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RNPA Committee meeting held on 21st March 2014

Ship/Place/Originator. RNPA Committee 

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Date/Date range. 2--3-2104

Submitted by. Jan Larcombe (Acting as Secretary)

Now held by. Historian

Date Added archive. 25-3-2014

Historians No. Hist1148


Minutes of the Royal Navy Photographers Association Committee Meeting

 held at Lotmead, Holwell on 21st March 2014


Those attending  

Tony Darbyshire           - Chairman

Peter Bunting                - Vice Chairman

Jan Larcombe               - Historian (Acting as Secretary)

Ray Whitehouse           - Social Secretary

Steve King                   - Membership Secretary

Hilary King                   - Newsletter Editor

Danny du Feu               - Co-opted



Ian Gutteridge, - (Secretary) 

Val Darbyshire - (Treasurer)

Martin May-Clingo - (Webmaster)


Item 1              Approval of previous meeting minutes


                        An amendment requested by Ray to change “free” attendance for members at the Yeovilton event to “subsidised for members and their guests” was agreed by the committee and the minutes were signed by Tony


Item 2              Treasurers position and handover


Tony reported that Val was had taken over as treasurer but that the transfer of the bank account was still pending. This was taken a bit longer than expected as two signatures were required to transfer the account.


It was agreed that, normally, only the treasurer’s signature would be required on RNPA cheques and that either Steve or Hilary would be an alternative signatory


Item 4              Webmaster progress


Jan distributed an email from Martin regarding the progress of the website and in it he said that he was prepared to host the Associations website on his hosting service which would save the Association about £60 a year. After some discussion it was agreed that Martin should register “” in the Associations name for a five year period.


Following a general discussion on communications it was suggested by Jan and agreed that Martin should be asked if it was possible to include an email based system in the website so that all members got all messages by email rather than having to log on to the site to view messages.


Martin also expressed some doubt that he would be able to attend many meetings in the near future and the committee agreed that it was more important that the website was up, running and proactively  kept up to date rather than his attendance at meetings. It was agreed that the web master should remain as a committee member with the hope that, as meetings were normally held in Portsmouth once a year, Martin would be able to attend some of these.


Tony agreed to meet with Martin and help with the content and layout of the website. After this he is prepared to work on the input from members keeping the content as up to date as possible


Item 5              Ex-officio members

Following the election of additional committee members at the last AGM it was agreed that there was no need to recruit ex-officio members to the committee.


Item 6              Members update and serving members


Steve distributed a list showing that we had 93 paid up members, 34 of which were joint memberships and said that we had three serving members. He said that there were still some anomalies regarding subscription amounts and it was agreed that he and Val would try and resolve these when she was fully in control as treasurer



Item 7             Membership Forms update


Steve said that he had a lot of detail on people from when they joined the association but that there were only 7 or 8 who had completed the detailed history sheets that Tony had devised last year. Hilary said that she would do a new trawl in the next newsletter.



Item 8              Facebook update Closed Groups


                        Covered in the discussions at item 4




Item 9              Social – Ray


a.                   Update on plans for FAAM and Historic Flight Visit. 12/13 July 2014


Ray outlined plans for the visit which was to be for members, their families and other guests together with non members, their families and other guests and asked for the committee’s approval to proceed with the following.


Members and their guests to be subsidised by the association. Non members and their guests to pay the full price.



Saturday 12th July 2014


Use of the Swordfish Room until 1800


1130 Registration and Welcome – Swordfish room

Light lunch (Included in price) with a “pay for your own drinks” bar available

 Swordfish room

RN Historic Flight presentation – Swordfish room

RNPA Photographic Display – Swordfish room


p.m. Individual visits to the FAAM (Included in price)


Ray hoped to be able to mount another exhibition of photographic equipment and photographs in the Museum with a plan B of a smaller exhibition in the Swordfish room. Pete said that the timescale was probably too tight for a full display as most of the quality items were still held by the RAF Museum at Stafford and that they would not release these unless the FAAM undertook to mount a display. Ray undertook to try and persuade the Museum to mount a full display in the Museum.


1730 Reception - Concord hanger (Included in price)


1815 Buffet Dinner and Entertainment (Included in price)



Attendees to arrange there own overnight accommodation if required.


Sunday 13th July 2014

a.m. Visit and Service – St Bartholomew’s Church (Was Yeovilton Village church on the other side of the airfield. Now the Fleet Air Arm Church )


Lunch - (Pay for your own)                   - Wardroom or Senior Rates Mess


                                    The committee agreed that Ray should go ahead with the above proposals.


b.                  Update on visit and AGM in London . 18/19 Oct 2014


                                    Ray outlined the following programme and asked for approval to continue


Saturday 18th October 2014

p.m. Meet and Greet – Venue to be announced

p.m. Visit and tour of Houses of Parliament (Pay if attending)

p.m.  Drinks and Dinner – (Pay for your own) Tattershall Castle (Ex Humber paddle steamer now moored on the Victoria embankment)


                                    Arrange own overnight accommodation if required


                                    Sunday 19th October 2014 – All in HMS Belfast


a.m. RNPA Committee Meeting

1230 Meet and Greet – drinks – light lunch (Included in price)

1400 AGM

p.m. Tours of Ship (Included in price)

1730 Drinks and reception (Included in price)

1830 Dinner in Wardroom/Senior Rates Mess (Included in price)


Arrange own overnight accommodation if required


Ray was given approval to continue with the above arrangements


                                    c. 2015 Reunion/visits

                                    It was agreed that Ray should investigate reunions based on Bristol and Cosford for the 2015 season.


e.       2019 100th Anniversary plans/thoughts


It was agreed that providing that a true anniversary could be established an event in London , with VIPs invited, should be arranged with the first choice of venue being the Imperial War Museum .


f.        Report on Bournemouth reunion.

Ray reported that the Bournemouth weekend had been thoroughly enjoyable but that standards had lapsed since our last visit and because of low numbers the Association lost nearly one thousand pounds.



Item 10            Committee expenses


The committee reaffirmed the 2009 committee’s decision that car travel on committee business should remain at 25 per mile or the actual cost of public transport adding that stationery and postage cost should also be allowable and that any out sourced work approved by the committee should also be allowed.



Item 11            AOB



a.               Fleet Air Arm Events


Ray distributed a number of leaflets detailing forthcoming Fleet Air Arm events including the Telegraphist Air Gunners Association annual service at the Fleet Air Arm Memorial at Lee on Solent . This was in danger of ending as there were only three members left and it was agreed that, even with a change of name, the RNPA would support the proposed event with a donation of £20 per year when the current funding ends.


b.      Danny de Feu’s position.


Danny had been co-opted onto the committee because of his expertise in producing photographic exhibitions. It was proposed by Hilary, seconded by Peter and carried unanimously that the committee should recommend he be voted on to the committee at the next AGM as the Exhibitions and Display coordinator.



Danny still has the exhibition flats for a 15ftx6ft display and the photographs used at previous reunions and said he would make them available for the Yeovilton event. He could also arrange a certain amount of printing for the display. Jan said that he had high resolution scans and captions for of most of the pictures on the historical website which he could make available for printing.


c.       Newsletter


Hilary said although she had very good feedback from each edition of the newsletter there was still a lack of input from the members. Tony and Ray undertook to provide articles for the next edition.


d.      RNPA clothing.

Steve said that he had been asked about “golf style” hats. He could provide hats for just the cost of the hat with the RNPA logo embroidered on them. It was suggested that he include one in the next offer of RNPA clothing.

 The chairman closed the meeting at 1542.