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Having now found 3 other people on the net with Nigel Dean bikes, I have set up this page for emails I receive and links to sites with Nigel Deans on. Hopefully the page will evolve as time goes on.

I got my Nigel Dean Tourmaster when I visited my sister in Exeter for a holiday in Spring 1991 and, just like the child in the storybooks, I walked past a shop and saw a shiny new bike in the window!

I'd been riding a second-hand mountain bike for about two years but was thinking of changing to a road-bike, having used it more and more on the road; The hum of mountain bike tyres had begun to get to me! The next day I returned to Richard's Bikes and took a test ride and ended up buying the bike. It's a touring bike, with all the gears of a mountain bike and similar strong brakes. As a result of chatting to Steve, a friend of my sisters, we came up with the idea of doing the End to End ride that Summer, as we both had time on our hands. This page is is a sub-page of my Land's End to John o'Groats site which is all about that trip.

The person who gave me the first idea for a Nigel Dean page was Terje Melheim, who visited the site and spotted that my bike was a Nigel Dean. Look at his tours on his website at

My email address is  (please remove the word DELETE from the address first)


Emails Received

"Hi Ian,
I was very interested in your Nigel Dean Sub page. I have recently bought a Nigel Dean. I have no Idea of its history but I'm finding it a delight to ride, very responsive. It is equipped with Shimano 105 cycle parts and has obviously been re-sprayed professionally quite recently. I would like to find out more information about Nigel Dean Cycles and would appreciate any information you can share with me.

Good luck with the page




I own a Nigel Dean "Radius" which I use for Olympic distance Triathlons, its a 531c frame with no lugs, I'll scan in a picture and send you more information.




Sept 2000 - An update from Terje -

"Hello Ian - It is nice to read your subsite about Nigel Dean cycles. You have given me much honour for this site as I am in a way the initiator. There are already some proud owners of Nigel Dean cycles who have contacted your site. I as an owner of a Nigel Dean cycle have not yet presented my bicycle properly. My first aquaintance with Nigel Dean cycles I made on a cycle tour in the Orkneys in 1991. On the island of Rousay my family met a couple who was touring with new Nigel Dean cycles. Those bicycles looked really good, they were traditional touring bikes with many gears. Half a year later I decided to buy two Nigel Dean touring bicycles from England. One was for me and one for my son Sveinung. Both Sveinung and I use our bicycles a lot, but only for long distance cycle touring. I have had some trouble with broken spokes in the rear wheel. It was probably caused by the fact that the spokes had not been tightened properly. During my cycle tour anno 2000 (4200 km) I had no incident with broken spokes, so I have probably succeeded in getting the wheel all right.

I have included one picture of Sveinung and his red coloured Nigel Dean bike. The picture was taken on a cycle tour in the Netherlands in 1994.

The other photo is of my grey coloured Nigel Dean cycle with luggage. This is how my bicycle looked like during a cycle tour in Denmark 2000. The picture was taken on the west coast of Denmark.

I wish you all the best with your nice site, and I hope many of the Nigel Dean cycle family will discover your site and write to you. It would have been fantastic if the lady and the gentleman with new Nigel Dean cycles whom we met in the Orkneys should contact your site.

Yours Sincerely


Terje's Nigel Dean Sveinung's Nigel Dean

(click on pictures for full size image)



1. "My ND World Tour was bought new on the 15th April 1991 from Dave Heron Cycles in Durham. He set it up with Sachs gear shifters and a Stronglight crankset. It has been resprayed ( I used to use it to commute to work), has got through one set of chain wheels and recently acquired new rims. It's a great machine, pity I can't find the time to ride it more often!"
Best of luck with your ND page


Bryans Nigel Dean World Tour

See Bryan's Bicycle Page at:



2. "I've had a Nigel Dean Tourmaster for the last eight years. I recently had the frames re enameled at Argos cycles @ Bristol. Most of the components have worn out but I still have the original XT chainset, rear mech, front mech, stem and handlebars still going strong.
The only mods I had done at Argos were to remove the cable stops and have them slightly re positioned and replaced with the slotted variety.
I too have found this frame to be superbly comfortable and somehow responsive."
Keep on riding,


Denis's Nigel Dean Tourmaster Denis's Nigel Dean Tourmaster