Item Description. Photographs

Remarks/People Involved. Plan of Felpham houses used by RNSOP during the second 

world war together with old and new photographs of the houses

Ship/Place/Originator. Stan Weavis/Jan Larcombe

Original Reference.

Date/ Date Range. 1945 and 2011

Submitted By. Stan Weavis/Jan Larcombe

Now Held By. RNPA Historian

Date Added to site. 24/10/2011

Historians Number. Hist102




Part of the Private Summerly Estate, Felpham. Still very exclusive (No Parking on the roads)





Used as sleeping quarters. Very little changed apart from some infilling of the veranda on the front and the addition of a detached Garage




Little Alton

Lecture and Dark Rooms. Recent picture taken by Sue Arnold (Doug Manning's daughter)




Now called Sanderlings

Old Garage incorporated into the house and a new one added on. Windows changed





Now just  No 5 on the gate.  Porch and new windows added





Used for Indoor leisure activities and acquired between July and November 1944.Veranda along the front filled in and most of the

 wood on the front covered up. Recent development on what used to be the garden.



Little Danes Court

No old picture and now called Little Danes.

Dining rooms and galley



Now called The Wych

No mention of the name in any memoirs but current owners say that it was used by the Navy and had a flag pole



Was called Admiralty ? before the present owner bought the house

Greatly altered front of the house but the roofline is the same. Next to Breoc and across the road from Croindene.

No evidence of it being used but the "Admiralty" bit might mean that it was.


The Strand

Used by the School Until burnt out on the 22 May 1944. 

Now replaced by a new house on the same site with very high hedges