Moments of Magic II
November - December 2013
20-23 November
24-30 November
Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan
& Hongmiao 1-3 December
11-19 November
5-7 December
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3-5/7 December
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Today we followed a classic programme at Fuxin, first to the stabling point for the roughly 8 am crew change (with 6 steam locos, 3 diesels and a railbus seen), then to the Wulong mine and spoil line area until lunchtime. After lunch, we moved around to the crossing near Pingan mine where an electric loco and old carriage were visible as well as 2 Japanese era buildings under restoration. All of these are relics of the open cast mine. Finally, we went to the depot for coaling, sanding, ash cleaning of 6 locos with one more cold on shed. We stayed there until sunset. Loco numbers seen today to follow. The fly ash train was seen twice so it has not finished. However, the ash is now damped down with water which should prevent the spectacular clouds of ash previously enjoyed. We expect to find out tomorrow.
On our second day at Fuxin, we started off by visiting the stabling point again but in better light. After shift change, we went into the workshops by the rail entrance. Only one loco was in for repair, a situation described as seasonal not terminal. Four locos were newly parked beside the works, all looking beyond repair and a further derelict loco was located deeper inside the yard unchanged from last year. We then proceeded to the spoil tip but a strong wind got up and filled the air with dust making photography difficult or a waste of time. In the afternoon, we checked out the former Taiping stabling point and found the dumped locos including the YJ removed. The open air museum exhibits were unchanged but there are no longer any rails or electric locos and rolling stock visible in the open cast mine. Everything is now done by truck and spoil tipping is taking place inside the pit. Finally, we ended at the east end of the main yard near the power station. The wind had dropped and the light was good. As a finale, we watched decorated loco General Zhu De work an ash train out of the power station facing the right way for the setting sun on its smoke box.
Loco list from John Athersuch:

SY 0770 Dumped outside workshop
SY 0911 Dumped outside workshop
SY 0941 Dumped outside workshop with tender numbered SY1359
SY 0988 OOU at depot (seen in steam by DC in November 2013)
SY 0989 Dumped outside workshop with cab from SY1378
SY 1088 Dumped outside workshop
SY 1195 In steam
SY 1210 In steam
SY 1320 In steam
SY 1359 In steam
SY 1395 In steam (Zhu De - now integrated with fleet)
SY 1396 In steam
SY 1397 Overhaul in workshop
SY 1460 In steam
SY 1818 In steam

SY1319 seen in steam by DC in November has not been seen so far.