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Of RNPA Committee Meeting held on 9th July 2011

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Minutes of the Royal Navy Photographers Association

Committee meeting held at Wandsworth London

Saturday 9th July 2011 commencing at 13:20


Present: S Antrobus                     I Hooper

              R. Whitehouse                D. duFeu

              S. King                           H. King

              R. Moss 

Apologies: L.Wenden  P.Cowpe  M.Larcombe 

    The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologised for not being more pro-active during the last few months. This was due to leaving the navy and getting his business up and running plus family commitments
























































































































The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record and duly signed

FAA Memorial   

R.W informed the committee that the restoration of the memorial at the National Arboretum had now been completed and he had received a letter of thanks from the Fly Navy Association for our donation towards this work. By the autumn a standard format for the various association plaques should be approved. We are then required to submit a design for our own association plaque.

            The groundwork to display the plaques is now in progress. The cost of the plaque will be in the region of £200.00. R W suggested that the dedication of the plaque should be planned in conjunction with a Midlands visit now being planned for next year. I H stated that he knows the vicar who performs these dedication ceremonies on behalf of various armed forces associations at the arboretum and he will approach him on our behalf to perform the dedication

            R.W. went on to suggest that the minutes of the ‘Fly Navy Association’, of which he is our representative, be included in the newsletter. The committee agreed to this. Also, a new organisation known as the Navy Campaign has started up with the aim of promoting the FAA profile to its rightful place through lobbying and using various media. Details of the campaign will be included in a future newsletter.


RAF/Army Associate Membership

The committee agreed in principal to offer associate membership to ex RAF/Army phots. This motion is to be put to the membership at the next AGM for approval as this would require a constitutional change.



Membership Database

D.D. informed the committee that due to his work commitments

And the fact that his computer is not working, he hasn’t been able to keep the database up to date. Whereas the paid up membership last year was around 125. the number this year is currently 60. As D.D. was unable to spend the time on the database, it was agreed that H & SK would take it over and bring it up to date, leaving D.D. to concentrate on recruiting new members.

            D.D. also stated that some members were sending their standing orders to him instead or their banks, also he was receiving cheques instead of the treasurer. It was agreed that S & HK liaise with R.M. to sort out the subscription problems.

            The committee agreed to concentrate on better management of the membership as this is the core of our association


Accounts year end date

R.H. proposed and the committee agreed to implement 30thJune each year as the end of year date for the Accounts, subject to approval at the AGM. This would allow sufficient time to receive membership subs and prepare the Accounts for presentation and auditing prior to an AGM. It was agreed that invoices would be sent to members who don’t pay by Standing Order.


RNPA Polo Shirts Update

S.A. to approach suppliers for costings etc. for polo shirts sweatshirts and ties. H.K. to produce artwork for the above.


RNPA Membership Cards

I.H. put forward a design proposal for a membership card. H.K. agreed to ‘tidy it up’ and liaise with I.H. to finalise the design. S & H K to  liaise with R.W. as regards costings and production of the cards.


‘Newton Bell’ update

S.A. is to purchase a bell and get it engraved.

R.W. will speak to an associate of his with a view to producing a

Mounting for the bell. R.W. suggested that as time goes by,

Other names be added as a form of a Roll of Honour. The

Committee felt this inappropriate as the money for the bell was

Donated by Pete Newton’s family.


Date and venue of the next AGM

The 23rd/24th. September 2011. was selected as the date for the next AGM to be held at the maritime club Portsmouth. The itinery would be as follows:

Friday Night              - meet and greet, Up spirits, Horse racing

Saturday Midday       - Committee meeting

Saturday P.M.          – AGM

Saturday night          -  Social on board HMS Victory. (maximum      

                                               40 people 1st come 1st serve basis)

R.W. to confirm bookings.

Both I.H. and D.D. said that due to their work commitments, they would not be able to attend the weekend.


Social Secretary’s Report

R.W. reported that the response for the Gibraltar trip was very disappointing and did not reflect the initial response displayed at the AGM.

            The Edinburgh trip was very successful and very much enjoyed by all who attended. The ‘party’ were very well received onboard HMS Illustrious. Following a fascinating presentation by B A systems, the party were taken to a section of the new build carrier. When shown how this section fitted in the ship, they found the sheer size of the carrier quite astounding.

            R.W. proposed that the 2012 AGM and social be held in Liverpool. The committee agreed to this proposal. R.W. has been invited to the Adelphi hotel to attend a presentation on their facilities to host such functions. He requested some assistance in organising this event and to join him at this presentation. S & H K offered there services. October 2012 is preferred for this event. This concluded his report.


D.D. did not have anything else to report as most of his presentation was covered under item 1.4.


R. Moss joined the meeting.


Treasurers Report

R.M. handed out the current account statement which showed the account to be in credit to the sum of £3926.68 The last transaction being in May for the donation to the FAA memorial at the National Arboretum. He pointed out that the paid up membership was around 60, not as high as expected. He will  liaise with S & H K. when the database is sorted to chase up outstanding subscriptions

            R.M. was informed of the proposal for a June 30th end of year accounts date and agreed to prepare a financial statement to be included in the agenda pack for the AGM

            R.M. also pointed out that there was still 3 years paid up hosting left for the website so no additional financing required yet.


Other Reports.

H.K. said that she had enough articles for a newsletter hopefully to be produced this month. She is aiming to produce the next

Newsletter to follow the AGM. As usual, she hasn’t received many articles yet and found it disappointing that the same few people submit pieces and the majority don’t bother. I.H. said he is planning to produce an article based on some amusing experiences in the gunnery photography world, but due to work commitments and child minding his grandsons, he hasn’t had the time yet. R.M. will produce an article on his recent deployment on the USS George W Bush. and R.W. will send in his photobook.


Diamond Jubilee Social 2012.

I.H. proposed that the association should mark the Queens jubilee by having a gala social on the lines of the previous social held at the no.7. boathouse Portsmouth. He suggested that it should be open to all ex phots based on a 2 tier price system so non members pay more. This would hopefully lead to more people becoming members. June/July being the preferred time. The committee agreed to this proposal and R.W. will make enquiries to book a venue. A sub committee consisting of R.W. S & H.K. and D.D. was appointed to organise this event.



(1) S.A. asked if everyone were happy with their rolls on the committee as both he and D.D. had considered standing down at the next AGM. Following what has gone on so far during this meeting they have decided to stay on if the committee were happy for them to do so. The Committee approved of their decision and all members stated that they were happy in their own positions.

(2) I.H. said that he had approached his firm’s cooper to quote for making a ‘grog tub’ or ‘rum fanny’ for the association. The committee supported this idea so I.H. will follow it up.

(3) I.H. asked about producing copies of the minutes of the last AGM  for distribution at the next. S.A. said he will undertake this task, and produce all other documents that would be required.


The date of the next committee meeting was set for 24th September 2011.  prior to the AGM.


The meeting closed at 16.20



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