Item Description. Minutes Committee Meeting 15 July 2020 by Zoom

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Submitted by. Secretary

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Date added to archive. 21-10-2021

Historians No. Hist1480

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th July 2020

Venue. By Zoom

Present:  Tony Darbyshire    - Chairman

                 Pete Bunting           - Vice-Chairman

                 Val Darbyshire        - Treasurer

                 Ian Hooper               - Secretary

                 Ray Whitehouse      - Social Secretary

                 Steve King                 - Membership Secretary

                 Hilary King                 - Newsletter Editor

                 Danny Du Feu           - Exhibitions ,Displays & Cenotaph Co-Ordinator


The Chairman opened the meeting at 17.20 and with all committee members present, the meeting was quorate.

1. The minutes of the meeting held on 17th June 2020 were approved as being a true and accurate record.

2. Actions arising from the 17th June 2020 meeting

The secretary has sent copies of the previous meetings to Jan Larcombe to add to the Archive.


Contacting members by Steve and Danny is still ongoing


Val will be reimbursing Danny for the wall shields very shortly following her completion of the yearly Accounts.


Ian has received a copy of the membership Database from Steve.


Ray has contacted the hotel in Edinburgh and has re-booked the reunion for the weekend beginning 8th October 2021. Ray is now putting together a programme for that event.

Three ideas for a one day social venue for early next year were suggested by Ray. These were: The Imperial War Museum, London. Whale Island, Portsmouth and Duxford. He asked the committee for any other suggestions and requested they were submitted by the end of July.


The membership has been notified of the cancellation of this year’s reunion.


Tony has written to Julie Richardson with a proposal for her to join the committee as Recruiting Officer. He is awaiting her reply.


Tony and Steve will discuss updating the website shortly.


Tony and Jan Larcombe are working to put the Archive onto the RNPA website. Tony suggested that each of the committee members should receive training on a one to one basis, given by him, to add posts to the Archive and website. It was agreed for this to take place and Tony will contact each member individually with suggested dates to give the necessary training.


3. AGM.

Tony put forward his view to hold this year’s AGM by Zoom. The Committee agreed.

Ian and Ray are to work together to prepare the necessary paperwork, to be sent to Hilary by the end of August, including an invite to the membership to join in the meeting. This is to be sent out in an AGM specific newsletter early in September.


It was agreed to hold the AGM in November and Tony will circulate some proposed dates for consideration by e-mail.

A Dummy run is to be organised to test the implementation of a Zoom AGM.


4. AOB.

Val will finalise the end of year accounts and will meet with Hilary by Zoom to verify them.

Steve confirmed that he had sent a bereavement card to Nigel Craft on behalf of the RNPA. Ray asked if anyone had heard from Nigel. Pete said that he had been in contact and that Nigel seemed his usual self. Pete has also been in touch with Jan Larcombe, who is slowly recovering from his recent illness.

Steve will be sending a card to Roy Penny on behalf of the RNPA on the occasion of his 90th Birthday.

Danny stated that he had received a communication from the RBL regarding this year’s remembrance parade at the Cenotaph. If it goes ahead, there will be a reduced attendance. They will contact him nearer the time.

Tony thanked the secretary for the prompt production of the minutes of the previous meeting and the actions arising plan.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 17.58.





Approved. _____________________________________________________  Chairman