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Guildford War Hospital, Warren Road Guildford, Courtesy David Rose Collection

The British Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachment personnel record cards transcribed to date can be viewed on-line at These records show that 19 men and women resident in Cline, Addison and Cooper Roads served as VADs.

Date Started
Gladys BAKER 11 Cooper Road 18th November 1915 22 Brighton
Mary Louisa BAKER 11 Cooper Road 21st January 1918 21 Lewisham
Lydia BAYLISS 6 Cline Road 20th April 1918 nk Hill House
Annie BUNKER 19 Addison Road 9th May 1918 47 Hill House
Norman DOWLING 25 Cooper Road 12th January 1915 29 Red Cross Annexe Guildford
Ernest DUFFIN 111 Cline Road 1st October 1917 16 Netley
Maurice Thomas EVANS 21 Addison Road 1916 nk Convoy work Guildford
Edith HAYNES 22 Cooper Road 30th April 1918 27 No. 72 General Hospital, Trouville, France
Harold JELLEY 67 Addison Road September 1914 20 Drills and Convoys
Leonard JELLEY 67 Addison Road 9th November 1917 17 convoys then Chelsea Tuberculin Dispensary
Amy Ada NEWMAN 18 Cline Road June 1916 41 Guildford War Hospital
Kate NEWMAN 8 Cline Road July 1916 47 Guildford War Hospital
Helen Sarah NICHOLLS 65 Addison Road 19th November 1917 nk Hill House
Lizzie PARKER 59 Addison Road 4th May 1918 nk Hill House
Frederick William REDFORD 15 Cline Road August 1918 17 Guildford
Sybil Aimee VINCENT 71 Addison Road April 1916 24 Etreat, France
Lily WALES 8 Addison Road January 1915 33 Red Cross Annexe, Surrey County and Netley
Ernest WHITBOURN 40 Cline Road June 1917 17 Netley
Francis WOOD 1 Cooper Road June 1916 41 Drills and Convoys

Gladys Baker

Kitchen Member, Brighton Military Hospital and Southern General Hospital, Birmingham Joined 18th November 1915 age 22.

lived at 11 Cooper Road. She served from November 1915 when she was aged 22 until March 1919 as kitchen member; spending 2 years at the Military Hospital Brighton and then at the 1st Southern General Hospital, Birmingham. She was awarded 2 Scarlet efficiency stripes on 8th October 2018. The family had been living in Cooper Road at the time of both the 1901 and 1911 censuses and her mother Elizabeth Baker was still there in 1936. Gladys’s father, Arthur was a carriage maker and by aged 16 Gladys was in day service. She had an older sister Elsie and a younger sister, Mary.

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Mary Louisa Baker

House Maid, Lewisham Military Hospital. Joined 21st January 1918, age 21.

lived at 11 Cooper Road and was three years younger than sister Gladys. At 21 she followed in her footsteps, serving as a VAD housemaid at Lewisham Military Hospital from January 1918 until May 1919

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Lydia Bayliss

Scrubber, Hill House Auxiliary Hospital, Harvey Road, Guildford. Joined, 20th April 1918. Age unknown.

was married and lived at 6 Cline Road when she worked part-time as a scrubber at the Hill House Auxiliary Hospital in Harvey Road from April to December 1918.

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Annie Bunker

Housework, Hill Place Auxiliary Hospital, Harvey Road, Guildford. Joined 9th May 1918. Age 47.

Annie was married and lived at 19 Addison Road. She undertook paid part-time housework May to November 1918. From local street directories we know she lived here with her husband Frederick. In 1911 Census they resided in Hayes Kent with a daughter age 5 and two sons age 4 and 1. By 1918 the Electoral Roll shows they had moved to 19 Addison Road. Annie was still living there in 1953.

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Norman Dowling

SN Leader, Red Cross Annexe Hospital, Farnham Road, Guildford. Joined 12th January 1915, aged 29.

Norman was employed as an Orderly at the R.C. Annexe Hospital 1915 to 1916 and rendered very satisfactory service. Duties included drills and convoys He was called-up 15th March 1917.

In 1911 Census- Norman was 25 years old. He was lodging with James Boxall (milkman) and family, 25 Cooper Road. Norman’s occupation was assistant milkman. Called-up 15/3/1917. Two possible in Medal Roll Index one in Royal Engineers the other in RFA. RFA entry received silver war badge which says enlisted 1915, so probably not him

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Ernest Duffin

Orderly, British Red Cross Hospital, Netley, Southampton. Joined 1st October 1917, age 16.

