Field Trip to Shui Mu Gong, Zhang Jia Kou

In August 2006, during my visit to Beijing Forestry University, Dr. Zhao Huien took me on a field trip to Shui Mu Gong, the forest park outside Zhang Jia Kou, a city four hours drive, north west of Beijing, where Thymus mongolicus grows.   We found several colonies of this species growing on the hillsides, beside the footpaths.

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Entrance to Shui Mu Gong

Dr. Zhao Huien on one of the footpaths

Zhang Jai Kou seen from Shui Mu Gong.

The beautiful landscape of Shui Mu Gong.

Thymus mongolicus growing in rocks beside a footpath (close up on right).

Photographs © 2006,  Margaret Easter  No copying or reproduction permitted.

In December 2006 I gave a Powerpoint presentation to my Herts & Beds NCCPG group entitled 'Thyme in Beijing', using the photographs I took in Beijing and on the field trip to Shui Mu Gong.  A modified slideshow of this presentation is now available on this website.


 Thyme in Beijing