Item Description. Minutes

Remarks/People Involve. Of Committee meeting held at SFPU(E) on 18th Sept 2013

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Date/Date range. 18-Sep-13 -

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Minutes of the Royal Navay Photographers Association Committee meeting

 held at SFPU(E), Whale Island on 18th September 2013


Item 1.The minute of the following meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman at the time


Of Wash up meeting held at Holiday in Portsmouth on 29th September 2012 (Ray signed)

Of Virtual meeting issue 6 dated 2 April 2013 (Tony signed)

Of notes on Discussions held at the Belfry on 15th April 2013(Tony signed)


Item 2. Positions of Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, Serving member and ex-officio members of the               committee.


            Tony said that his wife Val might be willing to serve as the Associations Treasurer and that he would let Jan know shortly.


            Prior to the meeting Jan had asked CPO Rob Harding (In charge at FSPU(E)) about a serving member on the committee. Rob said that it would be very difficult for any serving member to devote time to the committee but that he would be happy to act as a point of contact for serving members.


Jan reported that Martin May-Clingo had responded to the trawl for officers and said that he may be able to help with the Website depending on what was required. Jan undertook to liase with Martin and let him know the requirements


Dependant on the outcome of the Treasurer and Webmaster positions Jan said that he would contact likely members individually in an attempt to fill the other posts.


It was agreed that until the above positions were filled there was no point in asking for ex-officio members.


Item 3. Membership update.


It was agreed that the important recruitment avenues continued to be the newsletters, the website and events.

Rays suggestion that an event, which was free to members, would also encourage people to join was approved.

Hilary agreed to include a newsletter article asking members to contact other ex phots encouraging them to join the association


            Serving Members.

It was agreed that serving members should be offered automatic, free joint membership of the association whilst serving and that they would get membership cards and emailed copies of newsletters.


Jan said that he would liase with Rob Harding on getting this information to the serving phots


Item 4. Update on sales of Tee shirts etc.

Steve said that there had been little activity recently but that he expected the normal increase in orders at the reunion. He said that this was not a problem; he did not need to hold any stock as his supplier made items to order.


Item 5. Communication

            Website Requirements

            It was agreed that the website should include:


a.       A public front page. Containing a mission statement, a link to the Historical pages, the names of the committee and a single initial point of contact being the secretary with an email address.

b.       A password protected members section containing a Chat room, Social Diary, Members list, Newsletters, Links to other Photographic, RN and RN association websites and a Photo Gallery.



Hilary said she would be producing a newsletter at the end of September and another just before Christmas. She was currently working on some new obituaries for the next edition.


Mailing List.

Steve, Ray and Jan agreed to compare their mailing and email list to ensure the latest information was available.


Members Form to get service detail

Tony produced a draft form for an individuals service history which included a section on remembered colleagues etc. It was agreed that this was a good idea and Jan said the we should be careful how the information was used and that there should be a statement on it saying that it would only be used by the association for historical purposes.

Hilary agreed to include the proforma in the September newsletter.


Post Meeting Note.

Jan spoke to Rob Harding about the use of Facebook which most of the serving members used as a mater of course. Rob put links to the Associations page on serving members pages with the result that “Likes” on the Associations pages increased from 114 to 128 overnight. Should the form ask for details Facebook and Twitter account and whether people would be prepared to use this method of communication?


Item 6. Social

            Update on 2013 reunion /AGM

            Ray updated everyone on the plans for the Bournemouth reunion and said that he would be visiting the Hotel on the 27th Sept. He would then publish a detailed plan for the reunion weekend.


            Dates and Venues for Reunions and AGMs 2014 and 2015

It was agreed that Ray should investigate two one-day reunions for 2014.


Firstly a June visit for member and families to the RN Historic Flight and the Fleet Air Arm Museum both at Yeovilton. This to be (free to members)  Amended to “subsidised for members and their guests” at meeting on 21-3-2014 who would be asked to arrange their own accommodation if required. Jan said that he would produce list of B&Bs, Hotels etc in the area.

Ray asked for a working budget of £1500 and said that there would probably need to be a donation of some £500 to the Historic Flight. Approved.


Secondly Ray to investigate a September Reunion and AGM in London centred around the Belfast or Greenwich


It was also agreed that we should look toward planning a 2015 reunion in the midlands possible centred on RAF Cosford


            Other events

Steve reminded everyone that 2019 would be the 100th anniversary of the formation of the paid non-substantive photographic branch in the Royal Navy and that we should be thinking of a special event and displays to celebrate the anniversary. He also said that he was not aware of any pictures of the exteriors of photographic sections, which could form the basis of a display. Jan said he would include a trawl for this in his next newsletter submission.