Item Description. Minutes of RNPA held at FRPU(E) Whale Island and revised constitution

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Date/ Date Range.   12-3-2018

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Date Added to site. 22-3-2018/31-5-2018

Historians Number. Hist1397


Minutes of the RNPA committee meeting to be held at FPRU(E) on Monday 12th March 2018 at 1100



Those Present

Tony Darbyshire                     - Chairman

Peter Bunting                          - Vice Chairman

Jan Larcombe                         - Secretary - Historian 

Valerie Darbyshire                  - Treasurer

Raymond Whitehouse              - Social Secretary

Stephen King                          - Membership Secretary

Hilary King                             - Newsletter Editor

Danny du Feu                         - Exhibitions



Item 1.

Approval of minutes of last meeting


Steve Proposed and Peter seconded that the minutes be approved. Carried and Tony duly singed


Item 2

Matters arising - covered below


Item 3.

 Chairman's report


 Tony said that he had little to report but that he and Val would be attending Mike McKnights funeral on Friday 16th March and that he would be sending a donation on behalf of the Association to the Russ Whalleys chosen charity.


Item 4.


Secretary's/ Historians report.

Jan said that four people had crossed the Barr since the last AGM. Peter Bucknell in October 2017,Linda James in November, Russ Whalley and Mike McKnight in February.  Flowers and our sympathy were sent to both families and about 15 members and serving phots attended Lindas funeral and three were at Russ Whalleys. He said that he was short of information on Mike and Russ but that Ray Pogson was going to help with the obit for Russ and checked that Tony would attempt to get more information on Mike.

It was agreed that the Association would continue to send flowers to members families and sympathy cards to families of non-members. Hilary offered to produce special cards from the association and send them to Jan


Social Media Survey.


He said that he had reluctantly rejoined Facebook and that although he did not use it as intended it was a useful method of gaining and checking email contacts. At the time of writing he had 125 “friends” and was adding people to the address list as he came across them


Cenotaph March


Sixteen of the planned eighteen marchers made it on the day and both the march and the “après march” events were reported as being very successful. We are planning to repeat again this year.


Joint reunions – progress


Nothing heard from the SEs and METs so still expect the SEs to arrange the 2020 event


100th Anniversary Events updates.


I have emailed Scooby asking if he can attend to give an update on his plans. A serving phot Barry “Baz” Swainsbury is keen to make a video for the occasion and so far there are 9 or 10 RNPA volunteers to take part by being interviewed. It is intended that the video will include serving members as well and is aimed to be 10 or 15 minutes long.

Nothing heard from Hilary Roberts of the IWM as yet and in spite Ray sending a formal but friendly letter in mid-December there had been no reply.


See Scooby’s input at the end of the minutes



Progress on history of photography in the RN


Jan reported a nil response to various round robins in the newsletters but that he was getting useful information with direct approaches to individuals. The situation regarding FOI requests and other official avenues remained nonproductive so he was having to go with what he will be able to gather by the middle of this year. A book was becoming a distinct possibility by using an online, virtually free, publishing website called “Createspace” With work still to do it is taking shape with the same content as the website. He added that Createspace is an Amazon subsidiary and only print books when ordered which means that there is little or no initial outlay. He said that his daughter in law would be proof reading the book and invited the committee to do the same from the web page at Hist1325. He expected to book to sell at seven or eight pounds and that he would be aiming to have it finished by the middle of this year.



Item 5.

Social Secretary's report


Wash up on 2017 reunion;


It was agreed that the 2017 reunion was a success and Tony thanks Peter for the Museum tour and the RNA arrangement that he had organised.


2018 Reunion Plymouth


Ray produced an outline programme for the Plymouth reunion and confirmed the date as 12th-15th October

The progamme included events within the Royal Navy Heritage Trust in the Devonport dockyard and said that the trust had asked for a quid pro quo in the form a speaker at their meeting on the 11th Oct.  Ray said he was willing to do this and Tony agreed to provide support. A visit to the Plymouth Gin distillery would be included and the Hotel was confirmed as the Jurys in the centre of Plymouth. As the hotel did not have good dining facilities evening meals would be in local restaurants and he would be organizing taxis as required. He highlighted to costs of single rooms in all hotels and suggested that singletons might prefer to use local B&Bs. Ray said he had received a cheque for £50 from Norman Grantham with  a wish that it be used to buy everyone a drink at the reunion,


Dancing and quite areas

Ray assured the committee that the restaurant had room for dancing and an area where conversations could take place


Arrangements for a Draw?

It was agreed that the number of prizes should be restricted to about half a dozen  provided by the Association and suggested that some of the proceeds should be donated to a charity (Undefined)


It was also agreed that Ray would arrange a suitable after dinner speaker if possible on a light hearted subject. Peter suggested that we ask the Devonport Phot section if they knew of anyone suitable and Jan said that he would ask them.


