Picture of blue tent

The “American Baby Blue” is a rare, but much loved, visitor to our shores. It seldom survives outside captivity, so the loss of this one during its journey to Hemingford Abbots is especially distressing. Its frail & elderly owner is distraught. Never a well man, the stress has caused him to retreat into a world of delusion, where he is persecuted by large blonde ladies in post office uniforms. When lucid, he frequently talks of taking his Baby Blue for "a big walk" and makes elaborate plans for it. Please, please help find it. Look out for its distinctive blue plumage when on the hill. Luckily Baby Blues are not easily caught by predators thanks to their very slippery single skin. However, they are vulnerable to cold and condensation in the british climate. A lost Baby Blue may seek company amongst the feral herds of abandoned Hilleberg, which are common in certain areas of the British Isles, especially the coastal area of E Bay. If you see this creature, please secure it with three titanium pegs - then contact:

Alan Sloman