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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the Holiday Inn Portsmouth held on

29th September 2012


  Those Present.            Ray Whitehouse - Acting Chairman

                                    Jan Larcombe – Acting Secretary

                                    Steve King – Membership Secretary    

                                    Hilary King – Editor RNPA Newsletter


Members. Dave Morris BEM, Nick Mewton, Rita Mewton, Douglas Manning, Maureen Manning, Michael Adams, Bill Simpson, Maurice Brailey, Roy Penny, Elizabeth Penny, Pete Bunting, Mike Keeling, Mac McCarthy, John A Cunningham, Paul Yockney, Tony Darbyshire, Bill Purcell, Tony McDevitt, Bill Stenning, Rod Safe.


1.       Chairman’s Welcome

Ray Whitehouse opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and thanking them for attending.


2.       Absent Members and Apologies.

He then called for a few moments silence to remember those who had died over the past year. Tony Spring, Fred Jones and Tod Slaughter.


Apologies were received from Bob Lomax, Peter Thorne, Amanda Reynolds, Ray Pogson, Bill Porter, Richie Moss, Nigel Craft, John Flack, Mike Gilbert, Jonathon Robbins, Stuart Antrobus, Danny DeFue and Mike Lay. All had sent their best wishes for the success of the reunion.


3.       Minutes of the 2011 AGM

The minute of the 2011 AGM meeting were distributed previously. Acceptance was proposed by John Cunningham and seconded by Doug Manning. They were approved unanimously and were duly signed by Ray Whitehouse.



4.       Matters arising (not covered by this agenda).

There were no matters arising not covered on the agenda


5.       Acting Secretaries’ Report and any correspondence


a.       Nominations and ballot for Chairman & Secretary

Jan pointed out that the committee needed to be enlarged as, at present, it was only just meeting the requirement for a quorum. There followed a discussion on the task of the Chairman and Tony Darbyshire volunteered to be Chairman. He was proposed by Steve King and Seconded by Bill Simpson and was approved unanimously by the meeting. It was agreed that he would serve for the next two years and would take up post after the end of the AGM


There were no volunteers or nominations for the post of Secretary so Jan Larcombe agreed to carry on as Acting Secretary for the time being. Tony Darbyshire explained that his wife was a professional minute taker and volunteered to ask her if she would be willing to be co-opted if required.


Jan Larcombe went on to say that there had been no correspondence from anyone outside the RNPA and that most of the communications were by email.


He explained that the committee meeting held prior to the AGM was a wash up meeting following a Virtual meeting held by email over the previous six weeks. There followed a discussion and it was agreed that there should be formal meetings in addition to any meetings conducted by email



b.       Newton Bell Update

The Newton bell was finished and was sitting on the Rum Table. Jan asked if anyone could tie a proper bell rope and Dave Morris undertook to ask a friend of his if he would undertake this task.


c.       Rum Tub Update

The Rum tub had also been finished and Hilary had added the appropriate salutation in letters that reflected the size of the tub. She explained that these were intended to be temporary and could be changed if required.


6.       Acting Chairman’s Report

Ray Whitehouse explained that his main concern was membership numbers and communications.

He recognised that the Newsletter was a very good means of getting the word out but that Hilary needed some assistance in producing the newsletter. Hilary King said that the production was not a problem it was the gathering of information that was her main concern. Ray suggested that she needed, say, four people who would help to dig out stories for her. Tony Darbyshire offered to be one of those and Ray Whitehouse undertook to speak to Ray Pogson who, he thought, would be keen to take up the challenge. Ray also undertook to seek out others who would be suitable for the task



Ray Whitehouse added that we had only 79 paid up members at present and he was looking for ways to increase this by better communication with the younger generations. He had recently joined a private Facebook group and thought that this might appeal to them. The meeting expressed some concern at the mention of Facebook but Ray explained that as it was a private group it could only be joined by invitation and that every one in the group received an email to say that something new had been added. There followed a discussion on the merits of Facebook and Flicker and noted from the floor that it only took one rogue member of the private group to open it to others who could then put anything they wanted on the site. Ray undertook to investigate the Facebook option and suggest a way ahead.


