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Remarks/People Involved.  Of RNPA Committee held at SPFPU(E) on 17-3-2010

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Date/ Date range 17-3-2010

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               S. Antrobus –chairman                  R. Moss

               M. Larcombe                                  H. King

               S. King                                            L. Wenden

               R. Whitehouse                                D. du Feu

               I. Hooper                                         P.Cowpe


Item 1/2.


               SA welcomed all to the meeting followed by a brief overview of the        AGM and a who’s who as regards the committee posts


It was suggested that Committee Posts appear on the Website – Action PC


Item  3.  90th Party. 11.09.2010.


               SA stated that the main purpose of the meeting was to organise the 90th party based on 250 places. Four venue options were put forward


1.      Bournemouth – based on the 2004 model

2.      Portsmouth – Maritime Club

3.      Plymouth – HMS Drake P O’s mess

4.      Portsmouth – HMS Collingwood S R’s mess


               Each committee member voiced their opinions and a vote was taken with Bournemouth being the preferred option. A sub committee was appointed consisting of RW. DD. IH. and ML, to organise the event. RW to get prices and details of venues in Bournemouth ,so the sub committee can book by the end of the month.




              RM reported that the association funds stood at £2700. He then had to leave the meeting.


Item 4.   Social events


               RW invited ideas for social events to be arranged for different   regions around the country. Ideas were put forward including:


               Edinburgh – Royal Yacht, Distillery,  Sites of interest

               London – HMS President, MOD building, West end show etc.

               Bristol – SS Great Britain, Museums, sites of interest

               Midlands – Cosford, Arboretum, Brewery visit etc.


                RW to research these ideas and report back to the committee at a later date.


Item 5. Newsletter


               SK and HK updated the committee on the forthcoming newsletter. Some items have been received but more were required. They also asked for information on the history of the Peregrine Trophy. ML also wanted the same information in preparation of an article to celebrate the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the trophy. SA to approach a contact at Navy News for assistance.

               Two obituaries to be included. Brian Gentry and Alan ??

               The newsletter is to be finalised by the end of the month.


Item 6. FAA Memorial


                RW presented 3 designs for an association plaque to be displayed on the planned FAA memorial at the National Arboretum. This raised the question of the RNPA logo. The present logo didn’t appeal to all member of the committee and a new logo incorporating the official RN logo was proposed. SA to seek clearance to use the official logo. When the logo is finalised the committee agreed to fund the memorial plaque.


Item 7. Obituaries.


                 It was agreed that obituaries, flowers or donations would be for deceased association members only and that the secretary would send a letter of condolence on behalf of the association.


                  It was suggested that an entry into the Newsletter asking for members to let the Secretary know of any deaths of RN Photographers, whether members or not. Action HK


Item 8. AOB.


                 ML stated that both Army and RAF phots have enquired about joining the RNPA as they do not have associations of their own. After a discussion it was agreed in principle that some form of associate membership could be offered due to the close links forged with these phots and the fact that a number of them do attend our functions as guests. Further discussions are to follow.


                  SA will investigate if the RAF already has an association or not.  Action SA


                 ML asked if the historical archive site he operates could be incorporated in the main RNPA site. PC and ML to sort out the logistics of this.

                 ML also requested a copy of all minutes for the archive.


                 IH asked if all future meetings could be held on either a Friday or Monday to tie in with his work.


                 SK informed the committee that there was a personal cost involved in the production and distribution of hard copies of the newsletter. SA and PC will take over the printing and distribution in future.


                 RW requested access to the membership database. DD stated that some of the information held on his membership database had data protection implications. PC to produce a definitive database that can be accessed by all.


                 DD informed the committee that the fully paid up membership currently stood at 125.


It was decided that a reminder be sent out to members regarding Standing Orders. Action DD


                 There being no other business, the meeting closed at 12:50.



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