Item Description. Minutes of the RNPA AGM

Remarks/People Involved.

Ship/Place/Originator . Maritime Club Portsmouth

Original Reference.

Date/ Date Range.   12-10-2019

Submitted By. Secretary

Now Held By. Secretary

Date Added to site. 14-07-2020

Historians Number. Hist1463

Present – Committee           

Tony Darbyshire                  Chairman

Pete Bunting                         Vice Chairman

Ray Whitehouse                   Social Secretary & Interim Secretary

Valerie Darbyshire              Treasurer

Steve King                             Membership Secretary

Hilary King                           Newsletter Editor

Danny du Feu                       Displays & Special Events




John Flack, Andrea Dowling, Mike Keeling, Jean Keeling, Pam Whitehouse, Ric Burch, Ian Hooper, Mike Gilbert Bill Simpson, Roy Penny, Elizabeth Penny, Jonathan & Angie Robbins, Nigel Craft, Alan Ferguson, Roger Forbes, Jan Larcombe, Doreen Larcombe, Paul Hopley, Stewart Anderson, Bridget Bunting, Jan Morgan, Bob Stanyard, Stuart Wood and David Price.  

Apologies received from  

Ray & Angela Pogson, John Foley, Angela McLeod, Steve & Pat Thompson, Brian Jupp, Margaret Pugh, Ray & Anne Pugh, Angela Thorne, Brian Jackson, Catherine Kelly, Phil Everitt, Bob Pearce and Geoff & Helen Holland.        

1.      The meeting was opened at 1505 with a welcome from the Chairman  

2.      Roll of Honour. The Chairman advised that since our last meeting two members, Gareth Nixon and Andrew Sinclair had “Crossed the Bar”.

Roger Forbes gave a short eulogy with respect to Andrew Sinclair including an interesting dit concerning Andrew’s life as a golfer.  

All then stood in respect to departed merit.  

3.      Nigel Craft proposed, and Jonathan Robbins seconded, that the Minutes of the last AGM held at Jury’s Inn, Plymouth on Sunday 14th October 2018 be adopted as true records; their proposition was approved and signed.  

4.      There were no matters arising  

5.      All apologies were given as recorded above and there was just one item of correspondence. A letter received from Ray Pugh giving his apologies and giving the interim secretary his proxy vote should it be required.  

6.      The Chairman read his report a copy of which will be attached to these minutes.  

The Interim and Social Secretary gave his report by stating that most of what was required to be said had already been covered by the Chairman’s extensive report but wished to add that both he and the Chairman had add an informative and productive visit to this year’s Peregrine Trophy Awards evening which was held in Admiralty House, Whitehall.  

2019 Reunion and 100th Anniversary attendance.  

Ray confirmed that in total 57 members are attending the Reunion weekend and 55 will be attending the 100th Anniversary Dinner. Unfortunately, two members had cancelled within the last twenty-four hours due to ill health.                                   


Ray advised that he has been working closely with Danny on this event by handling the administration and communications with the British Legion. Thirty members will be marching on the day and we have our own RNPA contingent but should still as part of the Fleet Air Arm contingent. He further advised that he has received all of the tickets and that they will be distributed to those attending the Reunion weekend and the others will be sent out via the mail early next week. The joining instructions for the 10th November will be sent out via email to all participants early next week.

Ray also advised that he has been liaising with the BBC with regard to the RNPA        providing personnel for interview on the day and in addition had also provided the BBC with a “press release” covering or 100th Anniversary. Four members have agreed to be interviewed should we be selected but as yet, he has not heard further.  

                            2020 Reunion  

Ray voiced several concerns with regard to next year’s Reunion in Bristol, his concerns being… 

·         The standard and location of the selected hotel

·         The proposed Programme for the weekend

·         The lack of a social programme

·         Our annual dinner and gala evening.  

   2019 Christmas Event.  

Ray confirmed that he was still interested in organising a casual social event to take place in London in either late November or December. He has not as yet planned anything but will address this when time permits post this reunion and a couple of his health issued having been sorted

 The Treasurer presented her audited accounts for the financial year 2018/19. Val gave a brief explanation of the accounts and a copy of the accounts will be attached to these minutes.

Val answered several questions concerning the accounts and following a short discussion her accounts were approved and adopted unanimously with a vote of thanks for all her hard work in taking such diligent care of our finances and a further vote of thanks to the examiners for their work in auditing them.

Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor & Merchandise Secretary’s reports were presented as written and copies will be attached to these minutes.  

Hilary advised that she will be producing her Reunion Special Edition of the newsletter at the end of October once she has had an opportunity to receive, edit and put together all the material received post the Reunion and 100th Anniversary Weekend. In addition, Hilary confirmed that she has sufficient material for the next two editions,  but she is always in need of receiving photos, articles and other information about members and in particular would love to receive details anniversaries, special birthdays and special events in the lives of members and their families. 

The Displays & Cenotaph Coordinator presented his written report and advised that the wreaths for this year’s Whitehall Cenotaph Ceremony and the Fleet Air Arm Memorial Ceremony taking place on Sunday 10th November have been ordered. Danny also confirmed that, with the approval of the Committee, he had placed an order for ten RNPA 100th Anniversary ”Ships Crests” which will be available for sale at a cost of approximately £44.00 each and they should be available by the end of October. One crest has already been approved to be donated to the Tom Cribb Pub which always hosts the Association marchers following the Cenotaph & Fleet Air Arm Remembrance Ceremonies.    

The Website Editor referred the meeting to the Chairman’s report and Tony further advised that the RNPA website is being reviewed by members and that further improvements will be commenced in the near future when time permits.  

Jonathan Robbins proposed, and Ian Hooper seconded that all of the above reports be accepted and adopted; their proposition was approved unanimously.  

 7.      The Chairman advised the meeting that Ian Hooper had graciously agreed to accept the position of Secretary should he be elected.

Ric Burch proposed, and Alan Ferguson seconded that Ian Hooper be elected to the position of Committee Secretary; their proposition was approved unanimously.  

8.      All of the remaining committee member confirmed that they were prepared to continue in office for the next year.

John Flack proposed, and Roy Penny seconded that the incumbent officers be re-elected, their proposition was approved unanimously.

 9.      Ray Whitehouse proposed and Nigel Craft seconded that Steve & Hilary King be re-appointed as examiners. Their proposition was approved unanimously.  

Roger Forbes gave a vote of thanks to Jan Larcombe for all his hard work as the previous Secretary and this was received warmly by all present.  

10.  The attached list of the Association assets i.e. cameras & various pieces of equipment was presented and discussed. It was decided that due to lack of storage facilities members could select items should they wish to personally store and look after them on behalf of the RNPA and any that were not taken up should be offered to the Joint School of Photography’s Museum at Cosford.  

11.  The Social Secretary advised that the Committee were reviewing the arrangements concerning the joint 2020 Reunion in Bristol as certain concerns had been raised and further information will be made available shortly  

                        There being no further business the meeting closed at 1625