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Symbol of red poppy, white marker and rifle Thirteen Victims


Firing squads were normally assembled from members of the soldier's own unit, for whom this could be a devastating task, the purpose of which was sometimes not revealed prior to the event. It was one thing to be ordered to kill the enemy; quite another to be ordered to shoot a comrade.

The first British soldier of World War One to be executed on the Western Front stood before a firing squad on 8 September 1914. Private Thomas Highgate of the Royal West Kent Regiment was just nineteen years old.

The last two British soldiers to be executed in this 'theatre of war' perished separately on 7 November 1918; four days before the Armistice. Private Louis Harris was twenty-three years of age, a conscript who had previously been rejected as a volunteer on medical grounds and was serving with the West Yorkshire Regiment; Private Ernest Jackson was thirty-two years old and serving with 24 Battalion Royal Fusiliers.



South of England - Roll of Honour


Hampshire Regiment

Private John Bennett - 28 August 1916 - Aged 19

Royal Sussex Regiment

Private William Burrell - 22 May 1916 - Aged 21

Private Reginald Tite - 25 November 1916 - Aged 27

Private John Barnes - 4 July 1917 - Aged 24

Royal Berkshire Regiment

Private George Ward - 26 September 1914 - Aged 20

Private Charles Depper - 13 September 1916 - Aged 30

Private John Swain - 11 August 1918 - Aged 22


Royal West Surrey Regiment

Private Harry Knight - 6 October 1918 - Aged ?

Private Frederick Wright - 28 January 1917 - Aged 22

Private Thomas Hawkins - 22 November 1917 - Aged 20


Wiltshire Regiment

Private Edward Tanner - 27 October 1914 - Aged 33

Lance-Corporal Joseph Fox - 20 April 1915 - Aged 20

Sergeant John Robins* - 2 January 1916 - Aged 30



*served in Gallipoli


Those whispering guns - Oh Christ, I want to go out
And screech at them to stop - I'm going crazy;
I'm going stark, staring mad because of the guns.

Siegfried Sassoon 1917 (c) George Sassoon


(C) EFE 2000

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