tem Description. Minutes of the RNPA committee meeting

Remarks/People Involved.

Ship/Place/Originator . Via Zoom

Original Reference.

Date/ Date Range.   17-06-2020

Submitted By. Secretary

Now Held By. Secretary

Date Added to site. 14-07-2020

Historians Number. Hist 1465


Present    Tony Darbyshire     -   Chairman

                   Pete Bunting          -   Vice-Chairman

                   Val Darbyshire       -    Treasurer

                   Ian Hooper              -   Secretary

                   Ray Whitehouse     -   Social Secretary

                   Steve King                -   Membership Secretary

                   Hilary King                -   Newsletter Editor

                   Danny Du Feu          -   Exhibitions,  Displays & Cenotaph Co-Ordinator


The Chairman opened the meeting at 17.12 and with all committee members present the meeting was quorate.

1. The Committee approved Zoom as a suitable venue to hold the meeting.  

2.The minutes of the 11th October 2019 and 14th December 2019. Were proposed by Steve King and seconded by Danny Du Feu as being a true and accurate  record of the meetings.  

3. The accounts were proposed by Ian Hooper and seconded by Pete Bunting as being a true and accurate record.  

4. The Secretary reported that he had received no apologies to attend the meeting and had not received any correspondence other than to be informed of the deaths of two former phots.

The Chairman welcomed the secretary to his first committee meeting. The only thing he had to report was that he had been notified of the deaths of Bill Porter, an RNPA member, and Charles H Thompson.

The Treasurer requested the Committee to approve and fund the new software to use in future accounting. The Committee agreed to do so.

The Membership Secretary reported that he has 86 single members, 44 joint members and 2 honorary members on file. He stated that he was unable to communicate with around 30 members who receive communications by works email. Due to the current (covid) situation these members may be at home. He will try to re establish communications when possible. Danny stated that he has a number of contact details and will liaise with Steve to assist him.

Hilary reported that the Newsletter is due to go out at the end of the month

Danny reported that the Photographic Displays are now stored at RNAS Yeovilton phot section and wonít be taken to the Edinburgh Reunion due to more than one venue proposed.

The Cenotaph Parade is going ahead at the moment.  We have 25 confirmed marchers. Danny is trying to order two wreaths but the warehouse is closed at present. He will order wreaths when he can as they can be used next year if this yearís parade is cancelled.

Danny also reported that he had sold the first batch of wall shields and had ordered a further batch of both Blue and FAA green shields. He has sold one to a former wren phot, Sue Emery, living in France who has contacted other phots through her Facebook page, which has resulted in further sales. Tony suggested that the cost of the unsold shields should be born by the RNPA and it was agreed that Danny should be reimbursed and any future purchases of wall shields to be payed for by the RNPA.

The Social Secretary reported that the status of the reunion remains the same. The Hotel is booked and £500 has been paid. The hotel will host the Friday evening event. He is Looking for options for Saturday evening including the Royal Yacht. Danny proposed that this yearís reunion be cancelled due to the present uncertainty. After views were expressed, it was agreed to cancel the reunion this year, but to still go to Edinburgh the following year. It was agreed that the membership be informed of this decision by Newsletter and /or email from Ray who then expressed a view that an AGM should still go ahead. This was agreed and options discussed. One option suggested was to hold the AGM at the Cenotaph event, after the parade, if it still goes ahead. After a discussion it was agreed to have a zoom meeting in July when, hopefully, we will be in a position to be able to organise an AGM at a suitable venue. If not then resolutions, proposals and the minutes of the previous AGB will be circulated to the membership to be voted on, and a meeting conducted in accordance with Government social distancing guidelines. It was agreed to hold the distribution of the Newsletter until after the July meeting.

Steve King suggested that Duxford could be a suitable venue to hold a social event in the New Year. The Committee agreed with this suggestion.  

5. After much discussion, it was agreed that Tony would write to Julie Richardson with a proposal to offer her a position on the committee. If she accepts, then in accordance with the Constitution, a proposal will be put forward at the AGM to elect her to the committee.  

6. It was agreed that Whale Island will be the first choice venue for Committee meetings outside of the AGM.

7. AOB.

Ray asked Danny what he meant by a reshuffle mentioned in an email. Danny replied that some committee members were thinking of making way to younger people. If that was to be the case then a reshuffle of the committee would have to take place.

Steve King said that he had been approached by a couple of members with regard to the RNPA website not being updated since 2015. Tony replied that due to the small number of members accessing the site, he hadnít seen the point of doing so. He agreed to speak to Steve and discuss the matter.

Val expressed her concern that the Historic archive was located on a private website of Jan Larcombeís.  If anything untoward should happen to Jan, then the chances are we could lose the archive. Tony agreed to contact Jan to obtain a copy of the archive.  

8. Date of next meeting was set for Wednesday 15th July 2020 at 1700. By Zoom.  

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 18.20.