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China Tours - November-December 2016 and February-March 2017
China is still the steamiest 'real steam' country in the world where no charters are required and it's all real wrking industrial steam. Click for details of China tours in November 2016 and March 2017
Bosnia - May & Autumn 2016 Tours
Bosnia is one of only 3 countries that still offer opportunities to see real working steam although an element of charter steam is now required to make it worthwhile. The May tour itinerary is being redone to combine real steam with the industrial heritage around Tuzla. There is now, by request, an autumn Bosnia tour which will be the one with lots of charters.
Java 2014 Sugar Mill Season reports
Bosnia Standard & Narrow Gauge Steam Exploratory Tour 2014 report
Linesiding with John
Feb-March China Real Steam tour completed - click here to read about it.
Updated 26 April 2016
China Report November 2014 including Rongshan
Contact me if you would like to participate in a real steam tour to Java, Bosnia or China in 2016 or 2017 or if you would like to purchase one of my DVDs. Click here to send me an email or email
China Report March 2015 Tour Report - now complete
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Java 2015 Sugar Mill Season reports
Now with Loco Lists and Conclusion
Java 2016 Tour Itinerary and Tour Details - Tour Postponed until 2017 - for more details, click here
Bosnia Tour May 2016 - now rejigged as a 'Real Steam and Industrial Heritage' tour.
Autumn Bosnia tour will now be the 'Real Steam & Charter Steam' tour. Click for details
Bosnia Standard & Narrow Gauge Steam Tour 2015 report
Two more China tours in November-December 2016 & February-March 2017 - it's still worth visiting!
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The next tour is an Industrial Heritage Tour to Bosnia in May 2016