Item Description. Photograph

Remarks/People Involved. Rod Safe on Penny farthing surrounded by staff on leaving FPU

L-R Standing Tab Hunter (Hidden,  Tab Hunter, ? Kath Scott, FPU Driver, Chriss Prodley, Bill Timkey. 

 Rod on Bike, Rick. Rick Birch, Rick Toyer, Lloyd Welds, Farmer Giles, Wren Writer, Jan Redfern,

Fran Southway, Hands on wheel Mixie Chetty, Wally Beards

Kneeling. Sandy Sanders,Blood Read, Graig "The Tiff", Roger Forbes, 

The FPU civvy cleaner (Dressed up) 

Gordon Ford, Fergie Ferguson


Original Reference.

Date/ Date Range.   15-10-1986

Submitted By. Roger Forbes

Now Held By. Roger Forbes

Date Added to holdings. 21/01/2011

Historians Number. Hist973