Loyal Toast procedure.

Danny’s routine for introducing the rum ( together with port in future) was considered excellent and Jan said that he would produce a script for the toast procedure.



General Data Protection Regulations.

Ray introduced the subject and after a long discussion it was agreed that we should conform to the regulations and that Jan would hold the master database and seek permission from all his RNPA contacts to hold their information so that they can be contacted and be on the newsletter distribution. Jan said that he would produce an email for agreement of the committee before sending it out with the realisation that this would probably reduce the number of contacts we have.


Fly Navy Federation (FNF)


Ray said that he had attended a meeting of the FNF at Yeovilton and gave details of the Queen Elizabeth visiting the USA, Mixed fixed wing squadrons, the RN historical flight, a change of name for the FAAM, the maintenance of the FAA memorial at the National Arboretum and on the Embankment and said that the Yeovilton Airday would be on the 7th July this year.


Item 6.

Treasurers report


Val produced clear accounts for the period 10 March 2017 to 28th February 2018 which showed a positive balance of £2665.09 on 28-2-2018. And that over the period there was a  loss of some £321.


Jan proposed and Ray seconded that the accounts be accepted - carried



Item 7

Membership Secretary's report


Steve said that membership had declined to 147 during the year but that but that cheques were still coming in as usual


Membership  fees


 It was Agreed that membership fees should remain at £15 for Single and £20 for joint.


.Photographers on ships project.


Steve said that he was still working on the project of putting names to ships over the years but that he was waiting on a proforma from Tony. It was also noted that this project would probably fall foul of the new data regulations



Item 8

Newsletter editors report


Hilary reported that she was aiming to produce a newsletter at the end of the month and was happy that she had sufficient material for the time being.



Item 9.

Website progress.


Tony said that he had not done much to the website with the detail he wished to have but had added some in memorials recently


Item 11.


Clothing Sales


Steve said that he had one outstanding order at the moment but as usual was only ordering to meet demand.


Plans for 2019 reunion in Portsmouth (moved)

"On completion of the agenda WO Dua (Scooby) joined the meeting and gave a brief on the current situation of the branch which numbers 40 at the moment. He continued that he had seen Hilary Roberts of the IWM but had had no feedback regarding the IWM input to the 100th anniversary events. He did have a photographer in the IWM searching for material for use in the proposed videos marking the anniversary.


He went on to say that was now unsure that the plan to share the Wardroom/Senior Rates summer ball marquee for the 100th  anniversary ball was a viable option but that he was now investigating the use of the drill shed for the event which should take place in July/August 2019.

Jan agreed to canvas all his contacts asking if they would be interested in attending the event to celebrate the 100th anniversary noting that the RNPA annual reunion would be held over the same weekend.


Scooby said that the serving phots had adopted “RN Phot 100” as an all embracing name for the events to mark the anniversary and that he would be relying on sponsorship to cover some of the costs bearing in mind that organisations were already sponsoring the symposium and the Peregrine Trophy which will take place before the proposed ball. It was agreed that other sources of sponsorship might be available.


Scooby went on to say that he saw three events taking place during the year with quite different aims. The annual symposium, a formal gathering on the last Thursday in January, with the addition of invited guests limited to about 180 people for the black tie mess dinner. The Peregrine Trophy which is aimed influencing important people and the media and lastly the Ball aimed at serving and ex photographers and guests having a good time.


Jan and Ray, on behalf of the committee, said that they would be pleased to help with arrangements where ever possible.

Scooby finished by saying that he was in the process of forming an organising committee and would keep the RNPA informed of progress and invite input and help as required"


Tony closed the meeting at 1448



Royal Navy Photographers Association

Rules and Constitution as of 25th May 2018


When an Association is formed, certain very basic rules are laid down to protect the interests of the Association and its members, as time passes it will become apparent that the scope of the rules will require updating to accommodate other aspects of the Association as it progresses. It will be the intention of the committee to avoid complex documents and to keep things simple using common sense. 

It is recognized that further amendments will probably become necessary in time and these will be dealt with as and when the need arises.

The rules and constitution, created by the committee are laid down below and any changes or amendments shall be made by that committee. 

  1. Name


a. Royal Navy Photographers Association



2. Contact


a. Via the Secretary. Currently Jan Larcombe, or  0196323426


3. Objectives


a. To promote the Association and the RN Photographic Branch, and to encourage joint social events.

b. To provide a social calendar to enable members to meet on a regular basis; Reunions, AGM’s etc.

c. To provide a central point of contact through the secretary for members.

d. To maintain a close liaison with the parent branch, and the service in general.

e. To provide an accurate history of the branch for factual reference.


4. The Constitution


a. The association shall have a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary,  Newsletter Editor, Historian and Serving Member who will be the committee.

b. In addition, other Officers may be created as and when the committee decides it to be necessary.


