This is Mariamma Jammeh, without whom Tilo House would not be the same. Mariamma has made her home in the compound, and keeps everything shipshape within the house. She is also a very good Gambian cook, if you prefer not to cook for yourselves, and you should certainly try some of her Gambian specialities. Mariamma is also responsible for cleaning up and making the beds. For a small consideration she will also do your washing.  Ask her to give you a massage, again for a small consideration, and if you are not already totally relaxed, you soon will be.
Meet the Tilo House staff
This is Ebrima Jattah, our Manager. Ebrima has worked at Tilo House for many years, starting as a gardener and working his way up. Invaluable colleague and friend, he speaks good English and is the fount of all wisdom, and a visit to his home village of Berending, some three miles away, is always a highlight of any visit to Tilo House. Ebrima will show you all the ropes, suggest trips, accompany you to Gunjur village, and Brikama, and anywhere else you’d like to go.
As well as Ebrima and Mariamma, Tilo House has a night watchman, who is on the premises from
about 5.30pm until 8.00am every night.