Marine Electrical Specialists-why?

The boating market has expanded over the last fifteen years, due to economic and demographic reasons.Over the same period, improvements in electrical and electronics technology have led to cheaper and more reliable products designed to work in the marine environment. Today's boatowner can enjoy levels of comfort, convenience and sophistication undreamed of a decade ago, and at an affordable price.

Understandably, boat owners do not always enjoy the prospect of dealing with electricity when building, fitting out, or maintaining their boats.

-240V mains power can kill, and the hazard is greatly increased by the presence of water

-Even 12/24V DC supplies present a fire hazard if incorrectly installed. Batteries can be a potential nightmare is mishandled or incorrectly fitted.

-Electronic equipment is notoriously intolerant of mistakes in installation, and is expensive to repair or replace.

-Regulation is creeping into the industry. Safety standards are being established for safe, efficent installations. Compliance is frequently necessary to obtain craft licensing.

-Outsourcing electrical work is not easy. Traditional boatyards are declining in number, and those that remain lack the resources to train and equip personnel to work in this fast-evolving area.

It is therefore apparant that a need exists for qualified, experienced technicians to assist the boat owner in acheiving a safe, reliable electrical system on their craft.