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RNPA Committee meeting held at the Ridgewood Manor Hotel on Friday 9th October 2015 at 1430
Ship/Place/Originator. Secretary

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Date/ Date range.  9-10-2015

Now Held By. Secretary

Date added to archive. 26-10-2015

Historians No. Hist1266


Those present.

Tony Darbyshire                    - Chairman

Peter Bunting                         - Vice Chairman

Maurice Larcombe                 - Acting Secretary - Historian 

Valerie Darbyshire                  - Treasurer

Raymond Whitehouse             - Social Secretary

Stephen King                          - Membership Secretary

Hilary King                             - Newsletter Editor




Daniel Du Feu                          - Display and Exhibitions coordinator

Rob Harding                            - Serving Representative 




Item 1. The minutes of the last meeting held on 28th  April 2015 were approved and signed by Tony


Item 2 . There were no matters arising not covered in the agenda


Item 3. Election of Officials for AGM

            Jan explained that there was no time limit for members serving on the committee so it was only the secretary's position that needed consideration. He said that if there were no    volunteers at the AGM he would undertake the secretary's post on a permanent basis


Item 4. Chairman's report.

            Tony thanked the committee members for there hard work and said that, as webmaster, he had not done a lot of work he had not done a lot of work on the website but that it had already brought in three new members



Item 6. Secretary's report.

            Jan reported that he had attended the centenary celebrations at DSOP and that he thought that they had put on a very good show. He was told that all the Naval equipment held at RAF Stafford, while still RAF Museum property was now on loan to the school. Ray asked if it would be possible to borrow the Navall equipment should we wish to mount an exhibition and Jan undertook to investigate using the offer of  items held by the association as a leaver. Jan added that some twenty Navy people had attended the dinner which was held in a hanger at the RAF museum at Cosford


            Jan said that he had made contact with the other Naval Airman branch associations with the aim of arranging concessions with RN museums etc. He added the he had recently discovered that there was a veterans concessions at all the which amounted to a 10 one day ticket for all the Portsmouth area museums on production of an RNPA membership card. It was agreed that this should be included in the next newsletter and that Steve would issue  membership cards to all joint members.


            Jan said that he had had no success in getting the signed minutes back but that he had recovered all the AGM and committee minutes back to November 2009 from the historical website.



Item 7. Treasurers report

            Val produced a comprehensive report on the finances of the association with income and expenditure for the year to 30th June 2015. It was agreed that although more complicated all cheques for social events should be made out to   the RNPA and Ray undertook to make this clear in future mailings. She also produced a list of equipment held by the association which as agreed at the last meeting is held at zero value.


Item 8. Membership Secretary's report

            Steve reported that membership had increased slightly and that as at 23rd September 2015 we had 143 member of which 39 were joint members


Item 9. Newsletter editors report

            Hilary said that she would be producing the next newsletter at the end of the month and another one just before Christmas. She added that she had enough material for two editions but, as always, was looking for more. It was agreed that all attachments (documents and spreadsheets) should be distributed in doc and xls format so that everyone could open them easily.



Item 10. Social Secretary's report

            Ray opened by saying that he hoped the weekend would be successful but that because of the low numbers it would be a drain on the associations funds. He had had to guarantee 20 rooms but only 17 were occupied due to late and unavoidable cancellations. It was agreed that refunds should be made.


            There followed a discussion as to why the numbers attending were decreasing and expense, location and members ages were thought to be the main reasons. Alternative, commercially organized and joint events with the other Naval   Airman  branches were considered and Ray was asked to investigate cheaper alternatives. The committee agreed with Peters suggestion that this should be put to the AGM and also agreed that there should be a survey sent out to all our photographic contacts to try and find out why so few people attend events. Jan agreed to do this after consultation with the committee on the questions required.


            After long discussions it was agreed that we should work to toward the following areas for reunions and events.


            2016 Portsmouth or Bristol

            2017 Cosford

            2018 Plymouth

            2019 HMS Excellent and IWM (100th anniversary of the branch)


            It was agreed that we should work toward producing a book on 100 years of Naval photography in cooperation with the IWM.


            It was agreed that Catherine Kelly should be asked to elaborate at the AGM on her question about photographic input to the WRNS 100th anniversary in 1917




Item 11. Website progress.


            Tony explained the original aims of the website, said that he had not had time to progress it recently and asked for input from all members to fill the various sections. He would now have time to progress the site with help from others and would be able to assist others to access the site.


            Tony said that Paul Cowpe, the original webmaster, had offered to help with the website.


Item 12. Clothing Sales.


            Steve reported that he had had no sales recently but that it was easy to quickly obtain any of the items when ordered.


|Item 13. AOB


It was agreed that up spirits should be moved from the AGM to the end of the dinner on Saturday and be used for the loyal toast.





Tony closed the meeting at 1653