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Real Steam Tours to China
The next real steam China tours are in November - December 2016 and February - March 2017. The November tour should appeal to standard gauge real steam fans who want to have a last look at Fuxin and (especially) Sandaoling. Sandaoling may not have much of a future but no-one is certain when it will end. Go in November to be as sure as you can be to catch it before the end. This tour should also appeal to those with limited time who would like to save time with internal flights. The February - March 2017 tour will be similar to the spring 2016 tour visiting Fuxin, Sandaoling and Shibanxi. We hope that Sandaoling will keep going (and our Chinese guide believes it will). This tour will use traditional sleeper trains and modern high-speed trains to travel between the steam locations. Click here for details.
I've postponed my 2016 tour until 2017. You can read the proposal here. If this sounds like the sort of Java tour you want - with diesel field trains, stationary engines in the mills, real working steam locos (limited) and some steam charters - let me know you are interested. There are other options available from other tour operators such as tours offering steam every day with lots of steam charters but that is not my kind of tour - I prefer it to be as real as possible. If you like real, working industrial heritage where steam is just one element, you may like my version. It should appeal to narrow gauge and industrial railway fans.
Java Sugar Mill Steam & Diesel tours
Bosnia Tours
I am offering 2 Bosnia tours. The first in May will be a very small group tour to see the Bosnian industrial heritage including the limited remaining real steam but also Sarajevo trams, industrial diesels, an aerial ropeway, a salt works, etc. This tour is closed to additonal participants (except that if this is really your thing, we will try to make a place for you). The sceond tour is a real and charter steam tour in September. This wil try to offer the maximum amount of Bosnian (and Serbian) steam in action primarily on the narrow gauge but also including Kriegsloks on the standard gauge.
email me - if you are interested in any of these tours or tour ideas
Linesiding with John
Updated 4 April 2016
Would you enjoy a trip to China and would you enjoy it more or less if you signed up for one of my tours? I offer trips to China to see real working steam but not just that, a chance to interact with the Chinese people, enjoy the scenery, eat the food . . . One way, I thought, to give you an idea of whether you would enjoy China with me, is to put together a collection of what would today be called 'selfies' but which were photos shot by friends, local guides and fellow travellers of me in China. Please see the YouTube slide show below. Can you put yourself in my place and imagine yourself enjoying China? If think you would enjoy a trip with me, I have trips in late 2016 and spring 2017. Email me for more details.
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