There followed a discussion on the recruitment of serving members and Jan Larcombe explained that Amanda Reynolds had been prevented from giving the association the details of all serving phots because of the data protection act but that she had obtained nine by asking for phots to volunteer their own information. Jan undertook to try and get the official emails addresses of all phot sections so that newsletters could be sent to them. He then read out a paper that Amanda had read detailing the likely future of the branch. It read: -


No official paperwork announcement on the way ahead with the phot branch as of yet so I have to be careful what I say, I'm sure you understand. What I can tell you is that the branch is going down to approx 50 people in total. Only 1 WO post is remaining. The Lt post at the school is staying but looks like it will be a schoolie not a phot officer. Lt Leather (our only remaining commissioned officer) leaves December, no replacement as of yet. The school will only have two PO posts there from February, CPO and other PO's job disestablished. Phots will no longer be attached to carriers. They will have phots on when deployed but they will rotate with each trip, no billet as such. Work will be geared towards operational and PR tasking, with ships (not trade) phots carrying out the more mundane day to day tasks. Yeovilton has gone down to 1 LA Phot plus one CHF PO, no CPO any more. Scotland and Plymouth will have branch managers running the sections (CPO) in lieu of the WO. IAs (Image Annalists) will not be sourced from Phots anymore and the IA branch will be open to other trades. Unfortunately there have been compulsory redundancies at LA level and they are preparing to leave now. We will no longer come under the FAA umbrella, but will be know as Media. Thats about all we know for definite really.



7.       Treasurer’s Report & approval of the 2011 Accounts

Richie Moss had emailed


“First of all my apologies for not being with you all; as it’s my son’s 11th birthday party today I’ve had to be elsewhere for obvious reasons.


This will be very brief.  It’s been a good year again for the RNPA.  Subscriptions are up and still on the rise which means our cash total is increasing year on year.  That is not to say that we’re not spending anything.  We’ve had quite a few organised trips throughout which have been subsidised by the RNPA.  As I write this (Wednesday 26 Sep 12) our actual cash value in the Santander account stands at £7117.63.  However, there are 2 cheques currently outstanding for the following amounts which should be deducted within the next week or so for the following amounts:  £140 to Square Tower Ceremonies and £209.00 to Stuart Antrobus in lieu of payment for the mounting of the Pete Newton Bell.  Taking these two items into consideration then, the RNPA accounts will effectively stand at £6768.63 at the end of September.  It should be noted however, that there will be some additional debits coming out of the account soon to cover this AGM, e.g. Hotel, Drinks etc; Ray Whitehouse will supply a full breakdown of actual costs to the Treasurer in due course and payments will be made.  To that end it is proposed to re-issue an updated Treasurer’s Report at the end of November.  If agreed by the Committee and by those attending today, I will supply a revised update for electronic distribution.


Where it says 'RNPA Social' Credit or Debit, this refers to all monies that have either come in or gone out of the account associated with all organised RNPA events, e.g. hotel bills, venue hire, drinks etc.


Ray Whitehouse noted that it looked like the overall worth of the association had gone up by about £3000 since last year and explained that this was because he had sent the money received for the reunion to Richie but had yet to give him the paperwork for the expenditure of about £2500.


Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by John Cunningham and seconded by Mike Adams and approved unanimously.



8.       Membership Secretaries Report


Steve King reported that it continued to be difficult to recruit. Apart from having some 300 email addresses he had sent out 120 letters, to those with no email addresses, in the post and had only four replies and this by telephone.


a.       Recruitment (Serving & recently served Phots)

Covered under Chairman’s report


b.       Associate Membership (Army & RAF Phots)

Jan Larcombe said that he had investigated and found that the RAF did have a Photographers association but the Army did not. He had been in contact with an Ex-Army phot who explained, that apart from when they were on course while in the service they had very little contact with each other and that this continued into civilian life.


