Item Description. Minutes of the RNPA committee meeting

Remarks/People Involved.

Ship/Place/Originator . Maritime Club Portsmouth

Original Reference.

Date/ Date Range.   11-10-2019

Submitted By. Secretary

Now Held By. Secretary

Date Added to site. 14-07-2020

Historians Number. Hist1462




                        Tony Darbyshire                  Chairman

                        Pete Bunting                         Vice Chairman

                        Ray Whitehouse                   Social Secretary & Interim Secretary

                        Valerie Darbyshire              Treasurer

                        Steve King                             Membership Secretary

                        Hilary King                           Newsletter Editor

                        Danny du Feu                       Displays & Special Events



1.      The meeting was opened at 1420 with a welcome from the Chairman  

2.      Steve proposed, and Hilary seconded, that the Minutes of the full committee meeting held at Bishop’s Tachbrook on 1st March 2019 and the 100th Anniversary sub-committee meeting held at The Union Jack Club on 22nd May 2019  be adopted as true records. Their proposition was approved, and both minutes were signed.  

3.      The Secretary advised the meeting that there was one matter arising not covered by this agenda. A confirmation from Danny that he has ordered ten 100th Anniversary Plaques to be produced at a cost of £44.00 each and they should be delivered by the end of October.  

4.      There were no apologies and just one item of correspondence. A letter received from Ray Pugh giving his apologies and giving the interim secretary his proxy vote should it be required.  

5.      Ray advised that to date no one had volunteered to take on the role of Secretary. There followed a short discussion which ended in an agreement that we would all discuss this issue with the members attending this weekend in the hope that someone will come forward.   

6.      The Chairman tabled his written report, which will be attached to these minutes. and his report was discussed and then approved and accepted unanimously.  

7.      The Treasurer presented her audited accounts for the financial year 2018/19. Val gave a brief explanation of the accounts and a copy of the accounts will be attached to these minutes.Val answered several questions concerning the accounts and following a short discussion her accounts were approved and adopted unanimously with a vote of thanks for all her hard work in taking such diligent care of our finances and a further vote of thanks to the examiners for their work in auditing them.  

8.      Ray reported the following…  

2019 Reunion and 100th Anniversary attendance.  

Ray confirmed that in total 57 members will be attending the Reunion over the weekend and 55 will be attending the 100th Anniversary Dinner. Unfortunately, two members had cancelled within the last twenty-four hours, due to ill health.



Ray advised that he has been working closely with Danny on this event by handling the administration and communications with the British Legion. Thirty members will be marching on the day and we will have our own RNPA contingent but still as part of the Fleet Air Arm contingent. He further advised that he has received all of the tickets and that some will be distributed during to those attending the Reunion weekend and the others will be sent out via the mail early next week. The joining instructions will be sent out via email to everyone next week.

Ray also advised that he has been liaising with the BBC with regard to the RNPA providing personnel for interview on the day and in addition had also provided the BBC with a “press release” covering or 100th Anniversary. Four members have agreed to be interviewed should we be selected but as yet, he has not heard further.


                                    2020 Reunion  

Ray voiced several concerns with regard to next years Reunion in Bristol, his concerns being… 

·         The standard and location of the selected hotel

·         The proposed Programme for the weekend

·         The lack of a social programme

·         Our annual dinner and gala evening.


2019 Christmas Event.  

Ray confirmed that he was still interested in organizing a casual social event to take place in London in either late November or December. He has not as yet planned anything but will address this when time permits post this reunion and a couple of his health issued having been sorted.  

9.      Danny presented his written report and advised that the wreaths for this year’s Whitehall Cenotaph Ceremony and the Fleet Air Arm Memorial Ceremony taking place on Sunday 10th November have been ordered.

Danny’s report was approved and adopted unanimously, and a copy will be attached to these minutes  

10.  Steve tabled his Membership Secretary’s report which was approved and adopted unanimously; a copy will be attached to these minutes.  

11.  Hilary advised that she will be producing her Reunion Special Edition of the newsletter at the end of October once she has had an opportunity to receive, edit and put together all the material received post the Reunion and 100th Anniversary Weekend. In addition, Hilary confirmed that she has sufficient material for the next two editions, but she is always in need of receiving photos, articles and other information about members and in particular would love to receive details anniversaries, special birthdays and special events in the lives of our members and their families.  

12.  Hilary tabled her and Steve’s report and added the suggestion that we should consider updating the RNPA label badge. Her suggestion was accepted, and it was agreed that a new design be produced and considered at the March committee meeting. The report was approved and adopted unanimously  

13.  Tony requested that on this item committee members should refer back to his Chairman’s report but further advising that the site is being at present being reviewed and that further improvements will commence in the near future when time permits.  

14.  Ray advised the meeting that he will unfortunately not be able attend the forthcoming FNF Meeting, but Danny will attend on our behalf.  

15.  Following on from Ray’s comments with regard to next year’s proposed joint reunion in Bristol it was agreed that should this go ahead we would book our own hotel within the city, organise our own social programme but will liaise with the other two associations, S.E’s & MET’s to arrange a joint social event.  

It was agreed that Danny will try and find more about what plans the S.E’s have already put in place at the FNF Meeting later this month and report back to Ray.

Should we however decide not to proceed with the Bristol idea then possible alternatives were discussed for next year the possibilities being…The National Memorial at Lichfield, Edinburgh, Bristol and Leeds/Bradford.  

                        There being no further business the meeting closed at 1605