Minutes of the RNPA Committee meeting be held at FRPU(E)

 on 23rd March 2016 at 1330


Those present.

Tony Darbyshire                     - Chairman

Peter Bunting                          - Vice Chairman

Jan Larcombe                         - Secretary - Historian 

Valerie Darbyshire                  - Treasurer

Raymond Whitehouse                        - Social Secretary

Stephen King                          - Membership Secretary

Hilary King                             - Newsletter Editor

Danny du Feu                         - Exhibitions

WO  Dua (Scooby)                 - For Item 3



Item 1. Approval of minutes of last meeting


Steve proposed and Peter seconded that the minute be approved and Tony duly signed.


Item 2 . Matters arising


Jan reported on the following


a.       Contact with other NA branches regarding combined reunions

The Handlers had some 310 at their last reunion so were not interested in a combined reunion at this stage but both the SEs and  METs did express an interest. After some discussion it was agreed that Jan should make contact with the SEs and METs to see if it as a practical proposition.


b.      Loan of equipment etc. from DSOP

Because the equipment held by DSOP actually belongs to the RAF Museum the chances of it being loaned to a non-museum organization were virtually nil.

A loan to the IWM for the 2019 was a possibility


c.       Concessions at RN Museums

He had confirmed the £10 concession during a visit to the Portsmouth dockyard


d.      Signed minutes

The signed minutes have been given up as lost but he had unsigned copies of all the most recent ones


e.       100 years of Naval photography book

Hilary Roberts of the IWM had advised that trying to get a book published was very difficult and expensive and that a web page was a better option. Work on the article for the web page was progressing and it would be posted up at intervals for the committees information. Hilary said that she knew a manufacturer of photobooks and undertook to investigate the possibility of our producing a book of words and pictures for the 2019 celebrations


f.       WRNS 100th anniversary in 2017

A DVD containing all the information held on WRN photographer had been sent to the organizers of the event but nothing had been heard back.


Item 3. Celebrations in 2019 on 100th anniversary of the formation of the branch.

            (Discussed out of turn but included as item 3 with Scooby in attendance)


            It was explained that the association had met with the IWM and agreed that the aim should be to hold two events, One in London centered on the IWM, embracing the Peregrine Trophy presentation if possible, and the other in HMS Excellent


            Scooby explained that he held an annual symposium in Excellent for the serving photographers and that most of the business took place in the forenoon. The afternoon includes talks and displays by the photographic manufactures and it was thought that the association could be included in this and in the following formal “Anniversary” dinner. Scooby anticipated inviting ex photographic and news team officers for the event and said that it was possible to change the date and day.

Uniformed photographers to lead with input and assistance from the RNPA


            Scooby went on to say that, for the foreseeable future, the Peregrine Trophy presentation would be held on a major warship in the Thames with very little notice of dates given. He added that anything except the actual mounting and dismantling of the exhibitor was no longer the province of the photographic branch and was considered so important that it was not unheard of for the First Sea Lord to get involved.

Totally RN organized with a limited number of RNPA members attending


It was recognized that the late notice of the date and the need of the IWM to plan for an event would cause problems but Scooby said that the Peregrine Exhibition boards could be transferred to the IWM at short notice or moved there later. It was hoped that the IWM would be able to produce a time line for RN photography and suitable displays of photographs and equipment.

IWM lead with input, assistance and attendance of Uniformed Photographers and the RNPA


History of RN Photography webpage

RNPA Lead with IWM and uniformed photographers input


Note. IWM intend to produce an RN photography timeline

IWM Lead with RNPA and uniformed photographers input



Ray suggested that a meeting between Captain Stidston  and all interested parties should take place and Scooby said that this should be possible adding that the RNs new method of working “ a campaign” should take care of all the publicity required linking everything RN photographic to the 100 years of Naval photography from the start of 2019. He undertook to check that “a campaign” would fit with the aims of the  parties involved.


Ray suggested that we should be looking for a patron for the event, possibly a Royal. Scooby was doubtful about the Royal.




It was agreed that it would be sensible to have the London events first followed later in the year by the 100th anniversary celebrations in Excellent.


Jan undertook to send Scooby a copy of the meeting with him before publishing the minutes


Item 4.  Chairman's report

 Tony thanked the members for their work and said that he was happy to carry on as Chairman


Item 5. Secretary's report.

