Thymus in the Wild

The British native thymes are Thymus serpyllum (creeping thyme) and T. pulegioides (broad leaved thyme).

Thyme prefers well drained soil and grows on heaths, downland and moors, where the grass is close grazed by sheep or rabbits and also on roadside verges, where the grass is regularly cut short mechanically.  Thyme also grows in poor shallow soil, for example on screes, in chalk pits, on limestone pavements, in rocks beside footpaths.  Usually thyme grows on south or west facing slopes which are sunnier.

Since 1998 we have visited many sites where thyme grows wild in Britain.  I have taken photographs, made notes on habitat and associated genera and if possible collected plants to add to the Collection; always with the appropriate permits.  Some of these photographs are displayed on this website.  The intention in this section of the website is to demonstrate the wide diversity of habitats in Britain and Europe colonised by creeping thyme.  Click the appropriate button for the area you wish to view.

Hotbank Crags, Hadrian's Wall

Updated  April 2010