Item Description. Minutes of RNPA Annual General Meeting

Remarks/People Involved. Held at the Maritime Hotel Portsmouth

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Date/ Date Range.   1st Oct 2016

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Minutes of the RNPA Annual General Meeting held at The Maritime Hotel Portsmouth on Saturday 1st October 2016


Those present.

Tony Darbyshire                     - Chairman

Peter Bunting                          - Vice Chairman

Jan Larcombe                         - Secretary - Historian 

Valerie Darbyshire                  - Treasurer

Raymond Whitehouse                        - Social Secretary

Stephen King                          - Membership Secretary

Hilary King                             - Newsletter Editor

Danny du Feu                         - Exhibitions



Jules Anderson, George Ash, Mike Beards, Angela Beards, Bridget Bunting, Nigel Craft, Thurl Craft, Andrea Downing, John Flack, Mike Gilbert, Tim Glover, Ian Hooper, Mike McKnight, Janet McKnight, Roy Penney, Elizabeth Penny, Ray Pogson, David Price, Olga Price, Bob Stanyard, Pam Whitehouse, Paul Yockney


Tony introduced himself and asked for apologies who were.


Jonathon Robins, Russ Whalley, Brian Jackson, Harold Walker Middleton, Bob Lomax, Paul Hopley. George Mewton, Mike Keeling, Chris Dalby, Peter Thorne, John Cunningham and Catherine Kelly


He went on to ask for a period of reflection in memory of those who had crossed the bar during the last year. Brian Godfrey, Peter Pinock and Dave Casaru


Item 1. Approval of minutes of last meeting


Roy Penny proposed and Ian Hooper seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be accepted as a true record. Carried unanimously.

Item 2. Matters arising are covered below


Item 3 Officials


Tony said that the present committee were prepared to serve for another year but said that he did not want to serve indefinitely. He asked if there was anyone who would like to serve but there were no volunteers. Nigel Craft Proposed and Mike Beards seconded that the present committee be approved. Carried unanimously.


Item 3 Chairman Report.


Tony thanked members for attending and the committee for their hard work especially Ray for his work in organizing the reunions. He noted that eight people had joined the association during the last year and said that here was a need to recruit some of the serving and more recently retired photographers.  

Items 4. Secretary’s/Historians report.


Jan reported on the following


Joint reunions


He had met with the reps from the SEs and METs at the FAAM museum in July and agreed that we should all ask our members if they would support joint reunions. Their numbers are similar to ours and are slowly declining. The Handlers have around 350 attending reunions so are not interested in joining in but we do keep them informed about what’s going on. The SEs, METs and us follow similar formats.


If we do go ahead it was agreed that the SEs would organize the 2020 reunion, Phots the 2021 and the METS 2022 and that individual associations would do all the organisation for the joint reunion.


The SEs held their AGM recently and approved of joint reunions. They go to the Aztec Hotel in Bristol every year and would like to continue. Jan was not sure if they are asking us to use the same hotel when we or the METs organise but he will check with them. He had not yet heard from the METs but they sounded keen at the meeting.  They have a majority of lady members.


Ray said that he had been to events at the Aztec hotel which was very good but not in a very good location and that Bristol did not have many places to visit.


Following discussions Nigel Craft proposed and George Ash seconded that the final decision on joint reunions should rest with the committee. Carried with 16 members in favour and none against. It was pointed out that this only affected the reunions and that the association would be free to organise addition solo events


WRNS 100th anniversary in 2017

At the last AGM Catherine Kelly suggested we should have some phot input to the people organising the anniversary from semaphore tower in Portsmouth, so he had sent a DVD with details of all information he had on WRNS phots from 1918 to the present.  I did not hear back from them so do not know how much of our input will be used.


Glynis Shaw (WRNS course 1973) has written a book on WRNS phots from 1969 to 1995 and will be donating profits to the WRNS Benevolent Trust.


Reunion Surveys


Following the last meeting we conducted surveys on the Chatham reunion and on reunions generally.


Just about everyone thought the Chatham reunion was a success and the format correct.


We had had 58 replies to the general survey which showed that the south of England was by far the most popular area to hold reunions with 16 members prepared to go anywhere. Jan added that the results of both surveys are still available on the net.


Photography and the Royal Navy article

Jan said that he was up to 1958 now - the introduction of the Scimitar and the decision to have the School at Lossie adding that the production of a book for our100th anniversary would not be viable unless here was considerable financial input from the association and so the article will, almost certainly, remain as a web page.