            Jan reported that the secretary’s job had been made so much easier with the use of electronic mail. He had received and sent no letters in the past six months. There followed a discussion on likely new members but he was unaware of the emails dealing with them as he had not had access to the internet for the past week.


Item 6. Treasurers report

Val produced the accounts for April 2015 to March 2016 which showed a £604 increase in the balance over the period. She explained that she had  had to do some unorthodox accounting partly due to member not paying monies directly into the Associations account. It was agreed that greater efforts should be made to get members to pay into the associations account. Hilary undertook to emphasize the point in the next newsletter.

 The committee agreed that the loss made on the Chatham reunion was justified in that refunds had been made by the Association for entirely unforeseen members circumstances.

Ray proposed and Steve seconded that the accounts be accepted, Agreed


            Research expenses

            Jan pointed out that the research expenses were likely to increase as 2019 approached as visits to archives would be more frequent and we would probably have to pay expenses to members helping with research


Item 7. Membership Secretary's report

Steve reported that he had sent out 140 membership cards which now included partners of members and that he was currently talking to three prospective new members and that membership was slowly increasing. Ray said that it might be worth taking a lead from the Illustrious association who had increased membership markedly by using online forms and social media feeds to spread the word.


Item 8. Newsletter editor’s report

 Hilary reported that she had her usual problem with a lack of items for the newsletter and that the next one would be a bit thin. Several suggestions were put forward and it was agreed that the launch of the 2016 reunion details would help fill it out a bit.


Item 9. Social Secretary's report


Lessons learn from reunion surveys

a.       It was agreed the numbers replying to the surveys was somewhat disappointing but that the results showed that we were broadly on the right track with our current arrangements for reunions. They did however show that there was a definite preference for event in the south of England. Additionally there was good response to the 2019 celebrations in London and Excellent.


Ray went on to outline the arrangements for the 2016 reunion in Portsmouth which would not include hotel bookings and that each event would sand alone to cater for the members living locally.


The provisional arrangements include a visit to the SFPU(E) on the Friday afternoon with presentations on the past and present photographic tasks together with possible video films. SFPU(E) had pointed out that there was likely to be very few photographers in the unit and that the association would probably have to provide most of the effort on the presentations.


Following the SFPU visit the would be a low key function in the WOs and Senior Rates mess including a buffet dinner with wine and a bar. Danny said that it would be better if his exhibition was put up in the mess rather that at the photographic unit and this was agreed by the committee. Ray asked Danny and Peter to arrange some sort of entertainment for the evening. Cost without the entertainment would be approximately £30.


Saturday the morning would be centered on the newly refurbished Mary Rose museum in the dockyard followed by the committee meeting and the AGM at the Maritime Club. The formal dinner would also take place at the Maritime Club and include tot time and entertainment.


It was agreed  that the Sunday should only include an informal lunch.


Ray undertook to publish the full program and costs in the next newsletter due out shortly.



Item 10. Website

            Tony explained that he had been working on another website and consequently had little time to concentrate on the associations site. He asked that all members should be encouraged to produce articles on ships schools and individual histories. Hilary agreed to include this plea in the next newsletter.


               Jan said he thought that a copy of the historical site should be included within the associations web site and that any changes in the website should cause automatic emails to members. Tony agreed to investigate.



Item 11. Clothing sales

            Steve reiterated that he only bought items when they were ordered and it was agreed that as items were paid for on order and no profit or losses were made Steve should continue to operative as before by paying for items himself and receiving payment for them.


Item 12.  The Fleet Air Arm Memorial in need of restoration

 Ray had received an email from the Chairman of the Fly Navy Federation saying that the Fleet Air Arm Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum was in need of expansion, adding 41 more plaques to the 34 already in place. It was agreed that a donation of £100 would be appropriate and Val made out the cheque and passed it on to Ray for onward transmission. Hillary said would include the details in the newsletter.


Item 13. The Peregrine Trophy 2016

            Ray said that the Peregrine Trophy presentations would be held on a Major warship anchored in the Thames on 7th June 2016. Ray had been given some tickets but it emerged that numbers were uncertain and needed to be confirmed with Scooby.

Post meeting note. Scooby will investigate.


Item 14. RNPA attendance and March Past at the Cenotaph

            Dany had expressed an interest in organizing an RNPA presence in the marchpast at the Cenotaph on remembrance Sunday and Ray advised that this had to be done through the Fly Navy Federation and that the contact was one Allan Purdy. Hilary undertook to include a trawl in the newsletter.



There being no further business Tony close the meeting at 1627.