5. Eligibility For Membership


a. Membership of the Association is open to:

1.      Automatically free to all serving members of the Photographic Branch of the Royal Navy.

2.      Anyone who has previously served in the RN Photographic Branch.

3.      Any commissioned Officer who is or was a specialist Photographic Officer.

4.      The partners of those eligible for full membership are also invited to join the Association, although if accepted will hold no voting rights. . Exceptionally joint members may be granted voting rights and be eligible to serve on the committee with the agreement of the members of the committee


b. Honorary membership shall only be granted under exceptional rare circumstances, following discussion at an Annual General Meeting.


c. Proof of service may be required by the Association, either by Service Documentation or by referee.


6. Subscriptions

a.       Subscriptions shall be payable annually on 1st January, preferably by Standing Order. Members joining after that date should pay by cheque and then arrange a standing order for the next financial year.


b. Membership is offered free of charge to the registered disabled.

c. Annual subscriptions shall be subject to change and any change shall be made by resolution at an Annual General Meeting.


d. If an eligible member and their spouse wish to join the Association together, joint membership is reduced providing the standing order method is used.


7. Membership


a. Members are expected to support the aims of the association, promote it in a positive manner, encourage membership, support and promote our parent branch encouraging younger serving members to join the Association.


b. Members should advise the secretary of any change of address as soon as possible.


c. No member may negotiate any business, financial or otherwise, in the name of the Royal Navy Photographers Association without approval of the Committee.


d. Any complaints about any aspect of the Association should be made in writing addressed to the secretary, who shall inform the committee at the earliest opportunity. The decision of the committee is final.


8. Officers Duties


a. The Chairman. The Chairman shall take the chair at and preside over all Association meetings and all                      business shall be conducted through him. He shall have the casting vote in the event of a levelled vote.


b.   The Vice-Chairman. The Vice-Chairman shall assume the responsibility of the Chairman in his absence. At meetings where the Chairman is attending the Vice-Chairman shall form part of the committee.


c.    The Secretary. The Secretary shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Associations business in its many forms. He shall liaise with and seek advice from other Officers as necessary. The Secretary will deal with all correspondence on behalf of the Association and be responsible for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations and any subsequent data protection acts.


d. The Treasurer. The Treasurer will collect all monies on behalf of the Association and deposit them  in the Associations accounts. He is responsible for all the financial aspects of the Association and will be co-signatory to the Associations accounts. The second signatory will be a member of the committee who shall be appointed by the full committee.


     9. The Committee


a. The Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Historian and Serving Member representative and up to four other committee members elected from the Association  membership.


b. Committee Meetings

Committee meetings shall be held as and when required, at a time and place agreed by the committee. Such meetings shall be open meetings and any member wishing to attend shall be free to do so.



c. A quorum of four committee members shall be required to make the transactions of the committee valid, but all committee members are expected  to attend meetings whenever possible to represent the membership of the Association.


d. Election of Officers


Officers shall be elected by open nomination at the Annual General Meeting.


e. The position of each Officer shall be considered at each Annual General Meeting and serving Officers should remain in office for a minimum of 3 years or until they wish to stand down.


f. If an Officer is considered by the majority of the remaining committee to be lacking or not fully contributing to the good of the Association without reasonable cause, he will be asked to stand down.


g. When there is a requirement to fill a vacant office, or when the committee creates a new office, it will be announced in the next edition of the newsletter, and volunteers invited. Potential candidates shall advise the secretary in writing of their intention to stand for election no less than two weeks prior to the meeting, and will be expected to attend the next AGM where a nomination process will be conducted.


10. Annual General Meetings


a. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in Sept/Oct/Nov of each year, the actual date and venue, will be decided upon by the committee and the membership informed no less than 28 days prior to the meeting. At least 21 days’ notice is required for items for the Agenda to enable the committee to discuss proposals prior to the AGM.


b. Any member wishing to make a proposal at an AGM shall be required to attend the meeting in person.



11. Extra Ordinary Meetings


a. Should the need arise; an extra-ordinary general meeting may be called. If so the membership shall be informed at least 28 days prior to the date of the proposed meeting whenever possible, other than an emergency situation when as much notice as possible will be given.


12. Local Branches


a. The committee shall first approve any local branches of the Association that may be created throughout the country.


b. Such branches shall be purely for social purposes and a recognized representative of the branch shall be responsible to the national committee, through the national secretary, in the interests of national unity.


c. Local branches opening a bank account shall not use the name – RNPA or Royal Navy (or Naval) Photographers Association  for the account name.


13. Disclaimer of Liability


a. The Naval Photographers Association shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to or by any of its members or guests; neither shall it be liable for the conduct or behaviour of any individual attending any function organized by the Association.