Plant Portraits

This is a long term project to display pictures and descriptions of thyme.

Please note that following the publication of The Thyme Handbook and the International Thymus Register and Checklist in 2009, many names have been changed as a result of recent research and names and descriptions are in the process of being amended.  Although the names in the list below have been amended, the portrait names and descriptions are currently in the process of being amended.

The first pictures were displayed in 2003.  More pictures have now been added and further pictures and descriptions will follow in future updates as and when I produce photographs suitable for publication.  Pictures taken before 2004 are scanned images from either slides or prints, so the quality is not as good as the digital images and they will be replaced once suitable digital images are available.  However they do at least give an indication of the characteristics of each thyme.  As applies to all pictures on this site, copyright remains with Margaret Easter, LW Plants and none may be reproduced without permission.

For each thyme there is a brief description of growth habit, leaf shape and colour, followed by flower colour and where appropriate, colour of buds.  Thymes described as mat forming with small overlapping leaves are up to 15 mm high, those described as mat forming with creeping stems are up to 30 mm, those described as dwarf subshrub or loose mat with prostrate stems are up to 75 mm and bushy shrubs are at least 75 mm with some as much as 300 mm high.  Information about cultivars, including details of raisers and introductory dates are also listed where known.  Suitable planting locations for each thyme are indicated.

Thymes which are referred to in the nomenclature section or in the Plant Heritage articles archive section, have an additional button Nomenclature which links to the relevant paragraph in that section.    Entries marked * do not as yet have pictures.

Select a plant name and click to see a portrait.  To return to this page click on the picture or close its window.

Generally you should view one portrait at a time, however should you wish to compare two species it is possible to have more than one portrait on the screen, if you are in normal (default) browser mode, not in full screen mode.  If you do not close each window, you can restore windows from the taskbar at the bottom of this screen (which is not present in full screen mode).  Each portrait is capable of being resized and moved.  Please remember to keep as few windows open as required!

