Item Description. Minutes of the RNPA committee meeting

Remarks/People Involved.

Ship/Place/Originator . Jurys Inn Plymouth

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Date/ Date Range.   12-10-2018

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Date Added to site. 19-10-2018

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Minutes of the RNPA committee meeting held at the Jurys Inn Hotel Plymouth

On Friday 12 October 2018 at 1146


Those Present

Tony Darbyshire                     - Chairman

Jan Larcombe                         - Secretary - Historian 

Valerie Darbyshire                  - Treasurer

Raymond Whitehouse                        - Social Secretary

Stephen King                          - Membership Secretary

Hilary King                             - Newsletter Editor

Danny du Feu                         - Exhibitions


Apologies Peter Bunting


Item 1. Approval of minutes of last meeting


Ray proposed and Steve seconded that the minutes were a true record and Tony signed to that effect.


Item 2. Matters arising - covered below


Item 3.  Chairman's report


Tony thanked the committee for their hard work during the last year paying tribute to Ray who had had a difficult time re-arranging the Plymouth reunion.


There followed a discussion about the new GDPR and it was agreed that Jan should hold the master list and would inform the committee of any changes and that members of the committee would be able to contact those on the list.

It was also agreed that the deaths of non-members should be recorded in the newsletter, more detail being added with permission from the family.


The committee agreed that they would be prepared to serve for another year if there were no volunteers to replace them



Item 4.  Secretary's/ Historians report.


a. Social Media


Jan reported that he now had 139 “friends” on Facebook but was still only using it to gather more email addresses. He added that following the Opt In to GDPR trawl we now have 171 on our list. Only one person (Steve King) had filled in the information sheet included with the trawl.


b. Cenotaph March


Jan said that we expect 23 marchers at this years event. There is a people’s march for 10,000 of the public after the veterans march so the arrangements have changed a bit. Marchers have been informed and Danny will be coordinating the arrangements for the day. He added that as next year was the 100th anniversary of the formation of the branch he was hoping to mark the occasion with some people being interviewed by the media and, if allowed, some serving members marching. He said that he would contact the RBL to check.


c. Joint reunions – progress


Jan said that he had recently heard from the new secretary (David Philpot) of the SEs association who was  asking about the joint reunion in 2020. They hold their reunions in April and he listed their progamme for this year. vis:



Friday pm - Meet and greet in the main bar area

Friday 17:00 ish - Up spirits in the function room. We have the rum tub and measures and 2 dedicated Rum Bosuns for issuing the rum and we generally buy 25 bottles of a mixture of Pussers Rum and other.

Friday - 19:30 Buffet dinner in main function room and o/c a quiz & then to the bar (hopefully our own bar). I need to negotiate prices.

Saturday - 15:00 - Our committee meeting and then at 16:00 ish our AGM in the function room followed by Up Spirits. We tried up spirits before the AGM once - chaos!!!

19:30-20:00 - Gala dinner followed by Raffle. We will be providing 2 bottles on each table from our funds next reunion and any additional bottles at hopefully a reduced price. O/c retire to the bar.

Sunday - 16:00 ish - Either carpet bowls or curling in the gym area and again Up Spirits.

Sunday 19:30 - Buffet dinner in main function room. Say goodbyes.

Costs: Next year £165.00pp for 3 nights to include 3 breakfast and 2 buffet diners and 1 Gala dinner. They send Gala dinner menu's to people as they book so personal selections can be made.

£110.00pp for 2 nights as above breakfasts and dinners.

£55.00pp for 1 night as above.

There is a £10.00 single room cost.


It was agreed that the RNPA should fit in with the social events organised by the SEs and ask them if they or we could organize an RNPA visit (maybe to SS Great Britain) on the Saturday and hold our committee meeting and AGM on the Sunday when they had nothing planned.


Tony suggested that we ask that all attendees should wear name badges.


It was also noted that the SEs ordered 25 bottles of rum and had frequent Up Sprits. Jan said that the association would probably asked to contribute towards this and agreed that he would contact the SEs on the points raised


d. 100th Anniversary events update


Jan reported that he had a long chat with Scooby who had given the following updates on the uniformed sides’ arrangements

The annual symposium on 31st January 2018. Morning session for the uniformed people and afternoon with sponsors VIPs, invited RNPA and other ex-phots followed by a black tie dinner.

Scooby had heard from a long silent Hilary Roberts of the IWM who was conscious that she needed to do something towards the 100th celebrations. There was no news on the proposed timeline but she had agreed to a meeting which the RNPA may be invited to attend.

Monetary considerations had ruled out the use of the Wardroom Ball Marquee and had made the use of the Drill Shed unlikely. He was now concentration on using the WO and CPOs mess for the Ball and was planning for a Saturday in September date. It was agreed that the RNPA reunion would be organised on the same weekend as the Ball.

Post meeting Note. Scooby is planning on 21st  September for the Ball.


The video is underway with Reginald Davis already filmed and Ian Wrightson is due to be filmed soon.


e. Progress on history of photography in the RN


Jan showed the committee a proof copy of the proposed book and explained that he had Crown Copyright and the Lords Chamberlain’s Office approval to use certain photographs and had submitted the text for approval by the Royal Navy. Subject to this he hoped to have it on sale in the next month or so at £12 a copy.


f. Sympathy Cards


Hilary showed several examples of sympathy cards for use when non-members crossed the barr which she handed to Jan for use as appropriate. It was agreed that Hilary should use one of the cards to obtain all attendees signatures on a card for Angela Thorne as a tribute to Peter who died recently.


Item 5.  Social Secretary's report


a .Ray reported that 55 people were attending various events over the weekend and then outlined the routine for the visit to the Royal Navy Heritage trust and HMS Courageous followed by details of the distillery visit and the Yacht Club dinner. He then outlined the arrangements for the three hour boat trip and the informal dinner at the Harbour fish restaurant


Ray said that he had received requests for a one day “mini reunion” and that this had been a successful format in the past. It was agreed that this should added to the AGM agenda.


b. Arrangements for a Draw

Ray said that the arrangements for the draw would be the same as last year which made a profit of £265

c. Loyal Toast procedure

It was agreed that following the Loyal Toast Jan’s script should be amended so that instead of a toast to “RNPA and absent friends” is should be to “Peter and absent friends”

Tony added that he would be welcoming the guests and those attending for the first time.


Item 6.  Treasurers report.


Val produced a very clear financial year report together with and account to the end of September 2018. Both were accepted after being proposed by Steve and seconded by Ray.


Item 7.  Membership Secretary's report


Steve reported that numbers had dropped over the past year and there were now 76 full members and 42 joint making 118 in all. The problem of getting people to send joining fees was ongoing but it was felt that this was lethargy as opposed to intent.


a. Membership fees?


It was agree that as the finances were healthy memberships should remain at £15 and £20 for single and joint membership respectfully.


b. Photographers on ships project.


Steve said that he had no progress on the project recently but was hoping to expand his information in the near future


Item 8. Newsletter editor’s report.


Hilary said that she was going to produce a newsletter shortly and had enough information for this edition but that she would welcome material for following letters.


Item 9.  Website progress.


Tony said that he was going to do a major hit on the website during the next year and that 2019 would see significant changes to how the RNPA website looked. He had plans to change both the style and content and hoped to include the historic record within the RNPA site.



Item 10. Clothing Sales


Steve brought all the clothing he had and would offer it at the AGM. He continued to hold very few items but was about to place another order.


Tony closed the meeting at 1343