 days on 2001

147. Ben and Graham Brodie - 17 days riding & 2 days off - July/Aug 2004 - Site has good links to other cycling and End to Ends

146. Richard Bates LEJOG May-June 2004 - Relaxed solo tour using tent and accommodation

145. Land's End to John O'Groats - May 2004 1076 miles in 15 days - Patrick Pavey's Solo Hostel Ride

144. 15 Days via Arran - Alan Pewsey and 3 friends' 2003 trip taking in the isle of Arran en route

143. Steve's Solo YHA Trip - A 13 Day trip where planning ambitious mileage in Cornwall and Devon started it hard.

142. 72 hour Non-Stop End to End 2005 - Raising Money for The Meningitis Trust

141. Off-Road End to End 2003 - James Spencer and David Broddle do their mainly Off-Road route. (This page is 248Kb, being html generated by MS Word)

140. Duffsters Solo East of Pennines End to End 2003 - Jason Duffy got the opportunity to do the ride he had wanted to attempt for a while.

139. Tractor Boys Cycle LEJOG - Two ordinary guys from Suffolk cycle for charity.

138. D2D 2003 - Dover to Durness, a different end to end - The pictures on this site show they picked a great route.

137. JOG.LE.04 - Anup Biswas & Pete Richardsons' 915 mile Eastern route via Doncaster

136. Dr Pepperdionysus - A great site about a ride that following an East of The Pennines Route, which gives me great pleasure to add to my links. By three men on 'cheap and nasty mountain bikes', who camped. They followed a lot of my route, and say it is the only one that they could find on the web that they could plot onto a map. I am bowled over!

135. Lightweight to Land's End - Ian Walker is going to write his site after his ride at Easter 2004, but has found out the following about bike reservations on trains -
After speaking to Scotrail I now have the answer! BOOK ALL YOUR TRAIN TICKETS OVER THE PHONE AND GET THE RESERVATIONS AT THE SAME TIME. If you do it on-line, or in any other way, and then try to get your bike reservations after you've booked your train ticket, they can't give you a bike reservation ticket. The only way you can get a bike reservation ticket is if you get it at exactly the same time as your travel tickets, so ALWAYS book by phone or in person at the station and make sure you get the reservation there and then!

134. GalFromDownUnder's End to End - In 1997 on a Bike Friday folder and camping. The main site is worth a read too - Lynnette has been cycling ever since her End to End

133. Pete's UK End to End 1999 - A solo camping trip in 11 days

132. John o'Groats to Land's End - QCumbor's North to South Solo End to End

131. Deutsche End2End - Zwei Liegeräder - Two German recumbent riders complete a camping LEJoG.

130. Dad and Daughter - 1000 miles - Dad & 14 year old daughter just get on their touring bikes with their camping kit and maps and ride the LEJoG - simple!

129. Ken's Autumnal LEJoG 2003 - Ken Middlemiss's solo B&B trip in 18 days and 1021 miles

128. Nick Hateboer's End to End - A Doctor's 13 day Charity Ride

127. Garstang High School and Community Technology College - This school do it again, for the 7th year in a row! (From their organiser - "We would be happy to reply to anyone who wanted any advice about the ride. Yes, we do seem to be the only people who have done it regularly, and are planning to do it again next year. I had a meeting for any 14-15 year old at school who were interested in it last Friday, and gave out 30 letters. I'm sure they will not all come, as we could not take more than 10, but the interest is there which is good. We got almost £3,500 this year for charity". - Simon Millward-Hopkins)

126. 1000 Mile Tandem Ride - Sponsored ride in July 2003 by Phil & Tim Catt

125. End2End 2003 - Doing it the hard way: JOG to LE in 8 days. Supported ride by 8 cyclists in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

124. The Ride - Two middle aged men (47 & 51) who started cycling only a couple of years ago. They planned a 14 day trip (south to north) and ended up doing it in 12, finishing on 21st July 2003.

