Item Description. Photograph Group outside the Bodleian Library. Oxford

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Written on back: " Soon after Dunkirk a request was made over the BBC radio for listeners who had photographs of continental countries, probably taken on holiday, to forward them to the BBC. A group of mixed Naval Phots, of which I was one, was drafted to the Bodleian Library, Oxford. The photographs were sorted & useful one copied, 100 prints being made from each one in a temporary darkroom that had been prepared for us. It was very secret, we had to sign the Secrets Act and when off duty were asked if possible to wear civilian cloths, so as not to attract attention in Oxford. The group photograph was taken on the roof of an outbuilding attached to the library, we got on to it by scrambling through the darkroom window which can just be seen behind the group. 


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Date / Date range 1940/1

Submitted by. F. Saunders

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