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Welcome to this web site of the former Family and Local History Indexing Group ("FLHIG").

History of the Group

FLHIG was formed in June 2004 from the former Genealogical Group of the Society of Indexers (SIGG), continuing with similar aims.

SIGG had is beginnings in April 1993. Initially all its members were also members of the Society of Indexers, however with an increasing proportion of members who were not also members of the Society the decision had to be made to reform as a non-affiliated group. FLHIG retained associate status with the Society of Indexers but was established as an independent not-for-profit UK-based organisation.  

In fact FLHIG never got off the ground, and by 2008 it was clearly defunct. The webpages of SIGG/FLHIG are now maintained as a static archive. By this means the valuable articles published in the SIGG Newsletter remain available to the public.


The aim was to provide a forum for the discussion of topics of common interest to those concerned with the indexing of all genealogical materials whether these are original records (such as parish records, wills, marriage allegations, newspapers etc), or genealogical books and periodicals.


FLHIG retained the rights to the former SIGG Newsletter (SIGGNL). Further details including the contents of past issues can be found by clicking on the "Newsletters" button above.


A selection of articles from past newsletters can be accessed by clicking on the "Articles" button above.


Many members of SIGG/FLHIG were involved in one or more individual genealogical indexing projects. These projects are not described on this site except to the extent that they are referred to in articles. However, in furtherance of the Group's aims to aid good indexing practice in genealogy, we present here some group projects whose purpose is to aid genealogical indexers generally. To learn more click on the button marked "Projects" above.


This is no longer available. For further information contact the webmaster.

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26 November 2012