China Report February - March 2015
11 March
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11 March 2015

SY 1425, 1441 and DF4 6087 were at the stabling point at shift change. The diesel headed for Pingzhuang Nan and both steam went separately to Erjing where 1425 took water and went back to be standby loco at the stabling point. 1441 was slowly pulling loaded coal wagons through the tippler to unload but cut off to take water. At that point, 10:20, we left to go to Yuanbaoshan.

The JS active before Chinese New Year is now back in store. The system was very quiet but we saw 1 DF5 out on the line with some internal user bottom unloading wagons with coal for the power station. The passenger train stock is stored at the station but last ran 6 months' ago. Workers are now transferred by bus.