Item Description. Minutes

 Of Virtual and Wash Up Committee meeting 2012

Ship/Place/Originator. Secretary

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Date/ Date range.9-2012 to 29-9-2012   

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Date Added archive.02/10/2012

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Minutes of a virtual committee meeting of the Royal Navy Photographers Association conducted by email from Monday 6th August to 22nd September 2012 and Wash Up meeting held at the Holiday Inn Portsmouth on 29th September 2012


Present at the Wash Up Meeting


            Ray Whitehouse, Acting Chairman

            Jan Larcombe, Acting Secretary

            Steve King, Membership Secretary

            Hilary King, Editor RNPA Newsletter


Item 1.    Approval of Minutes of previous meeting held at SFPU (E) on Monday 12th March.


   The minute were approved and signed by Ray


Item 2.             Matters arising. Covered below


Item 3  Grog Tub


            The Rum Tub was finished and would be at the AGM


Item 4.    Newton Bell.


 The Newton bell was also completed and would be used at the AGM. Total Cost £205. Richie to arrange payment to Stuart Antrobus


Item 5.    Constitution.


The committee has agreed updates and a copy is now at Hist1057 on the website.


Item 6. Chairman and Secretary.


No volunteers/nominations received so far.


Item 7,    Design of RNPA Plaque for the National Arboretum.


Ray showed the latest design and said that we should change it slightly. A camera badge replacing the RNPA Logo. The Dedication to be moved up slightly and to read, “Dedicated to all who served in the Photographic Branch of the Royal Navy”. The RNPA Logo to be placed at the bottom with an inscription “Presented by the Royal Navy Photographers Association”


 The committee agreed the changes




Item 8.    RNPA Ties, Tee Shirts etc.

Steve said that he had Ties, Scarf, Tee Shirts, Polo Shirts, and Fleeces ordered from Whittakers in Lancashire.  Website I paid £20 for the RNPA Logo to be held on their computer and all orders do not incur any additional costs for the embroidery. For the ties to be embroidered I need an order of 50 or more. Many members from last newsletter have ordered various items all of which have now been delivered. The Ties unfortunately are printed. All other items are embroidered. I am able to order any of the items in the display catalogue and also different colours. Up to now I have kept all orders to Navy Blue. Prices will be slightly more as I had forgotten to add VAT. I will have a few items to display at the AGM with their price list and cost of delivery.  The fleeces are of a better quality and reflect the higher costs


Item 9. Membership cards       

Steve Said All paid up members have now received their membership cards. Many I have been able to give those numbers similar to the last issue but some will have new numbers. To date we have 79 Single of which 30 Joint Total = 109. Paid up members. This list has been complied from data received from Treasurers Santander account.



Item 10.           Serving members.

Amanda had trawled all serving members and has forwarded details of nine phots. Three of the nine had supplied MOD emails which we cannot use. Amanda will chase them for their civvy ones and Jan to distribute when he has them all

She added On another note, I cant remember if it has been raised at other meetings, but have we tried the Facebook approach to the younger Photographers? Perhaps a Facebook page would get our messages out to them easier - they all seem to spend their lives on this social media site.

Ray said I’m not a great user of Facebook myself but I understand that you can form a "private grouping" within the programme which can only be accessed by members who are introduced and I thought this could be a good way of getting members involved and a very easy way to swop ideas, gossip, photos memories etc. Evidently it is very easy to use, unlike a website any member can add contributions and seems to appeal to the younger folks so maybe we should give it some consideration and put this forward at the AGM


Item 11.           Photographic Course members


Jan reported that he had had several updates for the courses list on the website including two previously unrecorded courses.


Amanda had attempted to update from 2008 to the present but had been thwarted by Lieutenant Tony Leather’s insistence that permission from individuals be obtained before photographs and details of courses be released. She has had a handful of people willing to give information and is hoping for a few more







Item 12.           Chairmans Report


Ray said that he would bring the Facebook option up at the AGM and would also like to introduce some assistance for Hilary as Editor of the Newsletter. He thought that, say, four people could help by writing articles or providing stories etc.


Hilary said that production was not a problem but that any increase in contributions would be welcome


The committee agreed to put these ideas to the AGM




Item 13.           Secretaries Report


Jan said that he had no volunteers/nominations for the Chairman/Secretaries post as yet so will have to try and twist few arms at the AGM. There has been no correspondence from anyone other than RNPA members. The Virtual committee meeting had gone well leaving only a couple of points to be cleared up at the reunion committee meeting. Richies Treasurers report was now available and would be available to everyone at the AGM



Item 14.           Treasuers Report


The committee accepted the Treasurers report. And noted that we still had a healthy balance. Copy attached.




Item 15. Membership Secretaries Report

Steve said the new database Access is now up and running and fully up to date. All new membership cards have been issue and are being issued on a yearly basis.  Next issue will be January 2013.The list is compiled from information received from our Treasury’s report and the accounts from Santander. A few members have not altered their accounts and these I have written to. I have sent out over a hundred letters to non members who do not have email addresses, only a few have replied. Several were returned as unknown at this address. The total number of members now stands at 79 (of which 30 are Joint), fully paid up



Item 16. Social Secretaries Report


Ray had distributed all the information for the Reunion and said a total of 41 people would be attending at some stage


Will probably go for next April/May for the “unveiling” of our plaque at the Arboretum. As I have mentioned the application form is now available but nothing will happen until a “reasonable number” of applications have been received. The plaques will then be produced in batches so I doubt if things will move that quickly. I am also anxious that the unveiling and dedication of the RNPA plaque be a memorable event so I think we should take some time thinking and planning for it. 




Item 17.           Website/Newsgroup update


Paul Cowpe had emailed to say that the website had been hacked gain and that it would take a lot of work to get it back


Item 18.           Agenda for AGM.


Jan said that he had a couple of things for AOB at the AGM.

A possible event in September 2015 to commemorate the formation of the first military school of photography and a complaint from a member about our website



Item 19. AOB


Item 19a. Arrangements for AGM


Ray and Jan confirmed that all arrangement for the AGM were in place and the committee had previously agreed not to ask Danny DeFue to provide a photographic display


Jan said that he had asked Amanda to give an update on the future of the branch and she had sent a brief which would be read out at the AGM.


The meeting closed at 1630