123. Vinnie's Land's End to John O'Groats Cycle Ride - Fast solo ride in September 2003.

122. Flattest End to End - Solo ride over a route planned to be the flattest. A route of great accommodation and a return from J o'G by private plane, but the cycling was just as big an achievement as for the rest of us!

121. Chris Gibson - Solo 9-10 day fundraiser staying in B&B, starting 5th June 2003 and updating site daily

120. Cycling for Life - Ambitious fundraising planned for Sept 2003, via a route which passes through Keighley. 3 man team supported by a van.

119. Phoebe's Wish - Phoebe was born at 26 weeks, weighing only 620g (1lb 5oz). Her dad and his 40 something friends are off on a LEJoG to raise money for the neonatal unit at Middlesborough on June 9th.

118. Seeking Jerusalem at John O'Groats - Charity ride on the website of The Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding.

117. Two-Way in 1983 - Robert Kletz's trip from home to Jo'G then to LE then home again.

116. Now Go And Do It - Lee Hargreaves June 2002, 9 day End to End, solo, unsupported. Anyone can do it!

115. The Painswick Four - 2002 supported group tour charity ride.

114. Peter Smith - 2002 Charity Ride as part of one of Colin Langdon's organised tours.

113. Cees van't Hoff's Fietstocht door Engeland - For Dutch readers.

112. Jane Waite Cycles LEJOG - be inspired!

111. Ron Strutt's - Ron has done 3 End to Ends, including a '4 Sides' route including the most Easterly and Westerly UK points

110. Derek Higbee's Three Peaks Trip - via Snowdon, Scafell Pike, and Ben Nevis. 1,195 miles on the bike and some 25 miles walking. Computer and GPS tracking.

109. Larry Coleman's Land's End to Duncansby Head - The first link to an American account. The trip took in the Isle of Arran on the way!

108. Richard Hopper's End to End - A good account of a solo trip by the CTC B&B route with advice as well

107. Because There's Nothing on Telly.... - LEJOG in July 2002, by Stuart Mackenzie

106. UK End to End 2002 - Tim Cooke, an ex-pat Brit, with his 6 person party from the USA

105. Epic Guide - New book which appears very thorough and well illustrated

104. Mission - Tandem trip in May 2002

103. Andy Stevenson - June/July 2002 - Solo Ride

102. Tour de Frank - July 2002 - Solo Ride

101. Chris Gooderham & John Birch - Chose their own route and rode unsupported using B&B accommodation

100. Alan's End to End - Via The Lizard, the Ardnamurchan Peninsular & Dunnet's Head, the UK mainland's most Southerly and Westerly & Northerly points

99. Don's Quest - Sean Newman's fundraising ride for Parkinsons Disease, taking up the aim of Don Hoggart who died whilst training to walk LE to JoG for the same cause

98. Three On A Bike - On a three seater bike in Summer 2001

97. Alan Walker - 13 day trip - another very professional site

96. Edward Peters - great site which I enjoyed watching 'live' as the trip progressed. His data proves how you do more climbing in The West Country than you do in Scotland!

95. July/Aug 2002 - Keith and Matthew Hoyles B&B ride raising money for Galloway's Society for the Blind

94. Camping Trip - Gary Brunsdon's solo sponsored trip to raise money for The National Society For Epilepsy - Started Monday 20th May 2002

93. Ride For Life - John o'Groats to Land's End - Starts 24th June 2002 - Route via Essex - Very smart, thorough and technical site

92. 7 Year Old Takes Record - Excellent site about Bow-Jango and his cycling familys' trip in July 2002 - He raised money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and has the condition himself. He is an experienced cycle tourist already, having ridden since the age of four and completed about 1000 miles on tours in the West Country, France, and Holland! He eats lots of Weetabix for breakfast!

