Item Description. Minutes

Remarks/People Involve. Of RNPA AGM held at the Wessex Hotel Bournemouth on 6th October 2013

Ship/Place/Originator. Acting Secretary

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Date/Date range. 06-Oct-13 -

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Minutes of the Royal Naval Photographers Association Annual General Meeting held on the 6th October 2013 at the Wessex Hotel, Bournemouth

Those present - committee


Tony Darbyshire – Chairman

Jan Larcombe - Acting Secretary and Historian

Steve King – Membership Secretary

Ray Whitehouse – Social Secretary

Hilary King – Newsletter Editor & Clothing Sales



Mike Gilbert, Roy Penny, Mike Keeling, Pete Bunting, John Cunningham, George Mewton & Rita, Nigel Craft, Paul Yockney, Ian Gutteridge, Mike Adams, Bob Lomax.


Item 1.      Chairmans welcome.

Tony welcomed everyone to the Reunion and AGM and asked for a minute silence for those who had recently crossed the bar, namely;

Graham Ember, John Grant, Derek Callister, John Drew and Peter Parkin


Item 2.      Apologises were received from

Duncan Reid, Bill Stenning, Peter Pinnock, David Price, Jonathon Robbins, Brian Jackson, Mary Fitzgerald, Charles Robinson, Danny De Feu, Peter Thorne, Ray Pogson, Bill Porter, Mike McKnight, Doug Manning, Richie Moss, Dave Morris and George Mewton

Item 3.     Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the 2013 AGM were approved and duly signed by Ray (Acting Chairman at the time)

Item 4.     Matters arising

                        There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.

Item 5.    Elections to the committee

Tony asked for volunteers for posts on the Committee and the following volunteers were appointed.

Vice Chairman, Peter Bunting. Proposed by Tony Darbyshire seconded by Nigel Craft. Elected unanimously.

Treasurer. There being no Volunteers from the trawls or from the floor Tony said that his wife Val would be prepared to act as interim Treasurer until a permanent Treasurer could be found from the membership. Proposed by John Cunningham Seconded by Hilary King. Elected unanimously.

Secretary. Ian Gutteridge volunteered for the post. Proposed by Jan Larcombe seconded by Peter Bunting. . Elected unanimously.

Webmaster. Jan reported that Martin May-Clingo had said that he would take on this task and that Martin had been in contact with Paul Cowpe to arrange a hand over. Proposed by Peter Bunting seconded by Steve King. . Elected unanimously.

There followed a discussion on the merits of the RNPA Facebook page and it was agreed that it was not working at all well. Jan said that he would liase with Martin in an effort to improve the situation possible by introducing a closed Facebook group as suggested by Ray.


Item 6.    Chairmans Report

Tony said that he had an easy first year as Chairman and thanked the other members of the committee for their work and support. He went on the introduce a members service record sheet that he hoped members would complete with some emphasis on the area giving details of colleagues serving in the same sections together with any other interesting details including things that happened after leaving the Navy. He distributed copies at the meeting and Hilary said she would ensure that her newsletter and mail addressees would receive copies

Item 7.    Secretaries Report.

Jan said that due to email communications there had been no correspondence from outside the RNPA and that, apart from the minutes of meetings, the only other task was sending two bouquets and words of sympathy to the widows of members who had crossed the bar

He made a plea, in his Historians hat, for any information on the early days of photography in the RN saying that it was very difficult, working on the internet, to get any solid information from either the Imperial War Museum or the Public Record Office at Kew. Proposed by Peter Bunting and Seconded by Nigel Craft it was unanimously agreed that Jan be granted RNPA funding to visit Kew and/or IWM to do research

Item 8.   Treasurers Report.

Richie was unable to attend the meeting but sent a short breakdown of the Associations assets. This showed a healthy balance of some £5000 with just two un-cashed cheques and some of the Social Secretary’s expenses outstanding. Steve, later, said that there should be addition assets of some £1700 due from subs in January.

Prior to the meeting Richie had telephoned Jan and said that he would finalize the accounts then contact Val Darbyshire to arrange a proper handover.

Item 9.   Membership Secretaries Report.

Steve said that there were 90 full and 33 joint members at present. Two serving members have asked to join after a trawl offering serving photographers free, full and joint membership whilst they are still serving.

Jan added that CPO Rob Harding (now in charge at SFPU(E)) had said that while he could not commit to committee membership he was willing to act as the point of contact for serving members.

Steve said that he had printed next years membership cards and would be sending them out at the beginning of January.

Steve also took the opportunity to give his clothing report He explained that everything could be had in various colours and sizes, he would take orders and remind all members in the next newsletter.

Item 10.   Social Secretaries Report.

Ray gave a report on the successful events during the past year. He went on the outline the committees ideas for 2014. It was agreed that Rays should investigate a one days social event, including families and friends, based around the RN Historical Flight and Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton in May or June. He would also look into a one day event and AGM in London based around HMS Belfast, Greenwich or similar in September or October.

For future reference he mentioned a possible event for 2015 based around the Museum and Photographic School at Cosford and asked for thoughts on an event in 2019 celebrating the  100th anniversary of the Formation of the photographic branch.

Item 11.   Newsletter Editors

Hilary said that there were couple of mistakes in the last newsletter which would be corrected in the next issue and made her usual pleas for material to put into the newsletter. It did not have to be a major event but any small contributions would be welcome.

Item 12    AOB

From the floor Bob Lomax led a collective thank you to the committee for continuing to organize the Association business

Up Spirits sprits and the grog Tub photograph were postponed until just before dinner and as there was no further business Tony closed the meeting at 1234