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Remarks/People Involve. RNSOP Divisions march past. 

Lt Cdr ?. (Arthur Keep was CO at the time but its not him) S/Lt JAS Foster

Front Row L-R 1st Keith "Blossom" Hartle, 2nd Mike Mathews, 3rd ? 6th Len Wilmot?, 8th Len Hutton, 9th John Sceats, 10th Cooper, 11th Eddie Moss

2nd Row. 2nd Andy Anderson, 11th Baz Chilton

taken by Ken Morris

Those at the school in 1956

Bogie Knight, Jack Straw, Mike Daniels

Dave King, Willy Bence, Taff Eyres

 Blondie Robertson, Paul Yockney, Chas (Buck) Taylor, Mike Matthews, Ginge Pearce, Grant Hindle, Curly Hawkes Ginge Howe,Ken Morris, Taff Jones Wally Hammond

 PO Moose Marriott

John Sceats, Ernie (Yorky) Colley, Blosom Hartle, Ted Elliott (To 24 Course) Sam Wilson, 

 Steve Potten, Ray (Scouse) Marshall,  Jock Hetherington (NS Phot 3) Tony Parsonage (later was Commissioned aircrew), Gordon Van Dyke (Commissioned after qualifying). Ted Elliot (Failed became handler)

Moss, Wheatley, Johnson, Cauldwell

Ship/Place/Originator. Ford

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Date/Date range. c 1956 -

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