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Of RNPA Committee Meeting and AGM held on 24th September 2011at the Royal Maritime Club, Portsmouth

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Date/ Date Range. 24-9-2011

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Date Added to site. 31-1-2012

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               R. Whitehouse Ėchairman                   

               M. Larcombe                              H. King

               S. King                                        R. Moss


    Stuart Antrobus

                Danny du Feu

                Ian Hooper                                   

Ray Whitehouse welcomed all to the committee meeting.  Due to SA being abroad he would conduct the meeting.

               Steve King to act as Secretary.


Item 1.  Minutes of previous meeting

             Minutes approved and duly signed by Ray Whitehouse and Steve King.   

Item  2.

             Matters arising.    None.


Item 3             Memorial update, No decision by FAA until end of November 2011 

Item 4            Grog Tub. Ray said he believe this has been made will need to contact Ian. 



 1/1       Steve King has now taken on the Roll of membership Secretary and has received all information from Danny. He will transfer all info onto a program 

called Access. This will give us more information and allow us to gain information very quickly.

All agreed

Agreed that Steve would be the only one allowed to alter the database. Ray emphasized the need to increase communication in both directions.



 1/2          Standing Order and Direct Debit.

It was suggested that for the future Direct Debit was the way ahead and would enable the RNPA to keep track of funds more accurately.

Those who wished to stay with standing orders also can remain. Richie to look into

Steve will issue forms to members who will complete and forward to their local bank.

Subscriptions due in January 201.                             

Single 15 and Joint £20.

Steve and Hilary would be asking members to forward any information on ex phots not on our data base.



1/3       Polo Shirts, Tie, Badges, Fleece Hilary and Steve agreed to look in to the production of these and to include sweatshirts. Hilary said that she could do 1

he artwork and it was agreed that any design should include the Official RNPA logo. Steve suggested that, before any purchase, members should be asked 

what they wanted to buy. 


1/4            Membership Cards. 

Hilary showed examples of cards she had created and the Committee agreed on the size and Layout. Credit card size to fit most Wallets.

It was agreed to go ahead with membership cards. These will be issued from January 2012 and will be annually thereafter. They will have the RNPA Logo on 

front and on the rear

Name, Membership No, and Expiry Date with a change of background design every year. Ray said that we should be able to negotiate discounts with service 

Museums etc for members using the cards




1/5            Newton Bell. Ray said that Stuart had been leading on this and would await an update from Stuart. He understood that the grog tub has been made 

and but did not know if the brass plate had been finished. Steve undertook to check on progress with Ian.



1/6           Steve King put forward that the RNPA purchase a Colour Laser Printer as costing using and inkjet is costing about £4 a copy of the newsletter. 

Using a Laser would cut this to 50pence per copy. We need only to print about 25 copies per Newsletter, for those who do not have access to the internet.

The cost of a printer and two sets of toner would cost £149.60 pence and this would last about two years before any more toner needed to be purchased.

All committee members approved



1/7            Ray Whitehouse asked if  £250 to cover expenses for Gibraltar trip.



Item 7            Treasurerís Report.           

            Richie issued all with a breakdown of the RNPA Finances on a new program he is using. The RNPA was healthy but not as many members had paid 

their dues as forecast. To continue with Standing order form and look into paying by Direct debit.

The committee approved the purchase  (£47.21) of the new programme (which was currently being used as trial version). It was agreed to ask the AGM to 

approve an end of year date for the accounts and Richie reported that the assets of the association stood at £4900 with some money to come in and some bills

 to pay.   


Treasurerís Report approved. 

Item 6.    Reunion next year.

Ray, Steve and Hilary reported on a recce visit to Liverpool as a possible venue for Reunions. They had found that a two-night stay and a dinner would cost 

about £130 per person. After some discussion it was agreed that reunion and AGMs would be held at the same time and to attract the largest number of 

people would normally be in the south. 

After a general discussion it was agreed for Reunion to be at The Boat house on similar lines as the 90th Reunion. Ray to look at possible dates. 

It was agreed that 2013 would be at The Wessex in Bournemouth.

