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Everyone who uses a computer can benefit from the right software. Level Learning UK's role is to help you find that sofware.

Level Learning UK offers impartial advice during the demonstration of assistive software. We don't sell software. We let you compare programmes with the active assistance of an expert.

Assistive software is particularly useful for:

  • Those who have developed RSI (repetitive strain injury).
  • Slow typists
  • Dyslexics
  • Proofreaders or people who proofread as part of work or study
  • Second-language speakers

Let us demonstrate a range of software which allows you to:

  • Speak instead of type
  • Brainstorm and plan creatively
  • Organise thoughts clearly
  • Proofread more accurately
  • Work co-operatively with the computer

We also can show useful tools such as a dictionary that pronounces each word in real speech and a pen that scans text and allows you to download it directly to your computer.