91. Howard Moore's site for planned ride coming up this year

90. LE To JO'G by Tandem - 1st to 13th June 2000 by Angela & Stephen

89. Brendan & Jade - Cycle to Scotland 2002, started 20th Jan 2002

88. End 2 End Charity Cycle Website - Fitness enthusiasts Keeley Howard and Lisa Rogers from Birmingham in 2001

87. Fife Flyers - 8 day sponsored ride

86. Joyce Wooster - ".... training started immediately on an exercise bike with 2 minutes of gentle cycling daily, building up to 12 to 20 miles per day for the last three months"

85. Becontree Wheelers - Veterans of their 1975 ride repeat it with some newbies in 2000

84. Geoff Morris's Sponsored Ride - 12 and a half days in Aug 2001

83. Chris & Kathy’s End to End - members of the Icknield Road Club on a tandem

82. Will Watson - 9 day trip in June 2000

81. Tony Divers - Raising money for Multiple Sclerosis

80. N Coomber - some pictures of a 1978 trip

79. Pearson Cycles - a trip with Bike Adventures

78. Penny Farthing - Getting a really good view in 2000!

77. Maidenhead Rotaract Club - Summer 2000 trip

76. Phil Rawlings - Trips in the early '90s

75. End to End - in 15 days on a tandem by Janice Newman & Peter Allocco in June 1996

74. Alan Sloman - First LEJOG by a deaf/blind man

73. Rex's Bicycle Ride - Raising money for Macmillan Cancer Relief

72. - Raising money for breast cancer

71. - Raising money for Childline

70. Graham's End 2 End Daily Schedule

69. Lancaster Cycling Club’s 'Race' - in 8 days in 1996

68. Lancaster Cycling Club’s 12 Day - in 1994

67. How not to cycle from one end of the country to the other by Andrew MacCormack

66. UK Outdoor Pursuits - Organised charity ride organisers running event in May 2002 for several charities - You can sign up and choose which of them you want to support

65. Colin Langdon's Site - Colin leads LE to JoG trips and is organising four in Summer 2002. They are for CTC members only, so join now if you are interested in going!! Also has details of a previous trip

64. Bike Tours Great British Bike Ride - August 2001 trip organised for 60 people camping - Excellent site by John Ennor, which thoroughly details the route, which is an East of the Pennines one at 1099 miles

63. 14 Day End to End in 20 years - finished in 2001 by Tony Wallis

62. August 2001 Adventure - by Derek Hunter

61. Dave's End to End - by Dave Barter in August 2001

60. Neil & Caroline's Holiday - from 11th August to 1st September 2001 - In their diary section are lots of links to places on the way

59. JOGLE Club Charity Ride - 28th July to 11th August 2001

58. John S. Fisher's Trip - Summer 2001, run by Outdoor Pursuits

57. Rob Ainsley's Article - as published in Cycling Plus in 1998

56. by Chris Humphrey & Mark Bayliss raising money for Albinism in 8 days in July 2001

55. by members of The Fabulous Cruelshoes band from the Edinburgh area in 11 days for Ravelrig Riding for the Disabled Association in July 2001

54. - From 2nd July 2001 William Garnier has challenged himself to cycle the length of the United Kingdom in 6 days, to raise money for charity. You can support him on his site, and see a detailed route plan on his 'catalyst' page.

53. 2001 Cycling Odyssey - Trip starting in June - Excellent site with full maps and route description.

52. First 2001 Trip - Dave Burton has done an even more 'East Route' than ours, showing again the fun and achievement of picking your own route!

51. September 2000 Trip by Tandem - Ken & Linda Hardy have done a great site about their trip

50. Debbie Hargreaves & Dave Yates' August 2000 Trip -

49. School Summer 2000 Trip - a non-stop relay trip by King Edward VII & Queen Mary School, Lytham

48. Robert's CTC Scenic Route Trip - completed in April/May 2000 - Has details of new river bridge near Carbisdale Castle SYH

47. Brian's End2End Ride - May 2000

46. Bernard Naylor's Site and Chris Smith's Site - about a Sept 2000 trip by Bill Barker, Chris Smith & Phil Owens

45. Nifty Nev's 2000 Trip - Good map section and route description on this site.

44. Le Jog 2000 - Garstang High School's trip for charity in July 2000, in 20 days, by 12 pupils and staff.

43. Dave Lord & Chris Curtis's Charity Ride - Started 17th June 2000 and the site was udpated with news as they went on their West side route, supported and camping.

42. Richard Collyer's End to End Page - a sponsored End to End undertaken in June 2000 in aid of The Cystic Fibrosis Trust - Donate direct to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust at

41. A Charity Ride Starting in September 2000 - John Preston's Site

40. Summer 2000 - trip by someone from Warwick University with the initials SRSAC (?). A good acount of a solo trip from North to South in 16 days.

39. Phill King's CTC B&B Route Trip - 7th to 20th May 2000, including the scenic, but hard, road from Perth to Inverness via Braemar and Tomintoul, through skiing country.

38. June 2000 Trip - Allen Freeman's trip, from the American perspective.

37. May 2000 Trip - Pat Foreman's trip - This man gets about, look at the rest of his site!

36. Losing Pounds For Charity - Stuart Field's Aug 2000 trip for charity - snappy website

35. The Sore Butt Bike Ride - An Aug 2000 trip, of 13 days, to raise money for The Motor Neurone Disease Association - Impressive site, with a foreword by Tony Blair !

34. Carlo Gambardella - a six day ride with 180 miles on each of the first 2 days!

33. Next Time I'll Stay in Youth Hostels - A Journey from Land's End to John O'Groats On An Overloaded Recumbent Cycle In June 1999 - A self supported solo camping trip.

32. Martin Wittram's Account of his cycle tour along the West side of the UK in 1999.

31. August 1999 Trip - Trip by Keith Butterfield and friends along the CTC Youth Hostels scenic Route. He Thinks it's a long winded account, but, if you can't read it all, have you got the staying power for cycling the trip! Good pictures and gives a good feeling of how the trip went, having been written so freshly after he finished.

30. Cycling For Alzheimers - Land's End to John o'Groats, 19th June to 11th July 1999, by Glennys Hammond and Cathy Stanley - a good site about a trip for charity

29. Colin Langdon's 1999 Trip - 22 day CTC YHA route by Colin, with links to pages by two other members of the group who have written about it on the net. A thorough description with mileages.

28. City of Edinburgh Universities Officer Cadets - The Territorial Army do the trip! Spring 1999.

27. Photos 1999 - Finlay R.K. Edridges photos of his trip

26. Jake Badger's Aug '99 Trip - He photographed lots of road signs, like I did.

25. Keith Wright - 17 day trip in June 1999 - He is a member of 51 International, the follow-on organisation of The Rotary Club, and was raising money for Alzheimers.

24. 3 Days 22 hours 5 min ! - in 1999 by Steve Pryor

23. The Biking Bankers - Land's End to John o'Groats, 15th to 30th July 1998. Very detailed and thorough site.

22. A 1998 Trip - Ruari Prendivilles account of a 9 day van supported trip. Lots of pictures, including some on Day 9 of the pink 'Le Mirage Restaurant' in Helmsdale, so it was still there in 1998! How many other End to Enders have visited it?

21. End to End 1998 - with 16 riders and 9 helpers. Completed in 12 days on an 88 mile per day, 1056 mile route. The only other trip that I have found that travelled to the East of the Pennines.

20. Mike Hartland's 1998 Trip - with 12 Colleagues from the Royal Mail Redhill Postcode Area. A van supported trip which raised £15,000 for the charity Headway.

19. Jack Duke's End to End - 1998 1000 Mile Trip - with a colourful account.

18. Dave Bristow's 1998 Trip - He even details his heartbeats on his North to South trip. Has 10 tips for the trip at the end.

17. Alan Farthing's 1998 Trip - 18 day CTC YHA route by Alan & friends from Hainault Road Club. Includes list of daily mileages.