Our 100th anniversary celebrations in 2019


Jan said that Ray and he had had meetings with WO1 Dua (Scooby) and his boss Captain Stidson which resulted in changes to the previous provisional programme. It was agreed that Scooby would hold an enhanced symposium in January 2019 which would include service phots, ex phots and friends of the branch and RNPA with numbers of just under 200.

The plan to hold a gala dinner at the Imperial War Museum would be replaced by a anniversary ball in HMS Excellent. Scooby explained that this would be more attractive to his sponsors and more affordable for the serving phots. This would take place in June/July 2019 depending on when the wardroom/SNCOs held their balls as we would be using the same marquee.

It was agreed that as the Admiralty circular letter forming the branch was published on 23rd September 1919 that that 23rd September 2019 would be our official anniversary.

Jan added that he had written to Hilary Roberts (Research Curator of Photography at

the Imperial War Museum) asking if they would be prepared to hold an exhibition of

photographs and equipment together with the Peregrine Trophy display  and an RN

photography time line which Hilary had previously said she would produce.

He said that an exhibition at the IWM is dependent on the approval of their events committee and that we await a decision.

Note.  Jan and Ray had met Hilary Roberts at the IWM in February 2016 to discuss the possibilities for the 100th anniversary celebrations.


Item 5 Social Secretary’s report.


Ray said that the attendance at this reunion was encouraging in that 60 people were attending at some stage. He went through the arrangements for the evening saying that there would be two drinks tokens for everyone.


He had booked the Telford Hotel and golf resort for the 2017 reunion in October. The hotel was near the Ironbridge village which would allow plenty of opportunities to visit the museums in the village. He added that he would be arranging visits to the RAF museum and the Defence School of Photography at Cosford. There would also be a visit to the Newport RNA where Peter Bunting is the chairman.


Post meeting note.  Dates for the 2017 reunion are Friday 6th October to Sunday 8th October 2017.


He confirmed that the 2018 reunion would be in the Plymouth area.

The 2019 reunion would be held at the same time as the anniversary ball (June/July 2019) in Portsmouth.


If the IWM event is approved there would be a need for help from the association and Ray asked if there was anyone prepared to help and that a working group should be formed to provide assistance to the IWM.


Ray reported on the Peregrine Trophy Presentation evening on board HMS Bulwark at Greenwich in June which was attended by 18 members. He thought that the RNPA would receive invitations in future. It was noted that the Peregrine Trophy was no longer just a photographer’s event but had been taken over as one of the RNs major media showcases.


Item 6 Treasurer’s report.


Val produced the accounts, which had been checked by Hilary King, and ran through the details which showed a heathy balance at the end of the period.


Tony explained that the Danny owned the RNPA display boards which he had used for his business. He no longer required them and offered to sell them to the association for £300. He had done some research and felt that this was a very good price and that Danny was prepared to hold and arrange future displays. He said that this should be taken as part of the accounts vote and asked for approval.


Bob Stanyard proposed and Nigel Craft seconded that the accounts be approved. Carried unanimously.


Item 7. Memberships Secretary’s report.


Steve reported that we had seven new members this year making a total of 142. This was slightly down on the previous year as some people had failed to pay or not paid the correct subscription. He would be writing to them and expected the numbers to go up. He said that the web site was attracting members and expected that to continue.



Item 8. Newsletter editors report.


Before giving her report Tony asked for a round of applause to Hilary for her efforts on the newsletter. This was given and Hilary then asked for anyone who had pictures or articles to send them to her for inclusion in the newsletter. These did not have to be Naval but should be photography related.


Item 9. Web masters report.


Tony explained that he had been working on a U3A website and had had little time to devote to our site during the year. He had offers of help with the website from Mike Beards and Paul Cowpe, and was now in a position to progress the site. He  asked for input on the history of ships establishments from the membership. He said he would investigate the inclusion of the historical site within the main RNPA website.


Ray Pogson asked about messages on the site and Tony explained that only full members who had an invitation password could access the members page but that he would supply this as required. He offered to help anyone who had problems with the site.


Item 10. Clothing Sales


Steve said that he had sold 4 ties and 2 scarves over the past year but that, as he had examples of everything available, he would be taking orders which would take about three weeks to fulfil


There being no other business Tony closed the meeting at 1720.