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Minutes of the Royal Naval Photographers Association Committee Meeting held on 19th October 2014 on HMS Belfast


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Minutes of the Royal Naval Photographers Association Committee Meeting held on 19th October 2014 on HMS Belfast

Those present.

Anthony Darbyshire                  - Chairman

Peter Bunting                            - Vice Chairman

Maurice Larcombe                   - Historian - Acting Secretary

Valerie Darbyshire                    - Treasurer

Raymond Whitehouse   - Social Secretary

Stephen King                            - Membership Secretary

Hilary King                               - Newsletter Editor

Daniel Du Feu                          - Display and Exhibitions co-ordinator



Martin May-Clingo                   - Webmaster


Item 1.     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and duly signed by the Chairman.


Item 2. Matters arising

            There were no matters arising not covered below


Item 3.     Following a discussion on the position of the Treasurer holding joint membership it was agreed that Paragraph 5-a-4 of the constitution should be amended to read  “The partners of those eligible for full membership are also invited to join the Association although ,if accepted, will hold no voting rights. Exceptionally joint members may be granted voting rights and be eligible to serve on the committee with the agreement of the members of the committee” Valerie Darbyshire was then voted onto the committee as a full member


Item 4.   Treasurers Report.

            The Treasurer then presented a detailed report of the Associations finances noting that the balance was the lowest for some time adding that this would be corrected when subscriptions were paid on the 1st January 2015 . She also reported that she had an unexplained income of a cheque for £193 paid into the Associations account. The expenditure of £4 was authorised so she could obtain a copy of the payment into the bank.


            Valerie then noted that there were some problems paying cheques into the account as the bank account was named “Navy Photographers Association” and members naturally made out cheques to the Royal Navy Photographers Association or RNPA. It was agreed that the Bank should be asked to change the name of the account to “Royal Navy Photographers Association” and accept cheques made out to “RNPA”


            She also noted that the two alternate signatories named on the account were out of date and asked for approval to ask the Bank to remove the names of Stuart Antrobus and Richard Moss as alternate signatories and add Stephen King as the new alternate signatory. It was also agreed that Hilary King would act as the examiner of the accounts and that the examination should take place shortly before the annual AGM.


Item 5  Website progress

            The Chairman read out the webmasters report and noted that Martin had been unable to devote as much time as he had wished to developing the Website. Martin also wrote that he would be content to continue in the role but that he would not object if someone could take over and devote more time to the site.

            The Chairman then said that his daughter Kirsty was a professional website designer and had agreed to design a new site for the Association. It was agreed that the content of the website should be investigated by a sub committee consisting of Kirsty, Anthony Darbyshire, Maurice Larcombe with Stephen and Hilary King. The sub committee to report on the content required within one month. It was also agreed that the Association should have its own domain which would cost about £80 a year. Kirsty’s remuneration was discussed and it was agreed that a present of some sort would probably be more appropriate.


Item 6.   Membership Secretaries Report.  

The Membership Secretary reported that membership had increased fro 77 to 94 over the past year with 32 of those being joint membership. He also said that he was getting a very few replied to his emails and letters and that there was very little he could do about it.


Item 7.   Detailed membership Forms update

Stephen said that it was the same problem with the forms in that he had only 12 forms returned despite several email and newsletter trawls.


Item 8.   Social Secretaries Report.

The Social Secretary reported on a very successful event at the Fleet Air Arm Museum and it was agreed that the combination of a one day event plus a weekend event encompassing the AGM should be repeated next year. Weekend venues at Cosford, Chatham and Malta were discussed and it was agreed to ask the members at the AGM for their opinions.


Item 9.   Newsletter Editors report

Hilary said that she was aiming to produce newsletters on 31st October and just before Christmas and made the usual plea for material. A change of format to a newspaper type format was discussed but Hilary said that this had been tried before but was not liked by members.


Item 10. Cost of event s to non members.

Following a discussion it was agreed that it would be a good idea to try and encourage membership by

making attendance at events cheaper for non members to join the Association and attend rather than giving discounts to members.


Item 11. Regional get togethers.

            The Chairman asked if this was feasible but in the light of the experiment with regional representatives some time ago it was agreed that this should not be progressed.


Item 12.  Digitalising historical records

The Historian said that while he had no intention of destroying important original documents he ask for approval to keep just digital copies of  photographs and less important documentation. There followed a discussion on the merits of sending material to the Imperial War Museum and the Historian agreed to make contact with the photographic curator to see what could be achieved.


Item 13. Photographic Equipment at and from Stafford

            Raymond Whitehouse has asked several questions regarding the equipment which had been on display at the FAAM event. The Historian reported that there had been no progress in releasing the accessioned equipment stored at Stafford but that the FAAM were still trying to find out what equipment was held there without much success. Most of the equipment had been from private sources and that obtained from Stafford had been on the disposal list. It was agreed that the equipment current stored at the Historians house should be transferred to Raymond at the first opportunity.


Item 14   AOB

The committee agreed that the appointment of Ian Gutterridge as Secretary had not been successful and that he should be asked to stand down as per paragraph 9f of the constitution. A trawl for a new secretary should take place at the AGM in the afternoon and Maurice Larcombe agreed to act as acting Secretary until a new full time secretary can be appointed.


The committee agreed to circulate get well cards for Peter Thorne and Anne Porter for people to sign at the dinner in the evening.


Hilary introduced an Association mug which could be printed with the Association Logo and additional transfers and said she would show it at the AGM


There being no further business the Chairman closed the Meeting at 1218.