Who is John Wordsworth?

John Wordsworth is a retired software engineer, and lives in Slapton in South Devon. He was born in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and educated at Cottingley County Primary School and Bingley Grammar School. In October 1961 he went up to Pembroke College in the University of Cambridge, where he read mathematics, and graduated in 1964. In 1969 he joined IBM, taught operating systems and programming languages to customers, and worked as a systems engineer installing large systems in the manufacturing and retail industries. In 1979 he received a Systems Engineering Professional Excellence award. In 1982 he joined IBM's Hursley laboratory as an instructor, and taught programming, and the use of formal methods in software development. He worked on several formal methods projects in the specification and design of CICS/ESA, and worked for three years in CICS Information Development, writing reference manuals and operations guides. Before he retired from IBM in October 2000 he worked on several e-commerce projects. After his retirement he did some part-time computer sciende teaching at the Universities of Southampton, Reading, and Exeter. He now plays the organ in Slapton Parish Church most Sundays. He has given tutorials on Z and B at national and international conferences.

In 1992 his book Software Development with Z which was published by Addison-Wesley, and in 1996 his book Software Engineering with B was published by Addison Wesley Longman. He is at present working on a biography of the Yorkshire novelist Halliwell Sutcliffe.

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My email address is john_b_wordsworth at hotmail.com.

My mail address is Edgehill, Carr Lane, Slapton, Kingsbridge, Devon TQ7 2PU.

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What is Z?

Z is a notation invented by the French mathematician Jean-Raymond Abrial for writing specifications of software systems. It uses the mathematics of sets and logic to construct a precise abstract model of the function of a software system. The model can be used to explore the function of the system before it is developed, and as a basis on which development can proceed.

What is the B-Method?

The B-Method is another of Abrial's inventions. It uses a mathematical notation similar to the Z notation for recording specifications and implementations of software systems. It is supported by the B-Toolkit (developed by B-Core (UK) Ltd), which helps a software engineer to:

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