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Feb-March 16 China Real Steam tour
Revised Plan!
August 2014 Sugar Mill Season Report
Bosnia September 2014 Exploratory Tour Report
China November 2014 Report including Rongshan
March 2015 Tour Report
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John Athersuch has just had a book on China Narrow gauge steam published. You can order a copy online from Click here to go to their website. Let me know if you need any help obtaining a copy.
Starting 7 August
Java 2015 Sugar Mill Season reports
Complete: Java
August 2015 Sugar Mill Tour Report
China Real Steam Tour 26 February - 21 March – It's not over yet!
But if you want to participate, you need to act swiftly
Tour to the best standard gauge real steam locations left in the world with a visit Shibanxi, the last Chinese narrow gauge steam line, during the 'flower season' with lots of extra trains as well for local tourists.
The tour uses conventional long-distance sleeper trains and our own tour minibus.
The itinerary can be viewed at:
and includes:

You can see photos from my last two China trips here:
and read the reports here:
John Raby
31 August 2015
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Updated 12 January 2016
2016 Java Sugar Mill Tour
Updated & Costed Itinerary

Bosnia Tour Report October 2015
Bosnia Tour May 2016 - with possible Autumn repeat tour - details just added
Narrow Gauge Railways of China
Narrow Gauge Railways of China

Spring China Tour -Hurry, hurry, hurry!