A proposal to offer ex-army and RAF photographers associate membership of the RNPA failed to gain a seconder and was therefore rejected by the meeting.


John Cunningham ask to be excused and left the meeting at 1600


c.       Membership Cards.

Steve King said that membership cards had been issued in January 2012 and that the 2013 issue had already been printed but that he would not receive an up to date paid up membership list until mid January. In future it would be the norm to issue them toward the end of January.


9.       Social Secretaries Report


a.       Update of RNPA Plaque for FAA Memorial

Ray Whitehouse circulated a sketch of the proposed memorial layout and explained that the committee had agreed some changes and asked for approval of these changes. It was agree that the plaque should include the Camera badge and the Words “Dedicated to all who served in the Photographic Branch of the Royal Navy” and below the dedication our associations Logo and the words “Presented by the Royal Navy Photographers Association”. Ray explained that the design was subject to the approval of the Fly Navy Federation and that the cost might increase due to the inclusion of three logos.


Tony Darbyshire proposed that the design be accepted and this was seconded by Peter Bunting. The proposal was carried unanimously.


Ray suggested that the dedication take place at the National Arboretum in the spring of 2013 and Pete Bunting offered to see if this could be combined with a visit to the RAF Museum at Cosford (Pete still works at the museum). He also said that he was in regular contact with Hotels in the area. Ray and Pete agreed to work together on the event which could be organised over a three-day weekend.


b.       2013 AGM & Reunion...Bournemouth?

It was agreed without a vote that the next reunion should be at the Wessex hotel Bournemouth in October 2013. Ray Whitehouse will publish the date as soon as possible.



c.       Suggestions for 2013 events & 2014 AGM & Reunion



10.   Newsletter Editor’s Report


a.       Editorial Group

Covered in Chairman’s report


b.       Update Laser Printer

Hilary King reported that the laser printer was working well, had improved the quality and was cheaper than using the inkjet machine.

Mike Keeling suggested a vote of thanks to Hilary and she was awarded a vote of thank and a round of applause for her work of the newsletter.


c.       Jan Larcombe took up a suggestion that we try again to get details of ex and currant photographers, In his Historians hat he would go out by email and newsletter to as many as possible asking for Service histories, articles, anecdotes and photographs.

The RNPA site was down he asked who used the mirror site at

Very few knew of it so he said he would circulate it again.




d.       Merchandise


Steve and Hilary King modelled the new Fleeces, Ties, Scares, T Shirts and Polo Shirts and took orders explaining that they were not stock items but were ordered individually as orders were received.


11.   A.O.B

a.       Steve King said that the person who had not charged to make the rum tub had suggested that we make a donation to Help for Heroes. Steve proposed a donation of £200. This was seconded by Nick Mewton and carried unanimously.


b.      Jan Larcombe said that he had heard from, Dave Humphreys (An ex instructor at the School at Cosford) that he was planning a 100th anniversary celebration in September 2015 commemorating the formation of the first military school of photography (at Farnborough) in September 1915. He was hoping to reinstate the photographic museum at Cosford. Pete Bunting said that the photographic museum building had been knocked down to make way for the V bomber hanger and the artefacts were now in housed in boxes at RAF Stafford. He was not aware of any approach to the RAF Museum at Cosford at present and was a bit sceptical about the project but would keep his ear to the ground at Cosford. Jan would continue to talk to Dave Humphreys


c.       Jan Larcombe said that he had an email from Ray Pogson (Apologies to Paul Yockney who Jan mistakenly credited with sending) saying that not withstanding it being down at the moment was no match for the Met branch site and looked a bit tired. Tony Darbyshire said that his daughter was a professional website designer and would ask her if she had time to have a look at it when it was up again.


There being no further business Ray closed the meeting at 1636 and piped “Up Spirits”