Thymus 'Alan Bloom'
Thymus 'Argenteus'
Thymus 'A Touch of Frost'
Thymus 'Bethany' (Coccineus Group)
Thymus 'Bressingham'
Thymus 'Caborn Fragrant Cloud'
Thymus 'Caborn Grey Lady'
Thymus 'Caborn Lilac Gem'
Thymus 'Caborn Pink Beauty'
Thymus 'Caborn Pink Carpet'
Thymus 'Caborn Rosanne'
Thymus 'Caborn Wine and Roses'
Thymus caespititius
Thymus caespitosus
Thymus camphoratus
Thymus camphoratus 'Derry' *
Thymbra capitata *
Thymus carnosus
Thymus 'Carol Ann'
Thymus cephalotos
Thymus ciliatus
Thymus cilicicus
Thymus Coccineus Group
Thymus 'Coccineus Major'
Thymus comptus
Thymus 'Cow Green'
Thymus 'Creeping Lemon' *
Thymus 'Culinary Lemon'
Thymus 'Dark Eyes' *
Thymus 'Dartmoor'
Thymus doerfleri
Thymus 'Doone Valley'
Thymus 'Duftkissen'
Thymus 'Eastgrove Pink'
Thymus 'Emma's Pink'
Thymus × faustinoi
Thymus 'Flossy'
Thymus 'Fragrantissimus'
Thymus 'Gibsons Cave'
Thymus 'Glenridding'
Thymus 'Golden King'
Thymus 'Golden Lemon'
Thymus 'Golden Queen'
Thymus 'Gowbarrow' *
Thymus 'Gratian'
Thymus 'Hardstoft Red' (Coccineus Group)
Thymus 'Hartington Silver'
Thymus herba-barona
Thymus herba-barona 'Bob Flowerdew'
Thymus herba-barona 'Lemon Scented'
Thymus 'Highdown'
Thymus 'Highdown Lemon'
Thymus 'Iden' *
Thymus 'Jekka'
Thymus 'Jürgens Rosenteppich'
Thymus 'Lake District'
Thymus 'Lavender Sea'
Thymus 'Lemon Beauty'
Thymus 'Lemon Curd'
Thymus 'Lemon Supreme'
Thymus 'Lilac Time'
Thymus 'Lime' *
Thymus longicaulis
Thymus 'Low Force' *
Thymus 'Marjorie'
Thymus 'Massa'
Thymus mastichina
Thymus mastichina 'Didi' *
Thymus membranaceus
Thymus mongolicus
Thymus 'Mountain Select'
Thymus neiceffii
Thymus 'Nettleton Pink Carpet'
Thymus 'Nyewoods' *
Thymus pannonicus
Thymus 'Peter Davis'
Thymus 'Pinewood'
Thymus 'Pink Ripple'
Thymus 'Pinkushion'
Thymus 'Porlock'
Thymus 'Provence'
Thymus pulegioides
Thymus pulegioides 'Archer's Gold'
Thymus pulegioides 'Aureus' *
Thymus pulegioides 'Bertram Anderson'
Thymus pulegioides 'Blondie'
Thymus pulegioides 'Elliott's Gold' *
Thymus pulegioides 'Foxley'
Thymus pulegioides 'Golden Dwarf' *
Thymus pulegioides 'Goldentime'
Thymus pulegioides 'Hans'
Thymus pulegioides 'Komorni Hurka'
Thymus pulegioides 'Kurt'
Thymus pulegioides 'Lemon King' *
Thymus pulegioides 'Neuchatel' *
Thymus pulegioides 'Sir John Lawes'
Thymus pulegioides 'Tabor'
Thymus 'Purple Beauty' (Coccineus Group)
Thymus 'Purpurteppich' (Coccineus Group)
Thymus 'Rainbow Falls'
Thymus 'Rasta'
Thymus 'Red Elf' (Coccineus Group)
Thymus 'Red Glow' *
Thymus 'Redstart'
Thymus richardii subsp. ebusitanus *
Thymus 'Rosa Ceeping'
Thymus 'Rosedrift'
Thymus 'Rosemary's Early Red'
Thymus 'Rosemary's Lemon Carpet'
Thymus 'Ruby Glow' *
Thymus serpylloides
Thymus serpyllum
Thymus serpyllum var. albus
Thymus serpyllum var. pulchellus
Thymus serpyllum subsp. tanaensis
Thymus serpyllum 'Annie Hall'
Thymus serpyllum 'August Moon' *
Thymus serpyllum 'Barwinnock Snowdrift' *
Thymus serpyllum 'Conwy Rose'
Thymus serpyllum 'Desborough'
Thymus serpyllum 'East Lodge'
Thymus serpyllum 'Elfin'
Thymus serpyllum 'Fulney Red'
Thymus serpyllum 'Goldstream'
Thymus serpyllum 'Hall's Variety'
Thymus serpyllum 'Hans Stam'
Thymus serpyllum 'Magic Carpet' *
Thymus serpyllum 'Minor'
Thymus serpyllum 'Petite'
Thymus serpyllum 'Pink Chintz'
Thymus serpyllum 'Posh Pinky' *
Thymus serpyllum 'Pygmaeus'
Thymus serpyllum 'Roger's Snowdrift'
Thymus serpyllum 'Roseus'
Thymus serpyllum 'Russetings'
Thymus serpyllum 'September' *
Thymus serpyllum 'Snowcarpet' *
Thymus serpyllum 'Snowdrift' *
Thymus serpyllum 'Splendens' *
Thymus serpyllum 'Vey'
Thymus sibthorpii'
Thymus 'Silver King'
Thymus 'Silver Posie'
Thymus 'Silver Queen'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Idris'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Ifor'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Imperial Beauty'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Iorwerth'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Isolde'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Istyn' *
Thymus 'Snowdonia Lass'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Pearl'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Pedr'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Pink Gem'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Pryderi'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Pwyll'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Rhiannon' *
Thymus 'Snowdonia Rosie'
Thymus 'Snowdonia Rowena'
Thymus 'Spicy Orange'
Thymus 'Swaledale'
Thymus thracicus
Thymus vulgaris
Thymus vulgaris 'Annot' *
Thymus vulgaris 'Boule'
Thymus vulgaris 'Compactus' *
Thymus vulgaris 'Cromwell's'
Thymus vulgaris 'Diamantis'
Thymus vulgaris 'Dorcas White'
Thymus vulgaris 'Elsbeth'
Thymus vulgaris 'Golden Pins'
Thymus vulgaris 'Haute Vallée de l'Aude'
Thymus vulgaris 'Lucy'
Thymus vulgaris 'Orange Balsam' *
Thymus vulgaris 'Snow White'
Thymus vulgaris 'Suditin'
Thymus 'Widecombe' *
Thymus zygis

Updated April 2010