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John Raby DVDs
Updated 23 February 2016
The Statfold Barn Railway 2013
Probably the last of 7 annual Statfold Barn DVDs (the first was in 2007). The DVD includes footage of the 3 annual Friends of Statfold Barn open days in March, June and September. A late winter saw snow and difficult conditions for the March event which will probably be a one off (if the organisers have anything to do with it). This DVD is available for £15 + postage.
Shibanxi in Transition – From Coal to Tourism
This double DVD combines 2012 footage when the steam coal trains still operated with 2013 footage where tourist trains had filled that slot. Many people felt that Shibanxi would not be Shibanxi with no coal trains and many more tourists but the railway still has great charm as the 2013 footage shows. Available for £18 + postage.
The Sandaoling Coal Railway – November 2013
Sandaoling is probably the most amazing real steam spectacle still left in the world. In 2014, major changes are taking place which wil see a reduction in steam locos in use each day but a new, long coal line from a deep mine to the west. This DVD was filmed before the major changes were complete while spoil was still being removed from the open cast pit by rail. Available for £18 + postage.
Bayin, Pingzhuang, Fuxin & Tiefa 2013
The final DVD of my November-December 2012 trip to China. This DVD shows steam on four lines of which two have since mainly dieselised (Pingzhuang) or stopped operating a (steam) passenger service (Tiefa). The other two lines soldier on with a winter steam-heat passenger service at Baiyin and steam-hauled coal, spoil and ash trains at Fuxin. This DVD is available for £15 + postage.
The Statfold Barn Railway – 29 March 2014
Although I don't expect to do further SBR annual DVDs, I went along to the March event and this is the result. This is one of a series of low-cost DVDs I am making this year of UK railway visits. Available as a DVD with a sticker in a sleeve for £5 + postage.
The Bluebell and Kent & East Sussex Railways
A visit with the Lincolnshire Wolds Light Railway group to the Bluebell and the Kent and East Sussex was a chance to try out new video cameras and full 1080p video quality. This is one of a series of low-cost DVDs I am making this year of UK railway visits. Available as a DVD with a sticker in a sleeve for £5 + postage.
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A Load of Lasts Triple DVD
Real Steam in 2015 - 1 DVD each on Bosnia, China & Java, Indonesia
We are close to the end of real working steam. In addition to Botswana and South Africa which each had one steam line left in 2015, Bosnia, China and Java all had several steam operations although Java went rapidly downhill between the 2014 & 2015 season and Bosnian real steam linework survived only about a month after my visit. The complete set of 3 DVDs is £21 + postage. On request, I can supply 1 or 2 of these countries/DVDs only.
The Last Days of Rongshan Double DVD
In autumn 2014 while we were at Shibanxi, we got the phone call that Rongshan would close within days (and before our scheduled visit). So departing Shibanxi in a hurry, we arrive in Rongshan to catch the last 2 days of real steam and then arrange a further 2 days of steam charters, walk the line several times and observe work to salvage materials from the top mine and the hillside funicular to the workers' accommodation in action. And then that was it. The steam locos dropped their fires and went on shed. They haven't moved since as far as we know. We were the last enthusiasts to see a steam line that probably no more than 30 western enthusiasts every saw in action. This historic double DVD is available for £18 + postage.
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