Ernest Duffin was born in Woking but brought up in Cline Road. The family lived at 20 Cline Road in 1911: his father William (a Domestic Gardner), mother Louisa and sister Ruby and brother Lenard. Ernest’s first engagement with the Joint War Office in Guildford was at aged 16 from June to September 1917. He then served as a VAD orderly at the British Red Cross Hospital, Netley from October 1917 to June 1919 during which time his pay rose from 28 to 30 shillings. His permanent address at this time was 111 Cline Road. Ernest had seen his father enlist in September 1914 and go off to war in France, September 1915 serving with the Royal West Kent Regiment and then the Labour Corps. He survived the war.

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Maurice Thomas Evans

Private, Convoy work Guildford. 1916. Age not known.

Maurice Thomas Evans lived at 21 Addison Road when he served part-time with the Surrey VAD. His duties were convoy work from Guildford Station to the military hospitals, air-raid calls and hospital work which he undertook from 1916 to March 1919. The only 1911 Census entry under this name is a 38 year old carpenter in Eastbourne. His only link with Guildford is via his son Maurice Theodore Evans. Maurice Theodore's army service record shows he resided at the Triangle New Houses, Stoughton, Guildford but still shows his father Maurice Thomas in Eastbourne.

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Edith Haynes

G.S. V.A.D., No. 72 General Hospital France. 30th April 1918, age 27.

Waitress in Patient's Dining Hall in France 30th April 1918 until 5th July 1918. Edith fell sick and returned to England the 29th of June 1918. Had a months leave and started work again at Ripon Military Hosp on 1st of August, until 21st October and was sent home for an operation and did not work after that.

The general hospital at Trouville was used to treat wounded and sick soldiers who were often then sent back to Britain for long-term treatment. They were large hospitals located close to railways and often in ports.

Edith was not living in Cooper Road in 1911.

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Harold Jelley

Private, drills and convoys . Joined September 1914, age 20.

Harold's duties included air raid drills and convoy work, "when his business allowed". He was called up in January 1916.

1911 Census shows Harold (Harold James Potter) residing at 67 Addison Road age 17, his occupation was shop assistant. Parents were James and Sarah Jelley. Brother Leonard was also at number 67

His other brother Ernest was killed in 1916 and is commemorated on the Charlotteville Memorial. Ernest was not living at number 67 in 1911. There is an Ernest Jelley of the correct age recorded as an inmate of the Gordon Boys Home in Woking.The 1911 Census states that James and Sarah had 10 children alive in 1911 with only 3 living at number 67.

1901 Census shows James and Sarah at 67 Addison Road with 7 children including Harold age 7, Ernest W age 5 and Leonard F age 1. (The name is transcribed as Selly but has been corrected.)

The VAD card says Harold was called up in January 1916. There are many different military records for Harold Jell(e)y or H J Jelley none which can definitely attributed to this Harold. One that stands out is for Harold J. Jelly Royal Army Medical Corps Private 79866. Unfortunately no service record can be found to prove which regiment Harold served with.

Leonard Jelley

Orderly, convoys then Chelsea Tuberculin Dispensary. Joined 9th November, age 17.

Leonards duties included detraining & orderly and then in January 1918 working at the Chelsea Tuberculin Dispensary.

1911 Census shows Leonard (Leonard Frederick George) residing at 67 Addison Road age 11 and at school. Parents were James and Sarah Jelley. Brother Harold also at number 67

His other brother Ernest was killed in 1916 and is commemorated on the Charlotteville Memorial. Ernest was not living at number 67 in 1911. There is an Ernest Jelley of the correct age recorded as an inmate of the Gordon Boys Home in Woking.The 1911 Census states that James and Sarah had 10 children alive in 1911 with only 3 living at number 67.

1901 Census shows James and Sarah at 67 Addison Road with 7 children including Harold age 7, Ernest W age 5 and Leonard F age 1. (The name is transcribed as Selly but has been corrected.)

The medal roll index for World War I has an entry for Leornard F G Jelley in the Northamptonshire Regiment, moving later to the Norfolk Regiment, and then the Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex) Regiment. Given his age in 1918 was under 19 it seems unlikely that this is Leonard's card. No service record could be found.

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Amy Ada Newman

Full-time waitress and head waitress, Guildford War Hospital, Warren Road. Joined June 1916, age 41.

Amy lived at 18 Cline Road and was a full-time waitress and head waitress from June 1916 to 1919, at the nearby Guildford War Hospital . The 1911 Census shows her at 18 Cline Road, age 36, living with her widowed mother Elizabeth and her mother's grand-son, William age 26. The Census shows Amy worked from home but no trade was given.

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Kate Newman

Laundress and Assistant cook Guildford War Hospital, Warren Road. Joined July 1916, age 47.

Kate lived at 8 Cline Road. She was a full-time Laundress and assistant cook, July 1917 to 1919. Her son, Richard Frank died as a POW in Gemany and is named on the Charlotteville Memorial. Newspaper reports indicate Richard was taken prisoner in March 1918 and had been in France nearly two years. This suggests Kate started at the hospital about the same time her son went to France. In 1911 Kate was living at 76 Drummond Road with her husband Frank Newman and five sons and one daughter. Frank was a builder's labourer.

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Helen Sarah Nicholls

Housework, Hill House Auxiliary Hospital, Harvey Road, Guildford. Joined 19th November 1917.

Helen Sarah lived at 65 Addison Road Paid part time housework November 1917 to October 1918 at Hill Place Auxiliary Hospital, Harvey Road, Guildford. Her husband William was a postman who joined the army 14th June 1915, age 34. He was promoted several times before finally becoming a company sergeant major. He was awarded Meritorious Service Medal in 1918 (from Army Service Record). His wife is recorded as Ellen Sarah Nicholls. From service record her maiden name was Godfrey and she married at the Parish Church Stoke, Guildford on 16th March 1909. They had a daughter Alice May Elise born Portland 26th December 1911 who was baptised in Guildford 11th February 1912, There is record for them in Guildford Census 1911.

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Lizzie Parker

Scullery Maid, Hill House Auxiliary Hospital, Harvey Road, Guildford. Joined 4th May 1918, age .

part-time paid scullery maid, May to September 1918. The 1911 census shows her living in Chertsey Street with husband Walter, a coachman and twin sons Walter and Charles aged 4 and 2 year old son Gerald. She was still resident at no 59 in 1953. From Walter's army service record we know he joined up in November 1916. He was wounded in the hand in late August 1917 which resulted in a posting to a unit in the UK in December 1918.

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Frederick William Redford

Ord Member, Detraining wounded, Guildford. Joined August 1918, age 17 .

duties included detraining the wounded. He took part in 9 convoys between August 1918 to March 1919. 1911 Census shows the family of Septimus and Edith Radford not Redford residing at 15 Cline Road. Septimus is a house painter. His son Frederick William is age 10 and at school. There were eight children in total, all living at number 15.

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Sybil Aimee Vincent

Chaffeuse, Etreat France. Joined 25th April 1916, age 24.

Chaffeuse in France from April 1916 to January 1918. The Scarlet Finders website shows Sybil as a chaffeuse in London at Scottish Women's Hospital May 1918 to March 1919. 1911 Census shows Sybil age 19, born 1892 Murree, Punjab, India. She was residing at 6a Manor Mansions, Stanhope Avenue, Finchley. Her occupation was Architectural student. In 1911 71 Addison Road was occupied by Mrs Charlotte Corfe, age 49, a widow of a Warrant Officer of Indian Meds List. After the war, in 1928, Sybil married Norman Spencer Roupell, an RAF Officer.

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Lily Wales

Ord Member, Ward Maid, until March 1915 then nursing, Red Cross Annexe, Surrey County Hospital. Joined 21st. January 1915, age 33.

Address on the VAD card is St Cuthbert's, Addison Road but 1911 Census shows Lily age 29 and husband Robert at number 8, Addison Road. They had two daughters aged 3 and 11 months respectively. Lily worked at the Surrey County Hospital, Red Cross Annexe from January 1915 until February 1917 when she began nursing at the Red Cross Hospital, Netley, Southampton. She served at Netley until April 1919.

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Ernest Whitbourn

Ord Member, Orderley, June 1917 to Aug 1917 detraining Guildford (Say 5 convoys) 13 Aug 1917 to 2 Nov 1917 Orderly B.R.C. Hospital Netley (whole time), age 17.

1911 at 40 Cline Road age 10. Parents were Harry and Caroline Whitbourn. Harry was a paper hanger/painter. Ernest was still at school. There are no military records to indicate what happened after 1917.

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Francis Wood

Private, engaged June, 1916 to 1919, attended convoys quite regularly 1916 - 17, but less so in 1918, age 41.

Francis was not in Cooper Road in 1911 census but there is a record in 1918 and 1922 street directories for F.C. Wood at 1 Cooper Rd. Francis Charles Wood is shown at No 1 Cooper Road in 1924 Kelly’s. 1928 Electoral Roll shows Francis Charles, Emma Jane, Francis Charles (jun) and James Edward Wood at 1 Cooper Road. In 1911 the family was in West Clandon. Francis was 36, occupation coal merchant. Francis age 6 and James Edward 5. Married in April 1901 in Wandsworth. Francis was then a gardener at Tyting House, Chilworth. Francis died in January,1934 still residing at 1 Cooper Road.

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