Item Description. Minutes of RNPA committee  meeting

Remarks/People Involved. Held at the Maritime Hotel Portsmouth

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Date/ Date Range.   30 Sept 2016

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Minutes of the RNPA Committee meeting held at The Maritime Hotel Portsmouth on Friday 30th September 2016


Those present.

Tony Darbyshire                     - Chairman

Peter Bunting                          - Vice Chairman

Jan Larcombe                         - Secretary - Historian 

Valerie Darbyshire                  - Treasurer

Raymond Whitehouse              - Social Secretary

Stephen King                          - Membership Secretary

Hilary King                             - Newsletter Editor

Danny du Feu                         - Exhibitions



Item 1. Approval of minutes of last meeting


Steve Proposed and Ray seconded that the minutes be accepted and as there were no dissenters Tony duly signed them


Item 2. Matters arising are covered below


Item 3 Officials


All committee members said that they were prepared to serve for another year.


Items 4. Chairman Report


Tony noted that there were new members who had joined during the year and that attendance was good at this years reunion. He thanks the committee for their work during the year and went through the list of those who had crossed the bar over the last twelve months.


Item 5 Secretary’s report.


Jan reported that, as usual, the secretarial task was made relatively easy by the use of email, but that he had sent a get well card to Rita Mewton and a bouquet to Janice Pinnock on the death of her husband Peter.


He had sent out emailed reports on his other activities but briefly reminded the committee on


  1. Meeting and emails re Joint reunions.


He had heard from the SEs that they were in favour of joint reunions and was waiting to hear from the METs and that it had been agreed that, if all member approved, the SEs would organize the 2020 event, Phots the 2021 and the Mets in 2022.



  1. WRNS 100the anniversary in 2017.

A DVD of everything he held on WRN photographers had been sent to the organizing team but he had not heard back so did not know what would be included.


  1. Reunion Surveys.

Surveys had been conducted of the Chatham reunion and a more general one on future

Reunions. These had shown that we had the right format and that the membership preferred the southern part of England for the reunions


  1. 100 years of Naval photography book.


Not considered a commercially viable proposition without expensive input from the association but he would continue with the web page version.


  1. 100th Anniversary in 2019.


To be centred around a uniformed led enhanced symposium in January, an anniversary ball at HMS Excellent in June/July and, subject to approval by the events committee, an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum hopefully in September.


Post meeting note


Jan failed to report that there would be twelve members marching in the Royal British Legion Cenotaph march past on Remembrance Sunday and that Danny would be leading the RNPA contingent.


Item 6. Social Secretary's report


Ray said that there were just under 60 members attending the current reunion at some stage during the weekend and that 52 would be attending the Gala Dinner.


He had booked an Hotel near the Ironbridge museum for the 2017 reunion and it was agreed that the weekend would include visits to the Ironbridge museum, the RAF museum and DSOP at Cosford with an informal evening at the Newport RNA of which Peter is the Chairman. Last years suggestion of holding the dinner at the RAF museum was rejected on the grounds of cost and it was agreed that it should be held in the Hotel. As David Austin Roses are based nearby it was suggested that it might be a good alternative visit for those not interested in the aircraft museum.


It was agreed that, as previously arranged, the 2018 reunion should be in the Plymouth area.


Joint reunions were discussed and it was agreed that the committee would recommend them to the AGM. Jan said that the SEs held their reunions at the same hotel near Bristol and that he would find out if they intended this to be for the ones they organized or every joint reunion.



Item 7. Treasures Report.


Val produced printed accounts for the financial year ending on 30th June 2016 and also for a years activity up to Sept 2016. Hilary had scrutinized the accounts and reported that they were correct. Val explained bank error of 10 pence and said that everyone paying into the RNPA accounts had simplified her task and was now working well.


The committee then approved the accounts.



Item 8. Membership Secretary’s Report.


Steve reported that there had been eight new members since the last AGM and that all but one had paid their subs.


Item 9. Newsletter editors report.


Hilary said that she would be producing a newsletter by the end of October and made her usual plea for articles and pictures in high resolution.


Item 10. Website progress


            Tony explained that he had been working on a website for the U3A and had not had time to devote a great deal of time to our site. He had offers of help from Mike Beards and Paul Cowpe. He then reiterated his need for articles on the history of ships and establishments


               Jan repeated he that thought that a copy of the historical site should be included within the association’s web site and that any changes in the website should cause automatic emails to everyone on our email list.



Item 11. Disposal of display boards


Danny said that he had no future professional use for the display boards he used for the RNPA and before offering them for general sale would accept £300 from the association. After some discussion Danny agreed that he would continue to store the display and would be able to update it as required and the committee agreed to buy the display for £300 to be held at zero value in the associations list of assets.



Item 12. Clothing sales.


            Steve said that he sold four ties and two scarves during the year and that he continued to hold little stock and that it took only 14 days to get printed or woven articles for members.



Additional Items


Ray noted that the committee had not formally approved the proposed programme for the 2019 anniversary celebrations and went through the details emphasizing that the reunion would be at the same time as the anniversary ball.


He added that when the IWM had confirmed that they would hold an event there would be a need to form a working group from the membership to assist with the arrangements and that this should be put to the AGM. The committee approved.


Ray said that the RNPA invitations to the Peregrine Trophy presentation looked like being a permanent fixture and asked the committee to approve that bids should be made by email. The committee agreed.


Post meeting note.

Jan had been asked by John Flack and Paul Yockney to be notified by telephone or letter.


Ray went on to detail the order of toasts for the dinner which were.


The Loyal Toast . Toastmaster Danny.

Royal Navy Photographers Present and Past. Toastmaster Tony

Wives and Sweethearts. Toastmaster Peter

Absent Friends. Not decided.


 Ray finished by saying that the price of the complimentary drinks had increased by 50p and the committee agreed that this should be funded by the association.


There being no future business Tony closed the meeting at 1405