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RNPA Committee Meeing held on 28th April 2015


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Date/ Date range.  28-4-2015 

Submitted by. Acting Secretary

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Date added to archive. 5-6-2105

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Minutes of the Royal Naval Photographers Association Committee Meeting held on 28th April 2015 at FRPU(E) HMS Excellent.


Those present.

Anthony Darbyshire               - Chairman


Maurice Larcombe                  - Historian - Acting Secretary

Valerie Darbyshire                   - Treasurer

Raymond Whitehouse            - Social Secretary

Stephen King                          - Membership Secretary

Hilary King                             - Newsletter Editor




Peter Bunting                          - Vice Chairman

Daniel Du Feu                         - Display and Exhibitions co-ordinator

Rob Harding                           - Serving Representative        


Item 1.     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and duly signed by the Chairman.


Item 2.     Matters arising


Secretary’s position.


Steve said that he had had a tentative offer for the position and Jan added that he was happy to take on the post on a permanent basis. The committee agreed that this was a matter for the AGM and that the Chairman should propose Jan on behalf of the committee. Jan undertook to try and get the previous signed minutes, currently held by Ian Gutteridge, returned


Item 3.  Chairman’s report


Tony said that he had a very short report and that he had been concentrating on the development of the new website he added that he had received many favourable comments on the Belfast reunion.


Item 4.  Secretaries report.


Jan reported that his main tasks as secretary had been regarding those who had crossed the bar. Cecilia Phibrick (nee Marsh), Clem Oliver, Ron Graham, and John Edwards. He added that John Edwards became a pilot after leaving the phot branch and had had a distinguished career in the Fleet Air Arm.


Item 5 Treasurers report


Val produced a detailed report from 1st May 2104 to 25th April 2015 which shown that the account balance has reduced by £1399.48 over the period. This was explained by a loss on the Bournemouth reunion, due to lack of support, and the members’ subsidy for the FAAM families event.


It was agreed that future reports at the AGM should show the full accounting year to 30th June and that the spring/summer committee meeting report should be from 1st July to the date of the meeting. It was also agreed that any material assets held by the Association should be taken on charge with a zero value and that this should be reflected in the accounts.

Val explained that the bank required signed minutes before the account update she had initiated could be finalised and Jan agreed to send her the minutes.



Item 6.   Membership Secretary’s report


Steve reported that he had had several recent applications to join the Association and that membership now stood at 145 of which 39 were joint members. All this years cards ahd been sent out.


Item 7.  Newsletter Editors report


Hilary said that the article written by Benn Cartwright in the recent newsletter had been well received and had promoted several offers to write similar articles. New content was discussed and she asked the committee to submit “favourite” pictures they had taken with some detail of how they had been taken in the hope that this would encourage members to do the same.


Item 8.  Social Secretary’s report


Ray reported that he had also had very good feedback from the Belfast reunion and produced an outline programme for the Chatham reunion on the 9th – 11th October 2015. Timing were to be finalised and visits to the rope house, film locations and the submarine firmed up but members will be able to visit other attraction in the area such as the old HMS Pembroke building which was now a university.


Ray agreed to investigate the idea of a Barn Dance and buffet/ BBQ on the Friday evening and suggested (say three) after dinner speakers from the membership who could give short anecdotes on their experiences either before during or after their service.


The cost differential for non-members was discussed and it was agreed that it should be made cheaper for them to join the association than to pay the differential.


Jan then left the meeting to attend a meeting with the Whale Island museum curator.


The selection of “volunteer” speakers was discussed and Ray agreed to pursue the idea rather than employ a professional after dinner speaker.


It was also agreed that the Saturday dinner should be formal and that the minimum dress code should be Jacket and tie.


Ray based his cost analysis on a number of 50 people attending and had pre-booked 40 rooms with a commitment to pay for 20 rooms so early booking was essential to avoid paying cancellation charges to the hotel.


Subject to finalisation of entertainment and visits it was agreed that the likely cost would be £180 for members and non-members £200 for the whole event and Ray said he would produce cost for various combinations of days and room supplements.


Hilary agreed to produce a flyer for the event.


The 2019 100th anniversary celebration on the formation of the RN photographic branch was discussed with events based on an aircraft carrier or the Imperial War Museum.  It was decided that the IWM would be more suitable and that Ray should investigate the possibilities and the invitation of some very important persons.


It was decided not to hold a summer event in 2015.


Item 9.  Website progress


Jan returned to the meeting and Tony then gave a live demonstration of the new website by connecting to the internet and explained how the site had developed. He asked for comments and additions and it was decided that the sign in block should be placed at the top of the page and that it should be a global sign in. He explained the links to external sites and said that photographic input would be via a link. A members only section would not be available to non -members and this would allow members to as much or as little personal information as they wished for viewing by members only. Hilary, as an ex-police women, caution about providing birth dates or places as part of the information. Tony said that he would act as website moderator initially but that he would need others to help out for holidays etc. He re-assured the committee that the there was no chance of others hacking into the site said he hoped to have the site active by the end of May.



Item 10.  Clothing sales


Steve said that clothing sales were progressing and that as he only purchased stock on a pre-payment basis he held virtually no stock. It was agreed that he should continue to purchase and receive money via his own account but that his activity should be reported as part of the treasurer’s report.


Item 11.  Historians report


Jan reported that the digitalisation of his non-photographer pictures was not yet underway. He had been to the National Archives and had photographs of just under 3000 pages on file at present and had started writing a history of photography in the RN from these records.


Item 12.  Centenary celebrations at RAF Cosford.


Jan explained that the Cosford event was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the starting of photographic training at Farnborough and would comprise of DSOP open days on 22nd and 23rd August 2015 followed by a formal dinner in the RAF Museum at Cosford which would cost £60.


Item 13.   Other Business


Membership cards


Steve raised the question of membership cards and were they necessary?  It was agreed that as they could include a user’s name for the website they would be useful in future


There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 1505.