Minutes of the RNPA AGM - Royal Maritime Club - 28th November 2009

The AGM commenced at 1535.

Item 1 - Welcome
John Cunningham welcomed everyone to the meeting. Following the tradition of the association he asked for one minutes silence in remembrance of those fellow photographers who had recently passed away.

Item 2 - Chairman's report
John Cunningham announced that he was stepping down as Chairman after 12 years. He made a special point of thanking the membership for all the support and in particular the committee. He said that younger blood was required to take the association forward and said that he would be proposing that Stuart Antrobus succeeds him as the Chairman.

Item 3 - Secretary's report (delivered by Stuart Antrobus)
In the absence of any major association activity over the past 24 months Stu took the opportunity to report on what has been happening with the RN Phot Branch itself. Photographers have had a particularly busy period in a variety of operational theatres. In particular they have been on the front line in Afghanistan supporting the Royal Marines as well as contributing to the Media Operations effort. Special mention should be made to LA phot Gaz Faulkner who captured several outstanding images whilst serving in Afghanistan including the shots of AB Kate Nesbit who was awarded the
. Military Cross for her bravery. .
Several sea-going.phots have been involved in capturing images whilst on Counter Piracy Operations, Anti-Drug Smuggling activities and a variety of other projects across the globe. The shore based phots have also had a hectic period which has included covering the 100th Anniversary of the Fleet Air Arm, arrival of the new Type 45 Destroyer, Astute and far too many repatriations.
He informed the members present that the naval Appointer has moved away from keeping specialist' photographic officers in the key posts. We now have a non-phot as the head of the branch, a non- phot as procurement officer (SME) and it looks likely that the next OIC of the Fleet Photographic Unit will also be a non-phot. Whilst this is probably acceptable from a Royal Navy management perspective it has had a serious effect on moral within the branch. A great deal of hard work is going on behind the scenes to make sure that the 'Phot family' ethos is maintained; not an easy task.
The number of Image Analysts (lA) has increased over the past few years and it now looks like the branch itself will be almost 30% lA's. The number of front line billets has also increased within the sea-going billets so the photographers are certainly earning their wages.
The Association itself has been relatively-quiet over the past 12 - 18 months but as we move into the New Year our Social Sec, Ray Whitehouse, has plans for more 'getting together events'. He will communicate these through the membership secretary in the form of a flyer, the newsletter and the website; www.rnpa.info



Item 4 - Treasurer's report
Richie Moss provided a detailed report on the association's expenses. Please see attached.

Item 5 - Constitution
An updated version of the RNPA Constitution was explained by Stu Antrobus. Please see attached.

Item 6 - Annual Subs
In view of the increase in the cost of materials to produce the newsletter (inks, paper etc), pay for the hosting of the website, general running expenses and a view to subsidising future events, it was proposed that the annual subs should be increased. After much debate it was agreed that the single subscription should increase to 15 per year and the Joint subscription should increase to

20. Serving photographers wishing to join the association will now come under the same rules as retired members and will be required to pay the full subscription.
Proposed by Dave Morris. Seconded by Mike Keeling

Item 6 ;. Committee - Election of new members.
Chairman - Stuart Antrobus: Proposed by John Cunning ham - Seconded by Danny du Feu
Vice-Chairman - Paul Cowpe: Proposed by Stuart Antrobus. Seconded by Roy Penny.
Secretary - lan Hooper. Proposed by Jan Larcombe. Seconded by John Cunningham - Treasurer - Richie Moss. No change
Social Secretary - Ray Whitehouse. No change.
Membership Secretary - Danny du Feu. No change.


Item 7 - 90th Anniversary Ball and Reunion
The location for the 90th anniversary ball and weekend reunion was discussed at length. It was generally felt that September/October would be the preferred month as this falls at the end of the peak season. Bournemouth, Poole, London and Portsmouth were all suggested as possible locations if an affordable weekend deal could be identified. The Social Secretary, with the assistance of the other committee members, will research and .report back in the New Year. -

Item 8 - AOB,
 Honorary Membership::
Stuart Antrobus proposed that John Cunningharn. -become an honorary member of the
association. The members present fully supported the proposal. 

Peter Newton Memorial
After much discussion it was decided to look into purchasing a Ships Bell inscribed with the
"message 'In memory of a dear friend and colleague-Peter Newton - Cheers". The idea will to chime the bell at AGM's or meetings where Rum is on the agenda! 

Item 9 ... Date of next meeting will be announced in the New Year.
Meeting closed at 1720
Rum was issued on completion of the meeting.