All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames

12 bells Tenor 19 cwt.

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Welcome to this web site about bell-ringing at All Saints' Parish Church, Kingston upon Thames. If you are already a ringer, you should be able to find out what you want from one of the links on the left.

If you are not a ringer, but would like to know a bit more about it,
turn to our introductory page.

Church refurbishment

This work is now complete except for a fewminor details but we do not yet have the requested door-bell for visiting ringers.
On practice nights we meet in the clergy vestry, at the North-East corner of the church from 7:45. If you arrive after 8 pm you may find that we have all gone up the tower, but somebody may come down to check at ten or quarter past 8. On Sundays there is no problem: come into the church and find the door to the tower stairs in the North-East pier of the central tower. If there is a peal or a quarter in progress there wqill be a notice to that effect on the door which will be locked. If you intend to visit us and are coming from some distance, we strongly recommend that you contact us in advance. (see "Contact us" link on Left)

Tower History
A collection of documents, Visitors book, minutes of meetings etc. can be accessed here (History). Some of these are full copies of the documents, some are references to documents kept in the tower.

The Church is in the centre of Kingston upon Thames and has a ring of 12 bells, tenor 19 cwt in E flat. We practice on Wednesdays from 7:45 and ring for services on Sunday morning from 8:30 to 9:25 and in the evening from 5:00 to 5:55 except when there is a peal or quarter peal. (See Ringing Times for the dates of the next peals and quarters.)

You can find more details by following the links on the left. We welcome visitors, whether ringers or not, please come and see us.

Kingston University. If you are a student at the University, you would be very welcome. Times of ringing as above; if you are not sure where we are follow the "How to find us" link on the left.

Picture of Kingston church

The present ring of 12 bells was installed in 1972 and replaced an older ring of 10 with a tenor of 27 cwt. The old bells were hung with an anti-clockwise rope circle: the new ones have a conventional clockwise circle.

This site contains information about the bells , times of ringing , how to find us , and so on.

If you have any comments on this site, you can e-mail me

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