16. Homme Zwaagstraa's - 1998, 20 day, trip with 2 friends, raising money for Intermediate Technology.

15. Traditional Touring Club - 1997 trip by this interesting looking club from Leigh-on Sea, Essex, by a route taking in Yorkshire, Carlisle, Peebles and Edinburgh.

14. Cycle Tour 1997 - A 'wrong way' tour starting at John o'Groats.

13. Land's End to John o'Groats Diary 1997 - Detailed account with a good way of getting to and from the ends - They did one way hire of vans, leaving one at Truro and picking one up in Inverness to return home.

12. Diary of an Alcohol Fuelled 1997 Tour - By Martin Prince

11. Geoff's 1996 Tour - He's still in the throes of writing it up on the net, but it's coming on well.

10. Land's End to John o'Groats Trip 1996 - by Paul Smee and Ann French. See also their 1993 Trip. Also links to pages about their trips to other parts of the world.

9. A 1994 Trip - with route details and some tips. Completed in 6 days

8. LE to J'oG With Three Others - A 1994 Trip with a fair bit of detail about personal relationships in a group and how they can be strained........ Also 2000 Tour - with satellite tracking on a 2 man tour along the CTC scenic route! Very thorough route description.

7. RBL Harwell - 1982, 10 day, trip by Charlie East and friends, fundraising for the Royal British Legion in Harwell.

6. From Land's End to John o'Groats - A 4 and a half day trip by 61 year old Ian Sandbach, who used the AA when he got a puncture!

5. John O'Groats to Land's End - Diary Index - by Doug "Doug" Manning, Ian "Moose" Kinshott and Chris "Nibs" King, students from Bath University...

4. Fontgary Triathlon Club's website has an account of their 7 day long 150+ mile per day End 2 End, which made me tired just reading it! It is a good read though if you are thinking of doing the trip as a team event, whatever pace you do.

3. Land's End To John o'Groats, By Bicycle - A charity cycle ride, in aid of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund ( )

2. Ralph Dadswell's Record Trip - on a trike in 53 hours 29 minutes!!!

1. Windheetah Record - Andy Wilkinson's record run in a Windcheetah recumbent in 41 hours 4 mins and 22 secs for an 861 mile route!

CTC Article - A net 'reprint' of Peter Mann's article for the CTC magazine that gives a synopsis of his anti-clockwise, 5400 mile, trip around the coast of the UK on a Moulton APB. He desribes himself as a 'non-cylist' before he started. He had to complete the trip as he had rented his flat out to pay for it...... If you like the article look at his site at where you can read more details, buy his book "Postcards From The Edge Of Britain", and find links about his Moulton bike etc. The book is written to give an impression of what the actual process of cycling was like, and the mechanics of travelling for day after day, rather than just a list of the sights on route.

The Great British Bike Ride - A short piece about an apparently quickly planned trip, in 13 days, by Mike Robinson

Land's End to John o'Groats section of the Trento Bike Pages - As well as the LE to Jo'G section, the pages are a very good source of information on how to cycle tour and tours in Europe & the Mediterranean as well.

A Promised Article - that hasn't been written yet.


Other Links of Interest

Cycle Northumberland - tourist, public transport and other info.

Scottish Cycling Development Project - which is still under development but already has some useful info on it.

Top Touring Tips - from the Bicycle News Agency.

The C2C Guide - Excellent unnofficial, but definitive, guide to the coast to coast Cycling route across the North of England

Val & Bens' Tandem Touring Site - Exactly what it says!

Jan Boonstra's Cycling Pages - for when you think of cycling in places more exotic than Europe, check this excellent site.

Ken Kifer's Bike Pages. - Cycling pages, with everything from cycle touring and camping advice to cycling health and fitness, humour, and safety in traffic.

Cyber Cyclery - Internet Bicycling Hub. Info and links to everything and everywhere cycling.

Richards Bikes - 90 Fore Street, Heavitree, Exeter Devon EX1 2RR. Tel 01392 279688

Settle Cycles - A good bikeshop for buying online or by fax/mail order - free postage on items

West Country Links Co - A good source of links to the West Country

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