Born 1835 - Died 1913

25th August 1835 Born at sea. Second son of Daniel Quinn and Mary Ann Nicholson Quinn (nee Martin).
26th or 29th May 1837 Baptised in St Mary's Church, Parish of Portsea, Hampshire. Was living in Landport. Father's occupation given as 'Seaman'. Surname spelled 'Quin'.
1841 Census Was living at 4 Whites Court/Crescent, Portsea, Hampshire.
9th February 1853

First entry into Royal Navy. Physical description from service record:

Height: 5'7"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Complexion: Fair
Wounds, scars or marks: Lost top of forefinger of left hand. Marked with small pox.
Trade: Shoemaker

Served on HMS Odin. No. on Ship's Books: 146. Rating: Landsman, Ordinary Seaman 2nd class then Ordinary Seaman.

1854-1856 (exact dates not known) HMS Odin took part in the Crimea War, where she served in both the Baltic and the Black Sea. John Madagascar Quinn was entitled to both the Baltic Medal and the Crimea Medal with Sebastopol clasp. The first appears to have been delivered to Portsmouth on 13th April 1857 and the second was delivered on board.[†]
7th August 1856 Term finished on HMS Odin after 3 years 181 days. Cause of Discharge: Off
25th August 1856 Posted to HMS Hecate. No. on Ship's Books: 100. Rating: Able Seaman.
3rd July 1858 Term finished on HMS Hecate after 1 year 313 days. Cause of Discharge: Off
27th July 1858 Posted to HMS Victor Emanuel. No. on Ship's Books: 5. Rating: Musician then Ordinary Seaman.
1st October 1859 Volunteered for Continuous Service. Height: 5.6½. Complexion: Fresh. Hair: Lt Brown. Eyes: Hazel. Rating: Yeoman of Stores. Volunteered for 10 years.
1860 First daughter, Amy, born in Landport, Hampshire. Seeing as Amy was born before his marriage to Sarah Lane, she must be an illegitimate daughter of Sarah, possibly with a father other than John Madagascar Quinn.
1861 Census Yeoman of Store Room on board the HMS Victor Emanuel. Serving in the Mediterranean.
6th May 1862 Term finished on HMS Victor Emanuel.
? May 1862 Posted to HMS Excellent, the gunner training ship in Portsmouth. Rating: Seaman Gunner.
23rd June 1862 Marriage to Sarah Lane, daughter of Robert Lane and ?, at the Parish Church, Portsea, Hampshire. Marriage witnessed by David Quinn and Harriet Elizabeth Mogg (a neighbour of Sarah's at the time of the 1861 census). Was serving on HMS Excellent at the time of his marriage. Father's occupation is given as 'Seaman'.
5th April 1863 First son, John William, born. Was living at 2 Moore's Square, Portsea, Hampshire. Occupation given as 'Seaman RN'.
15th April 1863 Term finished on HMS Excellent.
16th April 1863 Posted to HMS Leander. Rating: Seaman Gunner 1st class, Leading Seaman then Able Seaman.
17th October 1866 Term finished on HMS Leander.
18th October 1866 Posted back to HMS Excellent. No on Ship's Books: 1340. Rating: Able Seaman.
22nd February 1867 Second son, Thomas, born. Was living at 11 Henry Street, Stoke[?] Road, near Gosport, Hampshire. Occupation given as 'Seaman HM Ship Excellent'.
31st July 1867 Term finished on HMS Excellent.
1st August 1867 Posted to HMS Lord Warden. No on Ship's Books: 39. Rating: Able Seaman.
25th January 1868 Second daughter, Mary Ann, born at 18 Chapel Row, Gosport, Hampshire.
18th August 1869 Term finished on HMS Lord Warden.
30th September 1869 Joined HM Coastguard on HMS Valiant. Rating: Seaman Gunner and Boatman. This ship was stationed at Tarbert on the River Shannon in the west of Ireland[*].
23rd January 1870

C.S. No 5939a

Account Gen of the Navy
Pay of the Navy
7 Feb 1870

Re-engagement for Continuous Service for Men serving in H.M. Coast Guard on shore

I John Madagascar Quinn, now serving as a Boatman in H.M. Coast Guard (borne on the books of the District Ship “Valiant”) who, on the 1st day of October 1859, engaged to serve in H.M. Navy for a period of ten Years, do hereby engage to serve for a further period to complete term from the date of expiration of my former period of service, provided my service should be so long required.

John Madagascar Quinn
Signature of Seaman
23rd January 1870 (date)

G.W. Howood[?]
Divisional Officer
J.P. Doughty[?]
Comm for ? ?, Galway

This form is only to be used by Men who desire to renew their Engagement while serving. Men who have been out of the Service since the Expiration of their first Engagements, must, if they desire to re-engage for “C.S.” sign the usual Form of Engagement - (Pages 46 and 47, Appendix to Admiralty Instructions).

The Captain of H.M. Ship “Valiant”

(The Accountant General of the Navy)

21st June 1870 Third daughter, Lucy, born. The family was living at Hobbs Yard, Gosport, Hampshire but he may have been in Ireland at this time. Occupation given as 'Seaman Coast Guard'.
1871 Census Does not appear on this census, probably due to serving in the Coastguard in Ireland.
24th March 1873 Fourth daughter, Hannah Sarah, born in Freeport, Barna, Galway, Ireland. Occupation given as 'Coastguard'.
31st August 1874 Discharged from Continuing Service after 23 years 54 days. Cause of Discharge: Lopheus.
25th June 1875 Fifth daughter, Ada, born. Was living at 13 Broad Street, Southampton, Hampshire. Occupation given as 'Seaman'.
4th January 1879 Sixth daughter, Lydia, born. Was living at 52 Northam Street, Southampton, Hampshire. See note about birth on Lydia's page.
1881 Census Age 45. Was living at 7 Albert Road, St Mary Extra, Southampton, Hampshire with Sarah Quinn (age 42 - no occupation given), Amy (age 21 - occupation 'Tailoress'), John (age 18 - occupation 'Fetlar [word obliterated]'), Thomas (age 14 - occupation 'Baker's Assistant'), Mary Ann (age 13 - occupation 'General servant dom'), Lucy (age 11 - scholar), Hannah (age 8 - scholar), Ada (age 5 - scholar), Lydia (age 2) and Mella(?) Haysom (granddaughter - age 5 months). Occupation given as 'Fireman in Steamship'.
1891 Census Age 54. Was living at 25 Up Church Path, Portsea, Hampshire with Sarah Quinn (age 52 - no occupation given), Ada (age 16 - no occupation given) and Lydia (age 11 - scholar). Occupation given as 'Fireman (Seas) (Joint Railway Packet Coy)'.
1901 Census Age 65. Was living at 34 Bradford Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire with Sarah Quinn (age 62 - no occupation given). Occupation given as 'Night Porter'.
1911 Census Age 74. Was living at 100 Derby Road, Southampton with Sarah Quinn (age 72 - no occupation given). Married for 50 years with 8 children born to the marriage and 7 still alive. Occupation given as 'Seaman (Naval Pensioner (Retired))'.
9th June 1913 Age 76. Died in Southampton Parish Infirmary, Southampton (possible link here). Cause of death given as Epithelioma of jaw and Exhaustion.

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* Information courtesy of Paul Benyon from his web site: Index to late 18th, 19th and early 20th Century Naval and Naval Social History.

† Information courtesy of Martin and posted on the Coastguards of Yesteryear message board: