Item Description. RNPA Constitution

Remarks/People Involved. Revised October 2014  

(amendment to Para 5.a.4)

Ship/Place/Originator. RNPA Committee

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Date/ Date Range. 19-10-2014

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Royal Navy Photographers Association

Rules and Constitution as of 19th October 2014

Rules & Constitution


When an Association is formed, certain very basic rules are laid down to protect the interests of the Association and its members, as time passes it will become apparent that the scope of the rules will require updating to accommodate other aspects of the Association as it progresses. It will be the intention of the committee to avoid complex documents and to keep things simple using common sense. 

It is recognized that further amendments will probably become necessary in time and these will be dealt with as and when the need arises.

The rules and constitution, created by the committee are laid down below and any changes or amendments shall be made by that committee. 



1. Name


a. Royal Navy Photographers Association



2. Contact


a. Via the Secretary. Currently Jan Larcombe, or 0196323426


3. Objectives


a. To promote the Association and the RN Photographic Branch, and to encourage joint social events.

b. To provide a social calendar to enable members to meet on a regular basis; Reunions, AGM’s etc.

c.  To provide a central point of contact through the secretary for members.

d. To maintain a close liaison with the parent branch, and the service in general.

e. To provide an accurate history of the branch for factual reference.


4. The Constitution


a. The association shall have a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary,  Newsletter Editor, Historian and Serving Member who will be the committee.

b. In addition, other Officers may be created as and when the committee decides it to be necessary.


5. Eligibility For Membership


a. Membership of the Association is open to:

1.      All serving members of the Photographic Branch of the Royal Navy.

2.      Anyone who has previously served in the RN Photographic Branch.

3.      Any commissioned Officer who is or was a specialist Photographic Officer.

4.      The partners of those eligible for full membership are also invited to join the Association, although if accepted will hold no voting rights. . Exceptionally joint members may be granted voting rights and be eligible to serve on the committee with the agreement of the members of the committee


b. Honorary membership shall only be granted under exceptional rare circumstances, following discussion at an Annual General Meeting.


c. Proof of service may be required by the Association, either by Service Documentation or by referee.


6. Subscriptions

a.       Subscriptions shall be payable annually on 1st January, preferably by Standing Order. Members joining after that date should pay by cheque and then arrange a standing order for the next financial year.


b. Membership is offered free of charge to the registered disabled.

c. Annual subscriptions shall be subject to change and any change shall be made by resolution at an Annual General Meeting.


d. If an eligible member and their spouse wish to join the Association together, joint membership is reduced providing the standing order method is used.


7. Membership


a. Members are expected to support the aims of the association, promote it in a positive manner, encourage membership, support and promote our parent branch encouraging younger serving members to join the Association.


b. Members should advise the secretary of any change of address as soon as possible.


c. No member may negotiate any business, financial or otherwise, in the name of the Royal Navy Photographers Association without approval of the Committee.


d. Any complaints about any aspect of the Association should be made in writing addressed to the secretary, who shall inform the committee at the earliest opportunity. The decision of the committee is final.


8. Officers Duties


a. The Chairman. The Chairman shall take the chair at and preside over all Association meetings and all                      business shall be conducted through him. He shall have the casting vote in the event of a leveled vote.


b.   The Vice-Chairman. The Vice-Chairman shall assume the responsibility of the Chairman in his absence. At meetings where the Chairman is attending the Vice-Chairman shall form part of the committee.


c.    The Secretary. The Secretary shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Associations business in its many forms. He shall liaise with and seek advice from other Officers as necessary. The Secretary will deal with all correspondence on behalf of the Association.


d.  The Treasurer. The Treasurer will collect all monies on behalf of the Association and deposit them in the Associations accounts. He is responsible for all the financial aspects of the Association and will be co-signatory to the Associations accounts. The second signatory will be a member of the committee who shall be appointed by the full committee.


     9. The Committee


a. The Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary Newsletter Editor, Historian and Serving Member and up to four other committee members elected from the Association membership.


b. Committee Meetings

Committee meetings shall be held as and when required, at a time and place agreed by the committee. Such meetings shall be open meetings and any member wishing to attend shall be free to do son.



c.  A quorum of four committee members shall be required to make the transactions of the committee valid, but all committee members are expected to attend meetings whenever possible to represent the membership of the Association.


d. Election of Officers


Officers shall be elected by open nomination at the Annual General Meeting.


e. The position of each Officer shall be considered at each Annual General Meeting and serving Officers should remain in office for a minimum of 3 years or until they wish to stand down.


f. If an Officer is considered by the majority of the remaining committee to be lacking or not fully contributing to the good of the Association without reasonable cause, he will be asked to stand down.


g. When there is a requirement to fill a vacant office, or when the committee creates a new office, it will be announced in the next edition of the newsletter, and volunteers invited. Potential candidates shall advise the secretary in writing of their intention to stand for election no less than two weeks prior to the meeting, and will be expected to attend the next AGM where a nomination process will be conducted.


10. Annual General Meetings


a. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in Sept/Oct/Nov of each year, the actual date and venue, will be decided upon by the committee and the membership informed no less than 28 days prior to the meeting. At least 21 days notice is required for items for the Agenda to enable the committee to discuss proposals prior to the AGM.


b. Any member wishing to make a proposal at an AGM shall be required to attend the meeting in person.



11. Extra Ordinary Meetings


a. Should the need arise; an extra-ordinary general meeting may be called. If so the membership shall be informed at least 28 days prior to the date of the proposed meeting whenever possible, other than an emergency situation when as much notice as possible will be given.


12. Local Branches


a. The committee shall first approve any local branches of the Association that may be created throughout the country.


b. Such branches shall be purely for social purposes and a recognized representative of the branch shall be responsible to the national committee, through the national secretary, in the interests of national unity.


c. Local branches opening a bank account shall not use the name – Royal Navy (or Naval) Photographers Association – for the account name.


13. Disclaimer of Liability


a. The Naval Photographers Association shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to or by any of its members or guests; neither shall it be liable for the conduct or behavior of any individual attending any function organized by the Association.