Item Description. Minutes

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Of the Royal Naval Photographers Association Annual General Meeting held on

  19th October 2014 on HMS Belfast

Ship/Place/Originator. RNPA Secretary

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Date/ Date Range. 19-10-2014

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Date Added to archive. 8-11-2014

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Minutes of the Royal Naval Photographers Association Annual General Meeting held on

  19th October 2014 on HMS Belfast



Tony Darbyshire           - Chairman

Pete Bunting                 - Vice Chairman

Jan Larcombe               - Historian - Acting as Secretary

Ray Whitehouse           - Social Secretary

Steve King                   - Membership Secretary

Hilary   King                 - Newsletter Editor

Danny du Feu               - Display and Exhibitions co-ordinator



Mike Gilbert, Bill Simpson, Dave & Olga Price John & Andrea Flack, Bill Porter, Ray Pogson Mike & Jean Keeling, Vince Richards, Bob Stanyard, Paul Wellings, Stuart Woods, Roy & Elizabeth Penny, Pam Whitehouse, George & Rita Mewton, Geoff Holland, Catherine Kelly, Paul Hopley



Item 1.      The Chairman welcomed all and thanked them for attending the meeting apologising for his voice which he was rapidly loosing and saying that he might have to hand over to Pete as Vice Chairman.


Item 2.      Roll of Honour

Tony then went on to list those who had crossed the bar since the last AGM and asked all to stand for a moments silence in remembrance of: John Grant, Ray White, Jon Branson, John Coombs and Sandy Sanders


Item 3.      Apologises

Martin May-Clingo, Brian & Jean Cartwright, Ray & Ann Pugh, Dave Morris, Jonathon Robins, Peter Pinnock, Russ Whalley, Brian Lowe


Item 4.     Approval of Minutes of the 2013 AGM

Approval of the Minutes of the minutes of the 2013 AGM was proposed by Mike Gilbert and carried unanimously,


Tony then lost his voice completely and handed over to Pete.


Item 4a.    An additional item was added as the appointment of Ian Gutteridge at the last AGM had not been a success in that he had not made contact with anyone or done any of the duties as secretary since he was appointed. The Chairman would therefore ask him to stand down and Pete asked for volunteers for the post. There were no volunteers so Jan agreed to continue as Acting Secretary until the post could be filled on a permanent basis.


Item 5.     Matters arising

There were no matters arising from the last minutes


Item 6.    Chairmans Report.

Tony managed to recover his voice enough to thank the committee for there efforts and said that he was most impressed with the organisation that went into the events during the year.


Item 7.    Secretaries Report.

              Jan reported that with the advent of digital communications the secretary’s job had become much easier. He had not had to deal with any snail mail and had sent just one bunch of flowers a bereaved lady and even that on the net.


Item 8.   Treasurers Report.

              Val presented an income and expenditure sheet for the accounting year and expanded on the detail it contained. She reported that the balance at the end was a credit of £5011.51. Pete thanked Val for taking on the treasurers job at short notice and producing a clear and understandable report. He went on to explain that the committee had made a minor amendment to the constitution which enabled Val and any other joint member to become a full member of the committee and vote on all matters.


Item 9.   Membership Secretaries Report. 

              Steve said that membership had increased by six during the past year and that we were now just over 100 strong. He explained that communication was a major problem in that people did not inform him of change of postal or email addresses consequently he was unable to make contact with around sixty  people. He asked Val to explain the options for paying subs and she said that in addition to standing orders and cheques it was also possible to pay by BACS transfer.


Item 10.  Social Secretaries Report.

              Ray reported on the highly successful FAAM visit which had attracted 70 people and that 45 were attending the current Belfast reunion. He added that he would like to attract a somewhat younger element to the events. He said that the committee had agreed to continue the two events a year programme in future, one autumn weekend event including the AGM and another one day event earlier in the year.

              He explained that the committee had three suggestions for next year namely centred on Cosford, Chatham or Malta . He asked for a show of hands to get an indication of preferences and the result was a clear majority for Chatham . He went on to explain that certain of the expenses for the AGM weekends were borne by the Association with individuals contributing to expenses incurred by them.

              Following a question from the floor Ray said that he would like to make Scotland , possible including the new carriers and or Lossiemouth, a venue for the 2019 reunion which would be the 100 anniversary of the formation of the Phot branch.        


Item 11.   Newsletter Editors report

              Hilary said that she had enough material for the next issue which she was aiming to produce at the end of October and that she would be producing a Christmas issue. She made the usual plea for articles and photographs.


Item 12   Website progress report

Jan read out part of Martins report and his comments regarding his lack of time to undertake the task. Martin was happy to carry on but would also not object if someone else could do it. Jan said that Tony’s daughter Kirsty, who was a professional website designer, had offered to design a site for the association and after asking for ideas for the site it was agreed to form a sub committee to decide what was needed on the new website. It was decided that Kirsty, Tony, Jan Steve and Hilary would form the sub committee and that they should produce answers within one month and that the aim should be an active site by the end of this year. It was also agreed that, rather than piggy backing on someone else’s domain, the Association should have its own domain that would cost about £80 a year to run.

Pete then asked for any ideas as to the content of the site and accessibility was agreed as the most important thing.

Vince Richards raised the question of sponsorship for the site with links to the likes of Nikon and Woods rum. Pete asked him if he would pursue the idea and he agreed to investigate further with the help of Bob Stanyard.


Item 13.   Report on Clothing sales. 

              Steve said that he did not hold a stock of clothing but that it was easy to order clothing as Whitakers already had our logo on file and all orders were just for the price of the article. He listed what was available and said he was open for orders. He introduced a RNPA mug as a new line adding that in addition to our logo anything could be added as decoration. The cost would be about £8 per mug.


Item 14    AOB


Item 14a. Position of Danny on the committee

Pete said that Danny ought to formally be elected to the committee and ask for a proposal. Paul Wellings proposed and Vince Richards seconded that Danny be elected as Display and Exhibitions co-ordinator, Carried unanimously.


Item 14b

                 Ray explained that three members could not attend because of illness, Ann Porter and Pete and Angela Thorne. Hilary had made cards for both and Ray would be passing then round at the dinner for everyone to sign.


Item 14c. Pete then raised the question of the secretary’s post again but following discussions there were no volunteers. He closed the meeting at 1439 adding that Up-spirits and a group photograph on the Focsle would follow.