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Minutes of the Royal Naval Photographers Association Committee Meeting held on 10th March 2017 at the FRPU(E) at 1030


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Date/ Date range.  1-3-2017 

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Minutes of the RNPA committee meeting  held at FRPU(E) on 10th March 2017 at 1030


Those present.

Tony Darbyshire                     - Chairman

Peter Bunting                          - Vice Chairman

Jan Larcombe                         - Secretary - Historian 

Valerie Darbyshire                  - Treasurer

Raymond Whitehouse             - Social Secretary

Stephen King                          - Membership Secretary

Hilary King                             - Newsletter Editor

Danny du Feu                         - Exhibitions

Rob Harding                           - Serving Rep




Item 1. Approval of the last committee meeting minutes.

Tony opened the meeting and asked for approval of the last committee meeting minutes. Peter proposed and Steve seconded – carried unanimously. Tony duly signed the previous minutes.


Item 2 Matters arising.

Covered by the agenda items


Item 2a. Rob Harding, who was unable to stay for the full meeting, opened by saying that the photographic branch had been part of  the General Service Warfare branch since 26th January 2017 and showed the new badge and said that Photographers were now known officially as “Leading Photographers” and so on.     


He said that the branch was 36 strong at present and that there were six people in the training pipeline. He went on to explain that there were no photographers permanently on ships and although there was a photographic section on the Queen Elizabeth class carriers there were no billets allocated at present


Rob went on to give an update on the death of Steve Saywell explaining that the civil service were handling the details and consequently there was little he could add at present.


He explained that arrangement for this years Peregrine Trophy presentation were still fluid as there was no large ship available to host it.


Item 3.Officials.

All Members of the committee indicated that they were willing to continue serving in their respective roles.


Item 4.  Chairman's report

Tony noted that membership numbered had fallen during the last year which had resulted in a slight lack of funds in the Association. He said that he had had good reports on last years reunion and thanked the committee for their support and work over the years.


Item 5. Secretary's/ Historians report.


Progress on history of photography in the RN.

Jan explained that he was having problems with the post 1984 history and said that he was going out to all ex phots hoping to rely on their collective memories of events since then


Joint reunions – progress

He said that following agreement to hold joint reunions there had been no further developments but that he would be sharing information about the individual reunion arrangements with the SEs and METs.


100th Anniversary Events updates

Both Scooby and Hilary Roberts were unable to attend the meeting to discuss the 100th anniversary of the formation of the branch but both had agreed that a separate meeting should be held.


WRNS 100th anniversary exhibition

Jan said that he had been to the exhibition but found no mention of WRNs photographers or photography.


Item 6. Social Secretary's report


Wash-up 2016 Reunion

Ray said that the reunion had gone well but that there was an outstanding dispute with the Maritime Hotel regarding a cancellation. He was going to the Hotel after the meeting to try and resolve the problem.


Peregrine Trophy 2017

In the light of the uncertainty over the venue for the Peregrine trophy Ray was unable to  give any details of the associations involvement.


Update and report - RNPA Reunion 2017.

Ray presented the options for the 2017 reunion base around the TEford area and after some discussion it was agreed that he should continue to arrange.


Friday 6th October

1130 Committee meeting at the RAF Museum - Cosford

1400 Gather at the RAF Museum followed by optional escorted tours of the museum.

1815 Drinks reception – Telford Hotel

1900 Social evening with buffet dinner – Telford Hotel


Saturday 7th October

1930 Tours of the Ironbridge Museums

1815 Drinks reception

1900 RNPA Annual Dinner


Sunday 8th October

1000 AGM –Telford Hotel

p.m.  Optional tour of the DSOP – RAF Cosford

Evening. Social evening -  RNA Club Newport


He anticipated that the cost would be about £179 per person for a two night stay at the Telford Hotel with an option of staying on the Sunday night for an additional £69.50 each.


It was agreed that the cost to non-members should more than that of joining the association.


Item 7. Treasurers report

Val produced detail accounts for the past year which although showing a fall in assets of some £600 still left a heathy balance of just under £3000 with just a few expenses to be paid. The accounts were accepted unanimously after being proposed by Ray and seconded by Peter.



Item 8. Membership Secretary's report

Update and Membership fees.

Steve distributed a membership list and reported that paid up membership had fallen slightly but that this was probably due to the normal forgetfulness and that he was chasing non-payers to bring their membership up to date.

Ray sited the HMS Illustrious association as having increased its membership by the use of social media and suggested that we should look at doing the same. Jan agreed to investigate.


Photographers on ships project

Steve produced four folders in which he was recoding the names of photographers who had served on various ships over the years and added that he was also collection copies of ships commissioning books which often helped with the names. It was agreed that the project should be part of either the main RNPA site or the historical site. Jan and Steve agreed to liaise over the way ahead.



Item 9. Newsletter editors report

Hilary said that she was planning to modernize the look of the newsletter and had had some good resposes recently. She would be producing a newsletter at Easter time and that, as usual she was always on the lookout for material. Tony emphasized the need for accuracy in the content of the newsletter.


Item 10. Website progress

Tony apologized for the lack of progress on the website as he was heavily involved on his local U3A site. He said that he had offers of help from two members and hoped that this would help keep the site up to date. Jan noted that there were only 36 registered members on the site and that it was not visited very much. He thought that all email contacts should be notified of changes or additions and Tony agreed to look at the possibilities. Peter added that the use of social media had increased interest in his RNA club.


Item 11. Clothing Sales

Steve said that he had had little interest lately but that he was able to fulfil any order quickly by simply making orders on the company who provided the clothing without addition casts for small orders.


Item 12. 2017 Cenotaph march past

Danny gave a report on last years march past and said that seven people had already expressed an interest in this years ceremony and he was hoping for three ranks this year. Jan said that he was liaising with the Fleet Air Arm Federation to ensure that we marched as part of the FAA contingent and that he would continue to make the early details with Danny looking after the arrangements on the day.


There being no further business closed the meeting at 1348.