Next meeting to be next March at RNPU at Whale Island

Jan to enquire about holding meeting and what dates available.


Minutes of the Royal Naval Photographers Association Annual General Meeting held at the Royal Maritime Club, Portsmouth on 24th September 2011



   Ray Whitehouse acting as Chairman opened the meeting

  He thanked all members for attending and we had a minute silence for absent friends.

1.2 Roll of Honour and a Minutes Silence

Peter Dale (Jock) and Tony Lock


1.3    Absent List

Apologise from. Stuart Antrobus

                Danny Du feu

                 Ian Hooper


 2.1   Minutes of previous meeting

Ray asked Steve to read the minutes.

Minutes of previous meeting read by Steve King

Ray asks if minutes were approved.  Motion carried

Minutes duly signed by Ray Whitehouse and Steve King.

 2.2   Matters arising

Letter from Danny Du feu, reference his resignation but would like to stay on Committee as i/c Display Boards.

 2.11       Steve King has agreed to take on the Role of membership Secretary.

Steve stated he had received all info from Danny and was transferring all information onto a program called Access. This will give us more flexibility and instant info about the status of the membership list.  It was also agreed that all Committee members could have access to this. A master copy will be held by Steve and read only copy for Committee members. Steve would be the only one allowed to alter the Database.

Steve followed this up by say that a New Laser printer was approved by the committee to produce some 20+ copies of the newsletter for members who do not have access to the Internet. This would be more convenient and cheaper than using an inkjet printer. Steve had found a company that would supply a free laser printer providing the purchase of two sets of toner was ordered.


Polo Shirts ties and Fleeces. A general discussion and it was decided that Steve and Hilary would contact local manufactures to see what design and costing could be arranged Steve will send out a form requesting members to answer a few questions and to see what demand there is.  Alex Co was put forward by Jan as a possible starting point.

2.23                                                                                                                                                                       Hilary has designed a card approved by the committee and each member will be issued in the New Year 2012 and annually thereafter. It will be an Annual card with the front being the RNPA Logo and on the rear members Name, membership number and expiry date with a change of background design every year. Ray said that we should be able to negotiate discounts with service Museums etc for members using the cards.


Newton Bell    Ray said that Stuart had been leading on this and would await an update from Stuart. He understood that the Grog tub had been made and but did not know if the brass plate had been finished. Steve undertook to check on progress with Ian. 



Memorial Plague

Ray stated that this was still going ahead. The FAA will make a final decision on the design at the end of October the site has been prepared and all organisation had donated and the RNPA had forwarded £130. Ray said once all had been agreed and the Plagues made he would be able to arrange for the dedication Service, sometime next March/April.

The design and cost will be in the next 2012 Newsletter. (Late March)


RNPA Accounts.

Richie spoke and described his new programme .The purchase of this programme at a cost of £47.21 was approved by the Committee. A print out sheet highlighting the status of the Association.  Richie talked the accounts through and stated that the assets of the Association stood at £3900 with some money and bills to come in. The members were asked to approve the year end date for the accounts. The accounts are up to end of June 2011 as agreed by the Committee for year ending.

Ray asked that the yearend date for the accounts be approve as 30th June

Jonathan Robbins proposed

Mike Keeling Seconded

Accounts approved unanimously


Social Report.

Ray reported that the Edinburgh trip had been a success.

Trip to Liverpool.  Ray, Steve and Hilary had visited Liverpool and stayed at the Adelphi Hotel. The cost of a two night stay plus a dinner would cost about £130 per person. The Britannia Hotel group gave a presentation of its Hotels around the country where a Branch reunion could be held for future events.  Britannia had just purchased some of the Warner Camps and would develop these to a standard similar to other events or places such as Bristol, Bournemouth and Liverpool,



Proposal to offer ex Army/RAF Photographers membership.

There was a general discussion with Jonathan Robbins and Mike keeling both remarking that it is a special Branch that we keep it as for Naval Photographers.

Jan Larcombe put forward that we hold back until we had a large number of members to make that decision.




End of meeting Up Spirits.