Born 1917 - Died 1967

29th April 1917 Born at 104 William Street, Hebburn on Tyne, Newcastle, County Durham. First daughter of John William Newman and Bridget Newman (nee Mannion).
27th May 1917 Baptised at St Aloysius RC Church, Hebburn, County Durham. Godparents: Thomas Coyle (could be Coyne) and Sarah Robertson. Date of birth given as 27th April 1917. Place of birth given as 18 Station Road. Hebburn, County Durham.
1967 Died in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Mary Ann with her two youngest brothers, Walter (left) and James (right). Photo taken in 1938/39, probably in the garden of the house in Vicarage Road, Watford.
Mary Ann Newman. Photo taken some time in the 1940s.